After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 234

Chapter 234: A huge magic container

The convoy of Robb and his party stopped far in front of the enemy camp.

About 200 steps away from the enemy!

This distance is beyond the reach of bow and arrow and magic, and it is an excellent place to go watch, chat, and brag.

Baron Nuolun waved, and a group of private soldiers with the blessing of the king Motra, the assassin leader, several assassins, and reform-through-labor prisoners out of the carriages.

The assassin leader saw the East Army in front of him and immediately shouted, “how dare you really come here? Hahaha! You are really going beyond your reach. With only these people, you dare to challenge the main army of the Great Desert Kingdom? They are too much for you. “

Another prickly reform-through-labor convict also said, “you are dead this time. Haha, did you bring us here to show us how you’ll die?”

A private soldier came forward and tried to beat the two guys who were talking nonsense.

But Baron Nuolun gracefully stopped his man and said with a smile, “there’s no need to hit them! That would be ungentlemanly. Let them say whatever they like, and in a moment, Godfather will make them hit themselves in the face. “

At that moment Robb jumped out of his comfortable carriage, and Suofa followed him.

Without Robb talking, Suofa consciously walked up to the captain of the assassins and stood still, leaving herself surrounded by private soldiers.

Robb looked at her with a smile, “very good! That’s right. Those who don’t cause trouble to others are good people. If you get out of the carriage and run for your life in the direction of the camp, it will be very boring. “

Suofa bit her lower lip and said, “I know I can’t run away. There’s no need to humiliate myself.”

Robb applauded, “if only your boss was so sensible. I heard that he not only tried to escape, but also insulted the prison guard last night. As a result, he was put on a third-gear ceiling fan, followed by fourth-gear ceiling fan. Like why bother?”

Assassin leader: “……”

“You are right here. Don’t move. I’ll drive the army of the Desert Kingdom away.” With that, Robb smiled and walked over to the army camp.

The nobles who came watch immediately took out small stools and small tables from their carriages, laid out a pile of potato chips and Coca-Cola. Baron Nuolun even prepared cakes and tofu pudding. In a gentlemanly manner, he waved to Robb’s coachman and said with a smile, “you don’t seem to have brought anything. Go to the next table and sit and talk with my guards.”

The coach was greatly moved. This is a real noble. He is so elegant.

Baron Nuolun finally managed to show his elegance. He couldn’t help feeling that he had not been noble since he entered Westwind Town. In Westwind Town, you can’t pretend to be great by showing that you have money and status. You can only show your gentlemanly demeanor by being kind to ordinary townspeople. How difficult it is!

Several young nobles and Baron Nuolun sat at a table, next to the coach and a few guards, and behind them were a group of private soldiers escorting several reform-through-labor prisoners.

Everyone watched Robb walk slowly towards the army of the desert kingdom.

The captain of the assassins could not help saying in a low voice, “this man is really bold. It is good for us if he dies like this. As soon as he dies, Westwind Town will be over and we will be saved.”

A shaman next to him whispered, “now it’s up to him to die. I’ll tell you secretly that he’ll probably die from magic items, hehe! The great shaman brought a magic item this time, which is said to be very powerful.”

The assassin leader said, “Oh, oh? What is this good thing? “

“I don’t know.” Shaman shook his head and said, “I am too humble to know such a secret, but I am sure it is a very great magic item, because when the great shaman mentioned it, he was full of confidence. I heard him slip his tongue and say something like ‘infinitely powerful’.”

“Oh, oh, oh!” Several others were excited, “Great, as long as they kill this guy, Westwind Town will be finished.”

Robb did not know that someone behind him was talking about how he would die, and would not be angry even if he knew.

He walked slowly to the desert kingdom camp before a trumpet sounded in the camp in front of him, and then the gate opened wide and an army swarmed out of it, and soon completed an array in front of the camp.

At a glance, a large number of Mamluk, a large number of machete warriors, as well as many warriors, berserkers and other physical professions, formed a huge army in front.

The other party received the false information that I deliberately revealed, and they should prevent me from using the “Immortal Cloud Art”. It is impossible that they’re just sending physical classes.

If they deliberately put so many physical classes out, it must be that the magic classes are secretly engaged in some kind of plot.

But Robb does not care, let them do their thing. There is no need to be nervous.

Using “Sound of Nature”, he laughed loudly at the front and said, “Hello, guests from the Desert Kingdom! My name is Robb. I am currently a priest in Westwind Town. You can call me Father or you can call me Godfather. When I come here, there is only one word I need to use to advise you, that is, where you come from, go back! Don’t mess around, so we can still be good friends.”

On the wall of the desert kingdom, the commander in heavy armour showed his head, holding a magic item like a loudspeaker, “who wants to be friends with you! Let me just ask you, are you here to die?”

“It’s not good to die easily. I didn’t even say I was going to kill you,” Robb said with a smile. “as soon as you open your mouth, you just want to kill me. This is too discordant. Come on, I’ll give you a chance to say it again. Put it better.”

“Hmph!” The commander snorted angrily and looked back behind the wall.

It turned out that with the help of the wall to cover the view, a large group of shamans were energizing a magic item that looked like a jar.

Obviously, this is a large magic container that can store a lot of magic in it. However, its shape is much larger than Robb’s magic container which is the size of a teapot.

The magic of the several shamans can not fill the magic container at all. It took a large group of shamans to work together to transfer all their lightning magic to fill it up.

By this time, the charging was coming to an end, and the huge magic container was already full of the shamans’ lightning magic, which was almost overflowing. Through its thick shell, you could hear the sound of thunder and lightning.


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