After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The year of the Black Dragon’s Flight

The townspeople dispersed and the chapel returned to tranquility. Lillian jumped towards the faucet with a woosh, looked left and right, and then, like Robb, gently twisted the faucet.


A surge of water came out, which startled Lillian. She hurriedly twisted the faucet again and exclaimed, “Master, this thing is so interesting.”

“it’s not for fun.” Robb said lazily, “This will be used to reduce your workload. I’m too tired to see you draw water many times a day, so I made this thing. In the future, when you want to use water, you can gently carry it from here, so you won’t have to get it from the well anymore. Oh, by the way, there are faucets in kitchens and toilets, and if you want me to add faucets anywhere else, just let me know, and I’ll call the blacksmith to install another one.”

An inexplicable expression arose on Lillian’s face. Her face flushed, and her originally snow-white EuSuofaan face now has a touch of red. It hit him hard. Robb couldn’t help but look stunned. He has never seen something like this in the game.

“Thank you, master.” Lillian bit her lower lip and said, “I swear I’ll be loyal to master for my entire life.”

“Well, don’t make such an oath just yet.” Robb said, “You’ll never know. One day, a new life might come for you, so don’t rush to set the tone of your life.”

In fact, he was talking about his feelings about his own life. Who would have thought that he would suddenly be transferred into the game after maxing everything? The ups and downs of life are truly hard to describe.

“Master, master… the faucet keeps dripping. Should we take care of it first?” Cried Lillian.

“Okay!” Robb then said, “Go and fetch me a pen and a white cloth. I’ll write up a commission and post it in the center of town. I’ll give a gold coin to anyone who can find me a piece of natural rubber.”

“Isn’t it a waste to spend money like this? Should we just look for it in the Black Pine Mountain Range ourselves?”

“I won’t go. Even if have to I die, I won’t go.” Robb turned over and over on the stone stool. He then said, “No way I’m searching a forest like an idiot again. I’m now an NPC who gives out missions, not an adventurer that does missions.”

Time slowly passed with his laziness.

And several days passed in a blink of an eye!

Robb’s faucet no longer leaked. A group of townspeople dived into the woods. After avoiding a small group of goblins, they dug up a lot of medicinal materials, and managed to pick up a piece of natural rubber for Robb’s commission.

And finally, the faucets in Robb’s house won’t leak anymore.

Lillian’s job is much easier now. As soon as she twists the faucet cap, the tap water surges out, saving her a lot of time. Only when the water in the reservoir is used up does she have to take some time and effort to pump water in. However, it is still very different from having to draw water from a well.

She had more time to stand beside Robb, sewing silently while Robb was being lazy. One master and one servant, as quiet as a picture.

Now, she can not only cook delicious steak, but also how to make a made costume. She can sew it even without Robb’s tailoring mastery and skills.

In her spare time, she has made several types of clothing for Robb, all of which were designed in a style that priests often wear. Robb could also sew, but he felt that the clothes he made aren’t as pleasant as those made by women, so he ignored the lack of defense and put on the clothes made by Lillian.

That afternoon, Lillian sat beside Robb, sewing with her little hands and said, “Master, the field is ready, and when it comes the right time to sow sweet potatoes, we can plant a whole layer of them.”

“Oh? Grow sweet potatoes?” Robb remembered that he had never asked what month and year it currently was in this world. Other than the fact that it wasn’t cold to wear a T-shirt, jeans, and tube clothes in the cemetery in the middle of the night.

“Ah? How come master doesn’t even know what month and year it is? ” Lillian tilted her head curiously and said, “This year is 1344 and the year of the Black Dragon’s Flight. On July 20, a month before august, I will be able to plant the sweet potatoes.”

Robb said, “I can understand that the year is 1344, but what do you mean by the year of the Black Dragon’s Flight?”

Lillian became more and more curious. Why didn’t her master know? However, she was only a slave, so she did not question the qualifications of her master, and honestly replied, “Since my childhood, I’ve heard adults say that there is a great mountain range in the middle of the Fengmo Continent, in which there lives a black dragon named Avicus. It’s existed since the prehistoric era, so no one knows exactly how old it is. Usually it sleeps in the mountains and does not come out to cause trouble, but every four years, it wakes up and flies out of the mountain to look for treasures to take back into its cave. Therefore, every year that’s a multiple of 4, one or two cities will be ransacked by the black dragon, and that year is called the Black Dragon’s Flight.”

“I see.” Robb divided the number 1344 by 4 and came up with an answer, “In other words, this guy has robbed humans at least 336 times, and yet he hasn’t been slaughtered yet?”

“It’s too powerful.” Lillian stuck out her little tongue and said, “There were countless adventurers who wanted to kill it and get the thousands of years of treasure from its cave. However, it can easily kill the greatest warrior in the world. No one could beat Avicus, the black dragon. We can only pray that it does not fly to our city.”

At this moment, she whispered, “However, I’ve been through the Black Dragon’s Flight three times now, but I haven’t seen it yet. In a poor town like ours, there isn’t even a decent piece of treasure. The black dragon must not have found it appealing. It will never come to Westwind town, more like, “I may never even get a chance to see it.”

“Don’t plant flags! But maybe if you plant this flag, you’ll be able to eat on the same table with it this year,” Robb said.

“Hmm? What do you mean by planting flags?” Lillian looked perplexed.

“Well, it’s a little hard to explain.”

Robb was chatting happily with the little maid until he saw a large group of people coming to the chapel door, headed by the mayor, followed by his wife and son, as well as some of the most respectable rich men in town, all with their wives and children.

Robb said, “What are you doing? Do you want to confess?”

The mayor said, “My father, we’ve come to invite you to meet Baron Perseus at the town’s gate.”

“What?” Who’s Baron Perseus?” asked Robb. I don’t know him well, why should I meet him?


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