After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 301

Chapter 301: Ice wolf’s bite

The middle-aged nobleman called Amos Deiss became vigilant at once. He immediately jumped back to keep some distance from the little girl. The nearest two guards blocked in front of him, and the guards at the periphery also came over. Dozens of people gathered together and surrounded the nobleman in the middle.

Hearing the words of the girl, Robb also thought, [Oh! Interesting! Judging from her tone, she is on the side of Mondra, and her tone sounded like she was punishing betrayal and getting rid of evil. It seemed that she came with bad intentions. When I entered Bright Road, it was heavily guarded. I heard that several big shots were assassinated. Did this woman do it?]

Thinking of this, Robb threw a “hypnotism” on the prostitute beside him. It was better not to let ordinary people see this kind of thing, in case she would cause a fatal disaster to herself. She knew nothing, and it was the safest for her. The more incompetent people knew, the more dangerous it would be.

The woman fell asleep on the ground behind the tree and knew nothing. She slept peacefully.

On the other side, Amos Deiss looked at the little girl vigilantly. “Who are you?”

The little girl introduced herself solemnly, “my name is Russ Belmonde Dracula.”

Hearing this, Amos almost jumped up on the spot, because this woman’s surname…

In the Kingdom of Gran, there was only one person who had such a surname. His name was Mondra Belmonde Dracula, a rebellious man sixteen years ago, and the current king of the Kingdom of Gran.

Amos asked in surprise, “are you… The daughter of Mondra? The princess of East Gran?”

“Yes!” The little girl said coldly, “so, it should be reasonable for me to kill you, right?”

Amos didn’t answer but turned around and ran away.

After saying a few words, Robb also turned around and ran away unexpectedly. He couldn’t help laughing, [how cowardly is this noble? She is just a young girl. No matter how hard you try, you have to fight with her for two rounds first. If you can’t defeat her, then you can run away. How can you run away before the fight starts? What about your dignity as a man?]

Just as Robb was complaining in his heart, a light sound was heard. It was the sound of unsheathing the long sword. The cloak of the little girl suddenly spun and flew into the air. Her small and exquisite body finally showed up. She was wearing a very close fitting set of leather armor, which emitted a green light. One could tell at a glance that she was not an ordinary girl.

Robb could tell at a glance that it was made by him. It was the agile flying dragon leather armor!

He came to this world to earn the first bucket of gold to make the equipment. He traded it for one hundred gold coins from the big merchant, Pobo. According to Pobo, he took it to Bright Road and sold it to a noble man. He didn’t expect that it would fall into the hands of the Princess of East Gran.

There were two abnormal enchantments on the leather armor: movement speed, +15%, and attack speed, +20%.

The girl unsheathed her sword. With a flash of the sword light, the two guards in front of her were beheaded at the same time. No one could even see how she wielded her sword. Even Robb couldn’t see it clearly, because he was looking at the figure of the little girl. Without being covered by the cloak, the little girl’s figure could be seen clearly now.

Her legs, arms and waist were thin. Although her buttocks were covered by the skirt armor, it could be seen from the angle of the skirt armor. The big girl hadn’t developed yet, and as for her breasts, it was needless to mention.

The equipment made by Robb was different from the equipment made in the real world. If a player was thin, his clothes would be thinner, and if a player was short, his clothes would be shorter. The armor could be suitable for giants to dwarves.

Therefore, as he looked at the leather armor’s chest and skirt, he knew that this little girl was very young.

After Robb sighed at her figure, another three guards fell to the ground with blood splashing.

Amos had run away for several meters and strode out of the area.

The guards behind him tried their best to block the girl.

The narrow alley was suddenly filled with guards. On the other side of the wall of guards, Amos was running out of the alley, but as if he could run away.

The little girl raised her long sword

This time, Robb saw the sword clearly. The shape of the sword was very strange. Its hilt was much longer than an ordinary long sword, and its hands were long, which made it look like a huge cross instead of a sword. It was just that one of the feet of the cross was sharpened into a sword blade.

The little girl waved her cross sword forward, accompanied by a very cold light voice. “Power in the air, surge! Gather in my hands, Shrill lightning!”

She turned into a beam of light with the sword, and then with a click, she passed through all the guards in the alley.

The guards were all frozen for a second, just like common shock in anime. Then, blood spurted out from their bodies, and the whole alley was dyed red.

It was obvious that in that short moment, the girl passed through the guards with extremely fast steps. At the same time, she brandished her sword and slashed at the vital parts of each of them. Her speed was so fast and her movements were so accurate that it was amazing.

If Robb was not peeping at them, but standing next to them and looking at them from above, he would definitely cry out and say, “Wow, you did a good job.”

In an instant, the little girl had caught up with Amos. Amos didn’t turn around, but waved his hand back. A big fireball that had been prepared beforehand roared out and smashed at the little girl’s small face.

The little girl didn’t dare to look down upon the fireball. After all, it was a fireball skill that a great master used with all his might. If she looked down upon it, she would suffer a great loss. She raised her long sword and blocked it in front of her. “The broken icy sky. Bury it with the storm. Listen to the call of destruction! Ice wolf’s bite!”

The water magic condensed at the tip of her sword. In a blink of an eye, her long sword was filled with an aura of ice. The sword light waved forward, and the cold sword spirit cut the fireball. The surging magic power of the fire was pushed away to both sides, sticking to her left and right.

She passed through the smoke formed by the fireball, waved her long sword, and stabbed into the vital part of Amos’ back. As the long sword was pulled out, blood spurted out from his wound.

Count Amos to the ground and couldn’t move.

The little girl swung her wrist gently, and all the blood on the sword was thrown away. She put her sword back into the scabbard, caught the black cloak falling from the sky, wrapped it around her body, lowered her head, and went back into the night.


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