After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Number 32’s “Resurrection”

Robb followed them. The two were travelling around in the Church of Darkness. When they turned to the back of the church, Robb saw the cemetery on the left, but the two obviously didn’t want to go to the cemetery, so he deliberately dragged them to the end of the hall, so while the two didn’t notice, he rushed into the cemetery on the left.

As soon as he entered, Robb saw a common instruction from the game “Dark Blade” jump up. “Waypoint” was recorded successfully, and he immediately used the magic of “Transmission Portal “. He saw two options appear in front of him: “Westwind Town, Bright Road”

As long as one of them was chosen, a transmission portal would open.

However, Robb was not sure whether the transmission portal could open successfully or not, because the whole Bright Road was surrounded by the anti-space magic arrays. According to George, that kind of enchantment would block all the magic of the space system and prevent the enemy from teleporting in and out of Bright Road.

Robb didn’t know whether his portal would be blocked by the enchanted barrier or not, so he had to test it. Obviously, it was not a good time to do experiments now. When it was dark, he could find a quiet place to do experiments. Anyway, the waypoint had been opened.

“Robb has activated the waypoint at Bright Road!”

When he was about to get out of the cemetery and return to the two young nobles, he suddenly saw a large group of people standing in the corner of the cemetery in the distance. Some were in black armors and some were in black robes, forming a large circle. It seemed that they were doing something in the middle, but there were too many people outside, so he couldn’t see clearly.

Robb looked in that direction, and several people in black armor stared at him with vigilance.

Robb thought to himself, [they are heavily guarded. It seems that there is some big shot inside.]

Human curiosity is very strange. The more others cover it, the more you want to see what’s in it! Robb couldn’t escape this strange circle. He couldn’t help but take two steps in that direction.

But because he did so, he’s in some trouble now.

The group of people in black armor roared two times, and then a small group rushed over and instantly completed encircling Robb. One of them questioned loudly, “who are you? How dare you spy on her majesty?”

“Eh?” Robb said, “so you are surrounding the queen…” He quickly changed his tone, “Her Majesty.”

“You know the answer!” a man in black armor said angrily, “don’t you see the mark on my armor? It’s the mark of the Queen’s Royal Guard.”

Robb said, “you were so far away from me that I couldn’t see it clearly. I wanted to come closer to have a look, but you rushed over and surrounded me. I didn’t have time to see the small mark on your armor.”

The man in black armor was speechless

Well, that makes sense. They were indeed a little too nervous. The main reason was that Bright Road has not been peaceful recently. Several big shots were assassinated in a row, which made the guards a little nervous. When they saw the suspicious person, they couldn’t help but move without their brains.

When they were in a daze, a woman’s voice came from afar, “don’t be so nervous. That young man didn’t do anything. You don’t have to treat him like this.”

Robb recognized that it was the voice of the queen.

Robb often heard this voice. He had heard it more than one hundred times on the phone.

The guards bowed, and quickly returned to the queen and surrounded her again.

This time, Robb could walk over and have a look.

When he got closer, he looked inside through the gap between the guards. It turned out that the queen was doing a strange ceremony. A black magic array was drawn on the ground, and more than a dozen dark priests stood beside the magic array, forming a circle. In the center of the magic array, there was a skeleton.

Obviously, the skeleton had just been dug out from a tomb, and there was an open tomb beside it.

The queen, dressed in a black robe, led a large group of dark priest to chant the curse. After a long time, she suddenly raised her hand and shouted, “come out! Soul of number 32!”

A soul popped out of the ground. It was translucent and green. No one could see its face.

The princess grabbed the ghost and stuffed it into the skeleton on the ground!

The magic array on the ground lit up a black light and rushed up into the skeleton. Then the skeleton shook its hands, feet and got up.

With a click, it knelt on one knee, opened its mouth and said, “ah! My respected queen, your loyal servant Number 32 can serve you again.”

It turned out that this guy was necromancer Robb had killed with the tracking arrow in the depths of the Black Pine Mountain Range. The queen actually resurrected him in this way. No, it can’t be called Resurrection.

The queen said, “it took me too much time to prepare the ‘dead reincarnation’ items and arrays. I finally got all the materials a few days ago. Now half a year has passed since you died. Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

Number 32 said, “it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. The queen is willing to spend so much energy on a subordinate. It’s already a great favor. I’m grateful!”

“Well, let’s talk,” the queen raised her hand.

Number 32 stood straight. A staff was handed over to him. He took it and held it in his hand

A skeleton that held a staff looked very funny. Fortunately, someone immediately handed over a black robe and a hat of a magician. He put on his black robe and hat, and instantly seemed like part of the “Witcher”, which was quite stylish.

He raised his head and said, “Your Majesty, I hope I can afford my dereliction of duty. I will gather a skeleton army again to attack Westwind Town and redeem myself.”

“That’s unnecessary,” the queen said flatly. “The war is temporarily over. Now you are in Church of Light of Bright Road. But now, It’s called the Church of Darkness.”

“Eh? Eh?” there was a drop of sweat on the skull of number 32. “What happened during the half a year since I died?”

“Someone will tell you.” the queen turned around and left. “I’m tired. I’ll go back to the Palace first. You go to number 1 and ask him about the current situation and your future arrangements.”

“Yes!” Number 32 bowed, his ribs colliding with each other, making a cracking sound.

Robb couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


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