After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Want to see my delicate body again?

The Queen continued to calculate… If three silver coins raise each iron sword’s price, a thousand will sell for an additional 30 gold coins. But if that’s so, the Queen has to haggle with Robb. After all, the treasury is getting tighter and tighter.

Right Now, she only needs to send a royal blacksmith to Westwind Town as a teacher, and she can get back 20 gold coins a month. This business is really profitable, no matter how much she thought about it.

Moreover, according to what Robb said just now, he also needed a royal tailor and cook. That is to say. She could send three people who could bring back as many as sixty gold coins a month.

It is no exaggeration to say that it takes only three people to make so much money.

Just thinking of this, she heard Robb add, “I also need a Mason teacher, an experienced old farmer, an expert in raising pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, and other livestock. In short, the best people in all kinds of industries are welcome to work as teachers in Westwind Town. I can guarantee their personal safety and freedom, and I promise to give all the tuition fees paid by the students to the teachers so that they can bring them back to you. I’ll fill up your treasury. I won’t even take the slightest bit from it.”

When the Queen heard this, her head was filled with the sound of gold coins rattling.

If each of these teachers could send back twenty gold coins to her every month, how much wealth would that be? How many iron swords costing thirteen silver coins could be bought? It is frightening to think about it. She is afraid that her own army will be armed to the teeth.

It only takes a few people to get back the costs of arming an army. So… why not?

Although she is a queen and has far more insight than ordinary people, she is, after all, limited by the times and does not understand the value of “technology.” She does not know that in the future of another world, there will be two superpowers that will wage economic wars for the sake of technological monopoly.

She doesn’t even know how to measure the real value of these technologies.

Her only doubt immediately came out, “are there really townspeople willing to spend so much money to learn this knowledge?”

Robb spread his hand, “No! But… If I pay for it, they will.”

Queen: “……”

After a long silence, the Queen said faintly, “Why do you have to pay out of your own pocket to let the townspeople learn? What’s in it for you? You can clearly do all kinds of great things by yourself. Some even exceed the level of the craftsmen under me. You can already be regarded as an expert. You are a guru, so why do you have to spend money to hire a group of experts to teach your people?”

Robb pointed to his beloved stone stool and “hot spring pool” and said with a smile, “because I am lazy.., I am too lazy to teach students myself, and there are no young and beautiful girls, so I will give you this opportunity to make a lot of money.”

Robb told a little lie. It was not because he was lazy but because he couldn’t teach at all.

If he won’t rely on game skills but on real knowledge, he doesn’t know these skills at all. That’s why he needs to trick the Queen’s royal craftsmen into coming to Westwind Town to teach them a wide range of knowledge so that those poorly skilled craftsmen in Westwind Town can learn and improve the overall technical level of Westwind Town.

Robb can’t do everything just relying on his skills. if he wants to play the “SimCity” well, he must let the townspeople improve, keep up with the rapid development of Westwind Town, and can not let technology become the deficiency of the place.

Westwind Town sent a group of masons and blacksmiths not long ago to teach the Queen to build a tap water system. As a result, these craftsmen were instantly destroyed by the royal craftsmen after teaching them. This story has become a joke in Westwind Town. (For those who have forgotten, please refer to Chapter 168.).

After hearing about this, Robb has been thinking for a while about how to get the skills of the people in Westwind Town to climb to another peak. And now it can be said that he has finally seized the opportunity by speaking about this to the Queen.

Of course, the Queen may be earning money, but Robb will never lose because knowledge is priceless.

The Queen took a straight posture and said in a business manner, “well, I accept your proposal. Tomorrow morning I will begin recruiting craftsmen willing to go to Westwind Town to be teachers and will mobilize merchants to sell meat to Westwind Town. I just hope that you’re not lying about anything.”

“That’s a given!” Robb smiled and said, “well, let me help you with the next words. Today’s diplomatic talks are over. Good night.”

He then hung up and stretched in the water. Her Majesty is still too young and too simple. If it were Robb, she would never provide any technology to an enemy’s unknown dominion. At most, he would dump some outdated goods, but as for talent, no way.

At this moment, a person suddenly came to the chapel door, and Robb smiled as soon as he saw her. The female assassin who stabbed him last night came again today, still wrapped up with a veil over her face.

Unfortunately, as long as Robb closed his eyes, he could immediately recall in his mind what she looked like in the white swimsuit last night.

He smiled and waved to the female assassin, “Hello, little refugee sister, have you come to the chapel again today?”

The female assassin pretended to salute respectfully, “Hello, Godfather, I still have no place to stay at night. I want to sleep in the chapel. I wonder if you will allow me to.”

Robb smiled and said, “Don’t you have fourteen other companions? I heard they rented a house in Wangjiang District. Don’t you want to live with them?”

The female assassin said respectfully, “those are just people I know in the same village. We are not related. It is not convenient for me to disturb them. Even if they are willing to accept me to live in the house they rented, they are all men, so it is not suitable for me to live with them. But I don’t have the money to rent a single room. “

“I see.” Robb said with a smile, “You’re welcome. You can continue to stay here tonight.”

The female assassin was secretly happy, [Great!]

However, before she could rejoice for two seconds, she saw Robb waving to her in the pool and smiled and said, “Little sister, you said yesterday that you liked my ‘hot spring pool’ very much. Would you like to have a bath now? I’ll put on my swimming trunks, you will put on your swimsuit, and we’ll take a dip in the hot spring. Anyway, you’re a very generous girl. You don’t mind, do you? “

Female assassin!

Want to see my delicate body again?

The female assassin was furious, but yesterday she had already made a generous gesture to show him. She’d get caught and killed if she didn’t do the same.

Death is not terrible, but it is not possible to die before she finishes her mission.

Huangsha! She sighed in her heart, but on the surface, she had to pretend to be happy and said, “Yes! I really like this pool, and it would be nice to have someone to talk to while bathing.”


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