After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 239

Chapter 239: We can still summon the guardian of the desert

Robb is very unhappy. He is still standing naked in the hole and cannot go out. As soon as he goes out, he will be surrounded by tens of thousands of people.

If he is seen by a beautiful assassin like Suofa, it’s fine. However, if it’s another man…

“Damn it, I won’t have the face to take enemy attacks like that again, so that my clothes won’t suffer again, unless I make my own clothes.”

Robb’s eyes began to look around. What should I do to cover my shame?

At this time, the army of the desert kingdom was still immersed in the shock of the devastating blow caused by the reflected “Thor’s Roar.” All of them had “slightly trembling hands” and had not yet recovered. If Robb leaves now, Robb will be able to calmly get himself some shade.

Soon his eyes fell on a pile of axes near his rear.

The five hundred Mamluk threw axes at him earlier, each throwing two axes, and after throwing them, they dared not go behind Robb to pick them up, and now a thousand axes were all lying on the ground, i a large pile.

He reached out to the axes, reached into the space, an axe flew into his hand. Then, he made a few strokes, brushing, and then more axes on the ground flew over, and soon a pile was made in front of the hole.

The commander of the East Army climbed out of a pile of broken wood and shook his dizzy head. Afterward, he saw that Robb had a pile of axes in front of him, he could not help saying, “what is this guy going to do?”

The great shaman crawled out of the pile next to him as well, “I don’t know! Is he going to use these axes to cut us?”

The great witch doctor’s face also came out next to him. “this guy must be planning something with axes,” he said. “with so many axes stacked together, he must have made something.”

The great shaman said, “what are we going to do? Fight or flee?”

The great witch doctor said awkwardly, “what else can we do? Physical attacks can’t hurt him, and Thor’s Roar is useless. how can we defeat such a man who can’t be hurt at all?”

“There’s still a way! The commander patted the dust on his armor, then took a strange flute from his arms, clenched his teeth and said, “We still have this.”

When the great shaman and the great witch doctor saw this, they couldn’t help being overjoyed, “this is an artifact. The Sphinx flute! Ah, with this, we have nothing to fear. “

“No, this is not the real Sphinx flute, but a replica of it. It can only be used to summon the Sphinx, the guardian of the desert.” The commander said in a hoarse voice, “the final goal of our East Army is Bright Road, and to fight her Majesty Elizabeth VII of West Gran. Elizabeth VII has countless capable men who are not easy to beat. So. Before going out to battle, the Pharaoh gave me this flute. In case of great emergency, I can use this replica to summon the Sphinx to deal an overwhelming and devastating blow to the enemy. “

The great shaman and the great witch doctor said happily, “Yes, it is the time to use this. This guy named Robb is definitely the most powerful hero in West Gran. There won’t be another one better than him. As long as we kill this guy, West Gran will not be able to stop our attack. “

“Right!” The commander-in-chief gritted his teeth, “watch what that guy is doing outside. I’m going to summon the Sphinx now. Buy me some time.”

The great shaman and the great witch doctor looked out through the hole in the wall, and then looked back strangely and said, “General, Robb hasn’t come out of the pit yet. He’s grabbing the axes one by one, and then pulling out the wooden handle, leaving only the iron part of the axe.”

The shaman and the witch doctor looked out through the hole in the stockade wall, and then looked back strangely and said, “General, Robert hasn’t come out of the pit yet. He’s grabbing the axe one by one, and then pulling out the wooden handle, leaving only the iron body part of the axe.”

After hearing this, the commander was a little confused, “what are you doing?”

Great Shaman, “I don’t know!”

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter. Since he’s going crazy, I’ll take the opportunity to summon the Sphinx. The commander picked up the flute, put it to his lips, and blew the old desert ballad.

At this time, Robb was still taking the wooden handle of the axes, one after another, taking a dozen in a row, and then he got a little annoyed. Then, he simply used fire magic, and with a loud bang, there was a large pile of iron-axe heads piled on the ground. All of them were burned off and turned into a pile of axe heads.

“Hey, this is like a pile of iron ingots. I can start making armor with this.”

Robb was about to start making armor when suddenly he heard a strange flute from the desert kingdom camp in front of him. The sound of the flute was exuberant, and he didn’t know what strange song was being played, but it had a sense of vagueness in it.

Listening to this song, He saw yellow sand sweeping towards him.

Robb couldn’t help laughing, “Why are you guys suddenly playing music? And it’s a song of the desert too! Hehe, I also know how to play such a song, Since you like them so much, I’ll sing it for you too.”

He cleared his throat and sang, “what monster legends, what demons and monsters, only the eagles sing faintly…Ahem. I’m sorry, the pitch of the song is so high that I can’t sing it properly. “

The audience on both sides: “……”

“Forget it, it’s really hard to calm down when I don’t have clothes to wear.” Robb said nonsense solemnly, “when I make clothes and sing, then I won’t be out of tune.”

The audience on both sides, “Falk!”

Robb rubbed the pile of iron axes on the ground with his hands, and five seconds later, dark iron armor appeared on his hands. It could either be a great thing or the simplest iron armor.

He picked up the iron armor.

But during winter, wearing iron armor feels cold. So he had no choice but to add heat using fire magic to make the armor warm.

This is good, finally covered. But he had no underwear, so it felt a little strange……

But as soon as people have clothes to cover their shame, they would immediately feel refreshed.

Robb jumped out of the hole with a brush, dressed in iron armor. He looked different from the him who was usually dressed in priest’s clothes. The game characters all had outfit effects. When he put on this armor, he immediately looked majestic and extraordinary. He looks like a general who has experienced the viciousness of war.

Pointing his hand at the army of the desert kingdom in front of him, he laughed and said, “OK, let’s start fighting now! You still have some time to retreat, if you don’t, when I rush over, you will be beaten down. “

As soon as he said this, he heard the strange flute song opposite him become louder, and the soldiers of the desert kingdoms sang along, a sandstorm came and a huge shadow appeared in the sandstorm.

The guardian of the desert.

This is what the sphinx looks like.


Sand pounced at Robb head on.


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