After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Strange equipment

The Queen’s military officers were also surprised by the equipment, and it was only then that they finally understood the significance of the extra tracks.

“The mine cart is not driven by manpower, but by the force of the machine, and the power of the machine is relatively rigid, unable to turn and guide the mine cart flexibly, so it is necessary to make a railway track so that the mine cart can only walk along the rails. As long as a force is given in one direction to drag the mine car, it will run up from the deepest part of the complex mine. The armaments officer could not help exclaiming, “my God, what a brilliant idea this is! I understand now that the railway track on the ground is not wasted at all. It does bring more iron, which is a very cost-effective investment.”

The Queen was also a little surprised, but she kept her elegance, and instead of shouting like the officer, she turned her eyes to the strange machine that could pull the winch and lift more than a thousand jin cart. “this the most important thing, isn’t it? If there is no such thing, at least a dozen workers will have to be arranged outside the mine to pull the rope before the carts can be pulled up. “

Robb said with a smile, “Miss Queen really has good vision. Things like railway tracks and carts are all skills that you can handle. Only this machine… it is the key to saving time and effort. In fact, it is the mining robot.”

“Mining robot?” The queen froze, “isn’t it used for digging mines? Did you change it into a rickshaw?”

Robb shrugged, “to be exact, I took it apart!”

It turned out that Robb took it down immediately after trying it out. This is because this thing will take the jobs of the miners, if it keeps digging, the miners in Westwind Town will not be able to survive.

Moreover, Robb does not want this “game technology” to affect the world. After all, mining should still be done by miners. At best, some electric digging tools or excavators should be studied in the future, so that the miners can save some effort. But the “mining robot” is too overpowered.

What he wants to do is to “guide” the townspeople of Westwind Town to the advanced society, not to take them into the open world together.

Because it is just a moment of pleasure, when Robb is really taken by Xuelu to the Devil City, Westwind Town will instantly become a stupid place.

If they accumulate technology steadily at every step, and move forward steadily, then no matter how far away Robb is, Westwind Town can continue to move forward by relying on its own technology accumulation.

Therefore, he returned the mining work to the miners, and after the robot was taken apart, he only used its engine components to pull the mining cart. Anyway, it didn’t take much to pull the mining car with the machine, which is not that serious.

Robb removed the mining robot’s hands, feet and head, removed the “engine” from the robot’s body, and then connected the engine to a gear set and turned it into a machine used to pull the mining cart at the entrance of the mine.

The queen looked at the engine with an unhappy look on her face.

She was not stupid. She knew at a glance that she could copy the tracks, carts, and even gear sets in front of her. Only this strange engine, she knew she couldn’t copy it, and if she wanted it, she had to pay Robb again.

But after seeing that kind of efficient method of digging ore and transporting ore, how can she accept the backward old method? The queen can only admit defeat, sighed and said, “how much do you sell this thing called engine?”

“It’s not for sale!” Robb said with a smile, “even if I really sell it to you, you can’t use it. It needs gasoline as fuel, and you can’t make gasoline. Even for me, it’s not easy to stabilize gasoline production, so… This engine can only be regarded as a ‘concept technology’ and cannot be popularized. You’d better use manpower, or cattle. In any case, even if you use manpower to pull the carts, the efficiency will be much higher than before. “

The Queen remained silent.

“Well, the next step is to see the smelting step.” Robb jumped out of the mining cart and returned to his wheelchair, then smiled and said to the workers who had been waiting for a long time, “unload the iron ore on the conveyor belt and feed it into the smelter!”

At this time, the Queen and the officer discovered that there was a strange thick rubber belt beside the track, which was long and wide, extending like cloth, all the way to the big smelting furnace. It seems that this is the so-called “conveyor belt”.

Several workers outside the cave came over and opened a board on the side of the mine cart, and the ore from the mine cart rolled out and fell on the “conveyor belt”. Then the workers turned a handle, and the thick rubber belt began to run and put the ore to the blast furnace.

There is a small window on the blast furnace into which all the ore is dragged into by the conveyor belt.

The Queen and the armaments officer looked confused.

In fact, the conveyor belt technology is not really a very complicated technology, the two of them knew at a glance what to do, even if they did not have rubber, they could replace it with other materials, such as wooden boards, iron and copper nets, or even cloth belts. They just never thought they could transport ore in this way.

They saw that the several carts of ore that had just been transported were continuously sent into the blast furnace, and while the conveyor belt was carrying the ore, the mining cart was once again put into the mine.

Due to the existence of railway tracks, the mining cart almost instantly went down to the bottom of the cave, and the miners filled them with ore in a twinkling of an eye, then rang the bell gear, and in less than a few minutes, another cartload of ore was pulled up and poured onto the conveyor belt.

The Queen and the armaments officer watched helplessly as thousands of jin of ore were sent to the blast furnace.

Robb laughed loudly, “all right, turn the conveyor belt off! Get ready to start smelting.”

At the sound of the order, the workers quickly closed the conveyor belt, brought it away from the smelting furnace, and lit the fire.

The fire burst into bigger flames in the smelting furnace.

At this time, the Queen and the armaments officer seemed to wake up, and they looked at Robb together, “it’s impossible to heat such a big furnace by ordinary methods. Do you have any new inventions that can raise the temperature of such a big furnace?”

Robb shrugged and said helplessly, “not yet, so…”

He turned to the nearby Xuelu and shouted, “Xuelu, do me a favor…”

Xuelu winked at Robb and chanted. It didn’t take long for a firewall to be put into the furnace.


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