After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 217

Chapter 217: How delicious, truly sweet

The female assassin half-heartedly said her words. She casually answered all kinds of questions raised by Robb, quietly waiting for the passage of time, waiting and waiting, the opportunity to kill may not necessarily come, but she had excellent patience.

Sure enough, her efforts paid off, and it finally arrived.

After eating the second batch of kebabs sent by Lillian, Robb stretched out his arm lazily, smiled, and said, “I’m full. I don’t know why, but I feel sleepy every time I eat midnight snacks. I’ll take a nap first.”

The female assassin was overjoyed.

Robb said, “however, since it is quite rare for you to stay here with me in the hot spring pool, if I take a nap alone, it would be quite a rude action to a beautiful woman.”

The female assassin hurriedly said, “it’s all right with me. I’ve already come to disturb Godfather’s leisurely life. How can I delay your sleep for me?”

Robb said, “Alright then, I’ll go to bed.”

The female assassin smiled and said, “Okay, please enjoy your sleep. I hope you can sleep as much as you can.”

She thought to herself, [This is the last chance for you to see the world with your eyes open. Watch everything clearly. Soon you will lose your life in your sleep.]

Robb smiled and said meaningfully, “then I’ll sleep. Have fun by yourself. Enjoy.”

The female assassin didn’t recognize the teasing in Robb’s tone because she was already thinking about how to kill him for a while and replied with a smile, “Okay, I’ll enjoy my time here.”

Robb leaned against the edge of the pool and closed his eyes.

By this time, it was dark, and Westwind Town was quiet again.

Robb’s breathing gradually calmed down as if he were slowly entering a state of deep sleep.

But the female assassin was in no hurry, soaking motionless in the pool. It still isn’t time.

Sure enough, Lillian quickly exited the chapel door, gently took away the plate by the pool, and smiled at the female assassin.

The female assassin also gave her a smile. It was right not to move just now because the tray was about to be taken away. She knew that the maid would come out at any moment. If she had taken action earlier, she would’ve been caught easily.

When Lillian left, the female assassin felt that it was the perfect time to do it. She looked around and saw that several nuns did not hang out tonight. It seemed that they had taken an early rest. There was no activity in the chapel of darkness nearby, except for a few cat folk squatting by the canal, but they were so far that they could not see clearly what was going on in the pool here.

The female assassin dug up the poison bottle that had been buried from the edge of the pool, squeezed it tightly in the palm of her hand, and then slowly approached Robb again, getting closer and closer as she did last night.

However, there is one thing that is different from yesterday. Today she is also in the pool. In this case, if she is this close to a man, her lower body must also be very close, which is completely different from the situation where she only squatted down and approached the edge of the pool yesterday.

The point is she is only wearing a few very thin pieces of cloth, most of her delicate body is not hidden, and Robb is only wearing a very small pair of swimming trunks, which is not very different from not wearing it. In this case, their two bodies are too close.

This made her own breathing a little messy.

“No, keep steady! Your breathing can’t be messed up. You’re a killer! Keep cold, don’t get emotional.

She tried to hold back the waver in her heart and slowly leaned her face towards Robb’s face, as she did yesterday, to see if the target was asleep.

No man can pretend to sleep in this situation!

Robb’s breath is still steady. No change occurred. The female assassin rejoiced secretly. Great, this guy really fell asleep, now is a good time to kill him.

She opened the poison bottle with great speed, and as soon as the green liquid in the bottle came into contact with the air, a few bubbles sprang up, and the whole potion looked to be boiling.

It is worthy of being a poison prepared by a great witch doctor. You can feel its fierce toxicity at a glance.

The female assassin carefully put the bottle in Robb’s mouth.

When he slept, he leaned his head back against the edge of the pool, and his mouth opened slightly. This is a chance!

The female assassin pointed the mouth of the bottle at the crack and tilted it slowly, and the green poison slowly flowed out of the bottle, and a drop of green liquid dripped into Robb’s mouth, and then another drop.

The female assassin was overjoyed, [Why don’t you die now?]

However, she does not know that the effect of this poison is only about equivalent to the poison thrown out by a level 50 boss in the game “Dark Blade”. For Robb, who has maxed out his resistances, the sustained damage caused can not keep up with the speed of Robb’s own recovery.

Robb moved his mouth, pretending to talk in his sleep, and said vaguely, “so sweet, so sweet sugar water, so many times. How great… give me some more.”

Female assassin: “……”

Are you kidding me? She looked at the bottle in her hand and looked appalled. No, it must not be enough. I’ll feed you the whole bottle. She turned the bottle upside down, and all the poison dripped into Robb’s mouth so quickly that one drop touched his lips and dyed Robb’s lips a little green.

Robb slapped his mouth and said vaguely, “How delicious, how sweet, truly great times!”

The female assassin was stunned and thought to herself, [Did the captain give the wrong poison? Is this a cure, not a poison? Itch doctor is such an obscure class, and the poisons and heals they make are all green, so he may have confused them.]

Just then, Robb suddenly moved and looked as if he was about to wake up.

Startled, the female assassin quickly slapped her backhand on the soil by the pool and buried the glass bottle into it. After doing this, Robb’s eyes were open, and she didn’t have time to escape from Robb herself. Still very close to Robb, their faces were very close to each other, enough to breathe and smell each other.

At this point, the atmosphere became eerily awkward.

Robb pretended not to know anything, even the drop of green poison on his lips, “little refugee sister, you… Weren’t you just across the pool? How… are you next to me? And so close to my face?”

The female assassin bit her lower lip and had no choice but to act according to what she had prepared beforehand. She pretended to blush and said shyly, “Watching you sleep… you looked as if you are very handsome, and made me want to… come over… and secretly kiss you while you’re asleep. I didn’t know you’d suddenly wake up at this time… this is really embarrassing.”


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