After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Your name is Shafa?

Although Robb was talking sh*t to the female assassin, he immediately called Lillian over, “modify the blue and white maid’s dress and lengthen the skirt so that it can be dragged all the way to the instep of the foot.”

Lillian already knew who the female assassin was, and she whispered, “Master, it is too dangerous to take a bad assassin into our house. She still wants to kill you, yet you still help take care of the length of her skirt.”

Robb smiled and said, “Don’t forget that I am a priest. My job is to influence bad guys and make them good people.”

Lillian wanted to complain that he was not a real priest, but she obediently didn’t. She didn’t want to really complain about her master. She already knew that her master was a good man.

She took out a needle and thread, and with a clever flip of her hands, the blue-and-white maid’s dress was modified, and a new skirt was attached to the foot of the old skirt, and the joint was decorated with a circle of laces to hide that the skirt was connected.

This beautiful needlework made both Robb and the female assassin praised secretly in their hearts.

“Well, the skirt has been changed, and now your calves and ankles won’t. Is this all right?”

“En!” The female assassin obediently recognized her future and was terrified.

Robb waved and cut open the white cloth wrapping the female assassin with a wind blade. She was finally freed from the “pupa” state, and the first thought she had was to jump up and attack Robb, but thinking that he was so powerful, she had to forcibly suppress the thought, sighed, picked up the maid outfit handed out by Lillian and got into the chapel.

A few minutes later, she came out, dressed in the blue and white maid outfit, and stood beside Lillian.

Lillian is wearing a black and white maid outfit, while she is wearing blue and white. When the two stood side by side, it is really pleasing to the eye.

Robb smiled and said to Lillian, “from now on, you will be the chief maid. Although you have only one subordinate, don’t be polite to her and order her to do as much as you like. She should work to cleanse herself of her sins.”

Lillian glanced at the female assassin next to her. Thinking of how many times she had tried to assassinate her master, she was a little stingy, puffed up her cheeks, and said, “I will!”

Robb smiled and said, “well, it’s time to ask for your name. I can’t keep calling you a female assassin, can I?”


Robb said, “Shafa? So you have this kind of name, that’s quite amazing. What kind of parents would go crazy and name their daughter sofa? “

The female assassin angrily said, “Safa should be pronounced as suofa, in our desert kingdom, it has a quiet, clear, and pure meaning, so many girls are named like this. How did it become a shafa in your mouth?”

Robb shrugged, “Safa should be transliterated into shafa, but how did it become suofa? That’s crazy. But forget it. That’s not the point. Go to work. Lillian is always doing the work in my house alone. I’ve been worried about her, but finally, someone’s here to share her workload, hahaha!”

Westwind Town, behind the mountains.

In the valley where goblins and ogres once lived lies a huge prison.

There are more than 3,000 prisoners of war here, which makes it one of the largest prisons on the mainland.

Because other countries never consider respecting prisoners of war, enemy soldiers captured on the battlefield are either killed or sold as slaves, and it is impossible for them to build a huge prison to manage them. Because of this, Westwind Town has unwittingly created the Guinness Book of World Records for “the largest prison in the world.” unfortunately, no one in this world will give awards to Robb, the founder of the prison.

Thirteen male assassins, including their middle-aged leader, were seized of all their weapons, poisons, items, and so on and then kicked into cells by the prison guards.

In the process, two assassins wanted to resist, but what they did not expect was that the prison guards were far better than they had expected. They beat the two guys who wanted to resist to the ground with a few strokes. They smiled and said to them, “Don’t look at us like this. We were also elite soldiers in the Templar Knights before. How could you try to beat us? Let me tell you; Godfather personally ordered that any reform-through-labor prisoner who dares to attack the police can be brought to justice on the spot. It is a blessing that we did not take advantage of self-defense to kill you. Reform-through-labor well for us.”

The assassins were angry and wanted to resist, but the middle-aged assassin grabbed several men who wanted to make trouble and whispered, “be patient! Keep a useful body so that you can continue to serve your kingdom in the future. Don’t give your life here in vain. “

When the boss spoke, the little assassins stopped.

After the prison guards left, the middle-aged assassin pulled his men to a corner of the cell and whispered, “While we’re in prison, we should try to find an opportunity to meet General Motra, ask him about the situation here, and see if there is any way to escape. Maybe when the main army attacks the town, we can cooperate inside and outside. “

After all, the assassins were professionally trained, and their patience was very good. They’ll put up with it now that the boss has said so.

After a while, a group of prison guards came and led them to the back of the prison, where two parallel white lines were drawn on the ground, and the prison guards threw tools on the ground, “dig a long canal along the shape of these two white lines. This is your work today. When you hear the sound of the bell ringing in the evening, you can stop working, follow the other prisoners, go to the place where you eat, and finish your meal. Afterward, come back here and work, and when it’s time to go to bed, I’ll ring the bell again, and you’ll go back to your cells and rest. “

The middle-aged assassin thought to himself, [Follow the other prisoners? That is to say… we have a chance to talk to General Motra.]

Now that there was a relieving thought, the assassins did not panic. They picked up the tools, such as shovels, and dug up the ground.

Today is the assassins’ first day in prison, so many prison guards are in charge of them. Robb told Chief Elsie to take care of them in the first few days, as long as they were subdued in the first few days. They would be easy to manage later.

So Chief Elsie sent ten men to take care of the thirteen assassins, and all ten of them asked Robb for the blessing of the king so that even just one person could defeat their group.


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