After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Do it yourself

In fact, Robb found that the iron ore production in Westwind Town was very bad.

The last time he negotiated a deal with the Queen, he bought all the iron ingots from the miners in Westwind Town at three times the price, and turned them all into iron swords and armor.

Two hills were piled up in the yard, which seemed to be many, however…

Her Majesty bought it all without blinking an eye. It was not enough. Just enough to arm a leopard army and a bear army.

Her Majesty is still eager to get more of this “high-quality” equipment.

However, the production capacity of iron ingots in Westwind Town is extremely poor, and the miners belong to “unsupervised” wild-digging operations, with no government intervention, no organization and coordination, and all rely on old mines to dig and do their own work.

The way they do things is doomed to have a low production capacity. A person has to dig in the mine for a long time before he can knock down a few pieces of ore from the vein, and then carry out the hole on his own, smelt, purify, and do a series of processes. He doesn’t know how many days it will take to get an iron ingot.

In the past, iron ingots were worth one silver coin, but they could only earn two or three silver coins a month.

The last time Robb offered three silver coins for a purchase, it raised everyone’s income to six to nine silver coins, but that was less than that of a regular sugar maker.

Typical self-struggle is not as good as working with others!

When Robb chatted with the mayor a few days ago, he also learned that the Westwind Town mines had actually collapsed many times, because the miners had dug themselves in. Once the mine collapsed, it all depended on other townspeople to organize a rescue spontaneously, and the rescue efficiency was extremely inefficient. Basically, as soon as the mine collapsed, all the people inside died and no one would live.

The plan put forward by Robb just now to build a small railway track and transport the ore out by trolley was in the hands of a group of disorganized miners, but it could not be implemented, because no one was willing to pay to repair the railway track, and no one would pay for the trolley.

If funds are raised, the right to use the trolley and the cost of maintenance will also be fought over.

As for the unified smelting of ore into iron ingots, it is even more impossible. I do not know how much skin will be pulled into the distribution of iron ingots at that time.

With these guys, we can never increase the output of iron ingots in Westwind Town.

And Robb is about to get a lot of oil, and at that time he will need to build a wide variety of things that will make people blind and make the world look ret**ded.

So a lot of iron ingots is needed.

It is impossible to buy iron from her Majesty. Her Majesty herself is short of iron. Last time, she wanted to buy iron ingots from Westwind Town instead of weapons and equipment. She was also facing a protracted war with Mondra. All the iron ore production of the entire West Gran will be taken away by the Queen to serve the war.

If Robb wants to play engineering happily, increasing iron ore production in Westwind Town is a must.

After thinking about it, Robb waved and said, “that’s all! Suofa, go around the rich area of Wangjiang District and ask Baron Nuolun if any noble is interested in playing with the mineral development industry. “

Suofa nodded, hurried off, and returned after a while, “Godfather, Baron Nuolun said that the little nobles had just taken over an industry, and now they were all in the start-up period, so they had no energy to start anything else.”

“well, then I have no choice but to start it myself. How tiring.”

Although Robb seems to have done a lot of things for Westwind Town, there are actually only two industries really set up by himself, one is the silk stockings factory, the other is the Wangjiang Distruct, except for these two industries. he transferred everything that could make money to others.

There are hundreds of poisonous spiders locked up in the stockings factory, so won’t be at ease if they are handed over to others.

After the first few phases of the project in Wangjiang District, Robb also gave it to the mayor of White Birch and a little noble. He had already extricated himself from it.

This is called: do not compete with the people for profit.

An excellent (lazy) ruler should give money (troublesome matters) to the people!

[Forget it, it seems that I have to go to Westwind Technical School tomorrow and find some talents to help me get something.]

Early the next morning!

When the sun shone in the sky, the flowers smiled at him, and Suofa said, “good morning, why are you carrying explosives?”

Robb smiled at Suofa and said, “I’m going to school.”

“School? Do you mean Westwind Advanced Technical School? Why are you carrying a bag of explosives there? And you are lazy, don’t you usually let me and Lillian carry everything? Why are you carrying it by yourself today?”

Robb patted the bag with the words “explosive bag” written on the back. “because I’m carrying an explosive bag to school, it’s no fun to ask others to carry it, what do you know?”

Suofa: “……”

Well, she understood that Robb was saying strange things again, and she couldn’t cooperate with him at such a time, and won’t ask him at all, lest he show off. She snorted and turned her head away.

Lillian ran up from behind with a smile and said, “Master, here’s the kettle.”

“Oh!” Robb took the kettle full of Coca-Cola and put it in the “explosive bag” on his back.

Suofa looked in while he lifted the lid of his bag and found that there were no explosives in the bag, only a pile of parchment scrolls. Suofa took a peek at Robb’s room before going to bed last night and saw what he was drawing all night. It seems that these parchment scrolls were painted by Robb all night, but she doesn’t know what he drew.

She said angrily, “Why does a parchment bag have the work explosives on the outside?”

“I said it was for respect for the school.” Robb smiled and sat down on his wheelchair. “Lillian, Suofa, let’s go.”

Lillian smiled and pushed up Robb’s wheelchair, and Suofa followed. One master and two servants walked slowly towards Westwind Advanced Technical School.

Before long, the Westwind Advanced Technical School, which is located by the Westwind Canal, appeared in front of them.

Robb, a lazy guy, has never been to the technical school yet after he personally greeted the teachers stationed at the school, and dozens of days have already passed in the twinkling of an eye.

This time, he found that the technical school was completely different from what he saw last time.

The last time he came here, there was a lack of traffic and horses, but this time, it is already full of people.

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