After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 273

Chapter 273: You said you’ll help me

Robb smiled and said, “really? That’s good! If you don’t mind, show me your recompiled New Light Bible.”

“Of course I won’t mind showing you.” Little Yi said, “I welcome anyone who wants to read the New Light Bible. How can I mind?”

She returned to the chapel and carried a thick book out from the table in the middle of the chapel.

Robb took it in his hand and weighed it. It was heavy and smelled of ink.

This is a newly made book, all made of thick parchment, thick and heavy, holding it in his hand, he casually opened a page, only to see here, “you will be strong and fearless. You will forget your sufferings, even if you think of them, they will be like water that flows past you. The days of your life will be brighter than noon, and though there is darkness, it will be like the morning. “

“That was beautiful.” Robb smiled and said, “did you write that?”

“No!” Little Yi shook her head. “this is a sentence that already exists in the Bible of Light. You don’t know despite being a priest already?”

Robb laughed, ignored her complaints, and continued to read, “Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous; love is not boastful, arrogant, nor shy, and does not seek its own benefit. It does not get angry easily, does not like evil, does not like unrighteousness, but only likes the truth; it bears everything, believes everything, has hope for everything, and endures everything; love never stops.”

Robb couldn’t help sighing, “it’s good! I think it’s great to teach people of love. Is this something you made up?”

Little Yi looked at Robb with the strange eyes, “this is also a sentence that already exists in the Bible of Light.”

Robb: “……”

This is very unreasonable, although his identity of a fake priest has long been exposed, it still hurt him a little. Robb had to break the jar and say, “well, now the question is, how much did you add to it? How much have you deleted? “

Little Yi sighed and said, “I didn’t add a word, my knowledge is not enough to add anything. I just deleted a lot.”

At this point, her expression changed from cold to dignified, “if I don’t delete it, it scares me. There are so many sentences full of tyranny in the Bible of Light that I can’t even imagine. I don’t know how much I deleted. All I know is that its thickness has been reduced by at least 1/10.”

Robb: “……”

Little Yi murmured, “the Bible of Light comes from the South. The God of Light has sworn that he will fight against the God of Darkness from generation to generation. “

With that, she added, “I deleted it!”

In the Bible of Light to sweep away evil, God has mercy on the best oxen, sheep, calves, lambs and all good things, and refuses to destroy them, but kills all the lowly and thin. “

In the Bible of Light, the God of Light said to the pope, “Completely obliterate the name of the God of Darkness from under the heavens. Write this in a book as a memorial, and say it to all the believers, and lead them to realize my parable.'”

In the Book of the Bible of Light in the Desert, the God of Light sent you and said, “go and strike the believers of the sinful desert gods, wipe them out and bury them in the yellow sand.”


She murmured for a long time, and finally concluded, “I deleted them all, leaving only beautiful sentences. I think the God of Light loves everything, and he must like these beautiful sentences. It must have been made up by others and maliciously written into the Bible of Light. “

Robb clapped his hands and said, “well said! So, what are you going to do next? Will you go door to door bringing this thick bible of light to explain every day?”

When Robb asked, Little Yi’s face bore an awkward expression…

Indeed, it is great to have the New Light Bible, but what she has to face next is the big problem. How to get the townspeople to accept the new Church of Light? It is obviously unrealistic to give lectures door to door! The only way is to let the townspeople come to the chapel to study it.


Since Robb entered Westwind Town, it has never been stipulated that the townspeople must come to the chapel to study the Bible and worship the God of Light. The initial confession was played for a few days, but then fewer people confessed. The chapel is no longer a building that needs to be visited frequently in the hearts of the townspeople in Westwind Town.

Not to mention that there is no one in the Chapel of Light, even in the Chapel of Darkness next door, there are no believers playing in it. At most, when refugees need help, they will hang out in the chapel. As for ordinary townspeople, they are more willing to go to Westwind Technical School to learn some useful skills.

The whole of Westwind Town was influenced by the “capitalism” trend brought by Robb. Everyone is thinking about how to make more money. Now no one cares whether they believe in the religion or not.

Little Yi said a little awkwardly, “what should I do then? You said that if I set up a new church of light, you would help me, and now is the time for you to keep your promise. “

Robb said, “Huh? Did I ever say that?”


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