After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Quick, we’re almost late

Hey, you bastard!

Several carriages came from the Wangjiang District, the handful of nobles headed by Baron Nuolun.

Of course, they also came to watch the hustle and bustle, and at the request of Robb, they brought a small group of private soldiers, only a dozen or so.

Chief Elsie put several prickly reform-through-labor criminals in the hands of this group of private soldiers and said with a smile, “pay attention to these guys, they will run away if you are not careful.”

“Oh, that doesn’t include me.” Motra raised his hand and said, “in fact, I never thought of running away.”

“Of course, you are a noble, and someone will always pay to redeem you, so you won’t run away.” The assassin leader made an @. @ face and said, “you are the shame of the desert.”

Motra snorted coldly, “you don’t know anything about me. Seth, the god of the desert, didn’t tell us not to jump in when he knew it was a pit.”

Robb waved to all the nobles, private soldiers, and even his own carriagee pullers, and said with a smile, “all right, let’s go, onwards, 30 miles north of the city, the East Army of the Desert Kingdom.”

It was the first time that Robb had taken the initiative, and when the townspeople of Westwind Town saw the carriage coming out of the chapel in the direction of the gate, they could not help but gather around the roadside.

Many townspeople asked loudly, “Godfather, why won’t you let the enemy come to Westwind Town this time?”

“Right, right! Then, we can sell snacks again.”

“Do you have any special arrangements this time?”

Robb poked his head out of the window and scolded with a smile, “their ten thousand troops will come in all directions. If I miss a glance, you will be hacked to death by the rear troops. Are you still thinking about selling snacks? Give it to me after you’re dead.”

“Even if we die, we can come back to life.” The townspeople laughed and said, “if you follow Godfathter, you don’t have to be afraid of death at all.”

“Even if you die, you have to make money!”

Robb gave them the middle finger, “My father! What have you become? It can’t go on like this. When I get back, I’ll start to pay attention to your ideological and moral education. “

The townspeople were surprised, “what is ideological and moral education?”

Robb did not want to talk to the townspeople and was quietly ready to throw a whole set of socialist core values at them.

The carriages then left Westwind Town and began to drive north.

To the north of Westwind Town, there is a long official road that extends northward along the foot of the Black Pine Mountains to the Stone Canyon, where the horse caravan is now on.

Suofa immediately discovered a very strange thing. The carriage did not seem to be very bumpy. The carriage seemed to be very resilient, as soon as it came across any bumpy place. its elasticity will make the passengers in it less uncomfortable.

She couldn’t help asking, “what’s wrong with this carriage? Did you add any magic?”

“Not really!” Robb said with a smile, “I tell you, magic is actually done by a magician’s magic power, so in the final analysis, it is still manpower. If everything is to be solved by magic, it is the same as everything is solved by manpower. “

He went on to conclude, “the real progress is to make all kinds of automated facilities as far as possible without any form of manpower. For example, the shock absorption system of this carriage depends on the elasticity of rubber, but this is far from enough. It seems that I have to add some springs to it so that the carriage can also have a certain shock absorption. Now the degree of shock passing through is still too high. “

Suofa: “……”

This touched the intellectual blind area of Suofa, so she had to shut up and not answer.

In the back of the carriage, Baron Nuolu’s head stuck out and exclaimed, “Godfather, I think your carriage is extraordinarily stable. Is it caused by this strange black thing wrapped on the wheels?”

Robb laughed, “that’s right! But the chemical industry hasn’t been developed yet, so it can’t be mass-produced, so you can’t think about it.”

“Chemical industry? I don’t understand at all! It’s a pity,” Nolan said.

His head then retracted into the carriage.

Robb turned his attention to Suofa and said with a smile, “Thirty miles will take a while. Don’t huddle in a daze in the corner. Come on, have some snacks and you’ll feel better.”

“I won’t eat.”

“Well, then I’ll enjoy it by myself.” Robb grabbed a handful of potato chips and began to eat them. Seeing his sightseeing appearance and attitude, Suofa became even more panicked and thought, [Can the main army beat Robb? I’m worried, I’m so worried.]

After a long time, more than twenty miles passed.

The carriage coach in front exclaimed, “Godfather, there are enemy scouts in front of us, spying on our convoy.”

“Oh? Scouts appeared?” Robb poked his head out of the window and looked forward. Sure enough, there was a camel in the distance, a desert soldier with a machete and an axe. He was looking at Robb’s group from a distance, a little confused about what they were there for.

From the point of view of the scouts, it was impossible for a few carriages to attack ten thousand troops, and they thought the convoy was a strange caravan or a team that will negotiate or something. He had no idea of hurrying to report the news, so he planned to see what the caravan was doing first.

Robb pointed to the scout and smiled, “Suofa, are all scouts in your desert kingdom so stupid and cute? There is a strong enemy coming, but he stood still and didn’t even go back and call the police. if I wanted to catch him now, he wouldn’t be able to escape. Consequently, I’ll be able to rush in front of your army, which didn’t even know anything, and catch them off guard.”

Suofa laughed and cried, “He knows sh**t! It is impossible for a scout with a normal IQ to immediately report to 10,000 troops when he only saw a few carriages. “

“Well, then, I have to remind him, lest you later say that I played a surprise attack and did not obey the rules of the world.” Robb raised his voice and shouted to the scout, “Brother Scout, I’m going to attack the main army. Run!”

He used the skill of the bard, the Sound of Nature, and his voice spread far away.

The scout was at least five or six hundred yards from the group, but he could hear what Robb said clearly. He could not help looking at Robb with a bewildered face and thought, [Is there something wrong on the other side?]

Robb continued to shout, “I am a fierce person! It’ll hurt when I attack! If your army does not run away, it will be too late. Run away quickly. Come on, or else it will be too late. “

The scout raised his middle finger at Robb, “My father! Psychopath.”


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