After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 227

Chapter 227: I don’t believe this soy milk tastes sweet

The assassins could not help sighing, “this plate is terrible. I don’t think the food distributed here will be better than that of those given to cattle.”

As soon as this was spoken, the vanguard army prisoners of war next to them looked at them with strange eyes, and for a while, they did not speak. After a long time, a prisoner of war whispered, “Don’t talk nonsense. Our food here is no worse than that of the little nobles in the desert kingdom.”

“What?” The assassins wondered if something was wrong with their ears, “what did you say?”

The prisoner of war said, “I said, what we eat here is noble food!”

The assassin seriously suspected that he had heard voices. No, no. The enemy must have brainwashed these prisoners of war, and they are talking nonsense.

An assassin solemnly reminded the prisoner, “I said, are you out of your mind? Or have no idea what nobles eat? The nobles of our desert kingdom can often eat vegetables picked in an oasis. You can’t eat such things as prisoners of war here…”

Before he could finish complaining, he saw that the fastest prisoners of war had called taken their dinner and passed in front of the assassins with rice plates.

A loaf of bread, two boiled potatoes, two green vegetables, and a cup filled with milky liquid was on the crude iron plate. He didn’t know what it was.

The two green vegetables immediately attracted the eyes of the assassins. The bread and potatoes are not important, only those two green vegetables, too good in their eyes! This…This thing in the desert kingdom, such green food can only be made in small quantities, and that little bit of vegetables belongs to noble men.

For ordinary people, you can only eat cheap food. Even if they occasionally improve the food, they can only eat some mutton, camel meat, and so on to celebrate festivals, where they are qualified to eat green vegetables.

“My father!” An assassin could not help scolding in a low voice, “I am blind, damn it.”

“What a coincidence, we were dazzled, too.” Said the assassin next to him.

“Is this food for prisoners of war?” Even the leader of the assassins, who had always been calm and rational, could not help wiping a sweat, “even I haven’t eaten such food many times.”

The assassin leader does not have a noble title, but green vegetables can occasionally be eaten by some bigwigs.

The assassins thought, [There’s something wrong here.]

A prisoner of war said with a smile, “it’s not surprising that green vegetables are not in great quantity in a desert. How difficult it is to grow green vegetables compared to the desert kingdom is obvious. But, you have never seen the miracle of Godfather. In the middle of winter, he’ll dig up the snow and sow seeds on the frost below. The next day… They’ll all grow up. The first time I saw it, I almost peed my pants.”

The assassin frowned, “I can understand if you call him Godfather in front of him to save your life, but shouldn’t you call him Robb when you’re talking to us now? Have you already colluded with the enemy and betrayed the kingdom?”

The vanguard army prisoner said with a bitter face, “after seeing too much of what he has done. I couldn’t help saying it. It’s my fault. I’ll call him Robb, all right? Newcomer, I tell you, this Robb’s farming is too ferocious. If he plants today, he can reap it tomorrow. Anything that can grow in the field will be of no value in his hands. Green vegetables are nothing. I’m telling you, the real value on my plate is the soymilk in this cup. “

“What is this?” The assassins stared at the cup, “it’s called soy milk and can be said as soybean milk? As its name implies, it should be made from beans. What’s the big deal?”

“Beans are really no big deal, and it’s no big deal for beans to be ground into milk.” The prisoner of war said solemnly, “but add sugar to it, and it becomes great. This is something that even the nobles of our desert kingdom may not have a chance to eat, but here, we can have sweet soymilk every five days, once every five days! Hahaha”

When the assassins heard this, their faces couldn’t help but change. Sugar?

There is no need to say how precious sugar is! It’s more valuable than vegetables, better than gold!

Even the nobles of the desert kingdom dare not eat it casually because to eat a mouthful of sugar is to eat a mouthful of gold.

They did not expect that the people here unexpectedly put sugar in soybean milk for prisoners of war to drink.

[No! This is impossible! This stupid prisoner of war must be lying to me. I have to taste it with my own mouth.]

An assassin rushed to the food distribution window, and a lazy prison guard put a piece of bread, two potatoes, two green vegetables, and a cup of soy milk on his iron plate and then said, “next!”

His expression was cold, he seemed to be doing something ordinary, and he was not as careful as he should have been in distributing food.

When the assassin saw that the prison guard was distributing potatoes, his spoon stained with a piece of chopped potato the size of a ping-pong ball, he was in awe. But with the wave of the guard’s spoon, the chopped potato fell to the ground.

The assassin did not even care about his own status and cried out with heartache, “you! You wasted food. Food is a gift from God, and you will be damned. “

“Oh? A piece fell?” The prison guard stopped, “it’s really not good to waste food. If you don’t mind picking up something on the ground to eat, you can have that potato. Pick it up.”

The assassin was overjoyed, quickly squatted down, picked up the chopped potato, and put it on his own iron plate. The potato was stained with some sand on the ground, but the assassin did not care. It’s not a problem at all.

There was only joy in his heart, and he could not help sighing, “God of the desert! Thank you for giving me an extra potato.”

“Godfather obviously planted it, and then I gave it to you. Why thank the God of the desert?” The prison guard was very dissatisfied with the way he did things, “in the past, I didn’t understand when I was in the church, but after listening to Godfather, I felt that there was something wrong. The gods cut off all the efforts made by us human beings and made it look like he gave it to us. In fact, it was all our own hard work.”

The assassin pretended not to hear the complaint, but he was unable to defend his God, so he went back to the prisoners of war area with his iron plate. He first picked up the cup of soy milk and snorted coldly, “I don’t believe anyone will give sugar to prisoners of war. If this soymilk is sweet, I’ll give you a striptease.”

With that, he put the cup to his mouth, raised his neck, and poured it in.


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