After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Iron will be smelted on the new furnace today

Hearing her say this, Robb was delighted, “Sister Queen, do you think it’s a waste for me to use the iron to make rails?”

“Of course.” Her Majesty said, “I got the information about your mine, even how deep the mine is and how wide the space is. If you want to put all the rails in it, the iron you need can at least be used to make thousands of swords!”

She said a little gloomily, “You’re wasting so much iron. You might as well sell me them.”

“But I really don’t think it’s a waste.” Robb said with a smile, “if you are so well-informed, you should also know that I told the blacksmith teacher that this railroad track will be made to produce more iron.”

Her Majesty said, “I don’t think one more cart running on the track can produce more iron.”

“So women are really stupid, with long hair comes little knowledge.” Robb said, “I don’t know if Mondra is as short-sighted as you are. I want to talk to Mondra tomorrow. Maybe the conversation between men will be better.”

The Queen smiled, “however, you don’t like to be seen taking baths by men, so what you said is nonsense, and it doesn’t scare me at all.”

Robb, “Smart women are not cute.”

The Queen smiled, “you just said I was stupid, and then said I was smart?”

Robb said, “you are very smart in playing tricks, but on wisdom and vision, you are a big stupid girl. Wait for me. In a few days, I will take the crystal ball to show you how my mine produces ore. Then I will slowly teach you what great wisdom is.”

“Alright then, I’ll wait and see!” Her Majesty was ready to hang up the phone, but before she hung up, the woman turned her eyes to Xuelu. After looking carefully at her face for a few seconds, she obviously showed a smug expression on her face and said, “Heh, average-looking!”

Xuelu furiously said, “Hey! What did you…”

The queen hung up the phone before Xuelu could finish her words.

“What does she mean? Hey, hey, hey! What did she mean?” Xuelu jumped up angrily, “What did she mean by average-looking?”

She grabbed Robb by the shoulder and shook him hard. “tell me, am I beautiful?”

Robb shrugged, “Yes, you are beautiful.”

“Then what on earth did she mean?” Xuelu was furious: “Why did she suddenly attack me like this? Is she saying that she is prettier than me? Damn it! The most beautiful woman in the Kingdom of Gran is amazing. If I had a dress like hers, a crown with gems, and hidden characteristics, I would also be called the most beautiful woman.”

The war between women. It’s better not to get involved.

Just then, Xuelu suddenly stopped being angry. Her anger, like being sucked by a vacuum cleaner, whizzed back into her body. She suddenly smiled, and proudly sat back next to Robb, “I see! She’s jealous, hahaha! Hahaha! When she saw that I could soak in the hot spring pool with Mr. Robb, while she could only make a phone call from afar. She was crazy with jealousy, so she deliberately challenged me like this. Hahaha, I won. “

Robb said angrily, “it’s hard to say what that woman is thinking. Even a person with a high EQ can’t guess accurately.”

In the following days, Robb’s mine began the “big project”.

A large group of carpenters were the first to enter the mine. They reinforced the mine with huge logs to prevent landslides and began to install the railroad ties on the ground.

While a large group of blacksmith students, led by the royal expert blacksmith teacher, began to make the world’s first section of rails.

Robb specially warned the blacksmith teacher that the rails must be “standardized” and that each track should be exactly the same, and there must be no difference at all.

Therefore, the blacksmith teacher specially made a mold for the rails and used them to cast the rails, so as to ensure that their specifications were unified.

After the rails started being produced, iron supply was burning quickly.

Fortunately, Robb already had the mining robot WK0032. He hired a group to keep moving out the ore dug out by the mining robot, and then he hung up a machine to rub iron ingots out every two seconds which was enough to supplement a long section of rails.

While the blacksmiths and carpenters were setting up the tracks, Robb called in the blacksmith teacher, and under his guidance, the masons began to build a large smelting furnace.

In fact, the melting point of iron is not high, only at 1537 degrees. Miners and blacksmiths of this era have long invented high-temperature furnaces that can melt iron, but they used to be small private stoves. No one has ever planned to concentrate on a big furnace like this.

Without the relevant talent and knowledge reserve, the construction of this furnace will be difficult.

Robb himself does not know how to build a high-temperature furnace. Although this technology has become very popular in modern times, it wasn’t possible for him to ask anyone on the street how to make it.

Robb had to let the blacksmiths and masons talk on their own, but unfortunately, because the furnace was too big, the blacksmiths and masons had no experience in building a blast furnace, and the temperature could not go up.

In the end, Robb had to let them study it slowly in the future. A big furnace was built in front of him, and the problem of heating it up will be solved by magic for the time being.

A few days later, time came the end of March 1345.

The temperature turned warm, the smell of winter has finally dissipated completely. Spring has come,, the hillside is full of spring flowers, bright, and beautiful.

After lunch, Robb came to the entrance of the mine with Xuelu and the two maids. He picked up the crystal ball, stroked it three times, and waited quietly.

He knew that her Majesty was always busy at this time.

Sure enough, no one answered the phone for a long time. It was only until Robb started becoming impatient did the phone finally got through, her Majesty’s beautiful face appeared opposite, looking a little surprised, “what’s the matter? Why did you call me at noon? I was dealing with government affairs in the front hall just now, and the crystal ball was in the bedroom, so I didn’t see it flashing. I didn’t know until the Chamberlain sent it to the front hall.”

Robb could see the opposite environment through the crystal ball. Sure enough, the Queen was in the front hall, surrounded by several necromancers and officials in civilian robes, who seemed to be dealing with government affairs.

Seeing that she was so busy and there were other people around her, Robb stopped flirting with her, “I called you during the day. Of course, it’s about business. My mine was completely completed last night. Iron will be smelted on the new furnace today. Would you like to see it? “


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