After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Provoking Scarecrow

“Clang!” the two girls fought again with their swords. After the clash, Madeleine staggered back a few steps and almost fell down. Just now, the girl’s sword grazed her neck less than a finger wide, and almost cut the big blood vessel in her neck. That was almost a fatal blow.

She took a deep breath and felt a little exhausted. Two more strikes, or perhaps one more strike, she would be beheaded.

Damn it! She shouldn’t have told everyone to return to the palace. She thought she was strong enough to lure the assassin out on her own, but she didn’t expect that the assassin would really be lured out. However, the princess of East Gran was too strong.

It was really a trap to lure a python out of the cave.

She exerted her last strength and shouted, “Robb, run! What are you looking at?”

As soon as she shouted out this sentence, Robb gave her swift wind. It was not the powerful “swift wind”, but the “swift wind” that Robb gave her only after he forcibly suppressed his intelligence to a very low level. The effect was so bad that he could only increase her speed by 20%.

Then, Robb pulled Madeleine’s hand and tried to pull her to run away. “Run!”

Madeline said, “It would stranger if I could escape.”

“How do you know if you don’t run away?” Robb said as he tried his best.

Of course, his strength was deliberately reduced, so he couldn’t drag Madeleine.

However, this dragging action gave Madeleine the will to live. She thought, [if I don’t run, I will die. Maybe I can survive if I run. It’s not far from the imperial palace. I can be saved if I run to the gate.]

Then just run!

She followed Robb, turned around and ran away,

Of course, the little girl wouldn’t allow them to. She was about to kill the most important head of the Black Earth Knights, who was not only in a high position, but also a friend of the queen. Once she was killed, it would cause a great blow to the Queen’s mind, and play a decisive role in the war. How could she let her escape here?

The little girl ran after them.

She ran as fast as a fly and caught up with him several meters away in one step.

She waved her sword and tried to cut Madeleine’s back, but at that time, Robb turned around and threw a scarecrow out of his hand. The girl thought it was a hidden weapon that was aimed at her, but when it flew up, she found that Robb did not throw it at her, but at the sky above her head.

The scarecrow flew over her head, drew a beautiful arc, and plopped into the ground a few miles behind the girl.

The little girl didn’t want to care about that thing at all. She just wanted to kill Madeleine and Robb as soon as possible.

However, for some inexplicable reason, something happened. The scarecrow she ignored had a strong attraction to her behind her back, and she couldn’t help but turn around to have a look.

She saw a funny smile on it.

The smile seemed to mock her, making her angry. She was so angry that she wanted to raise her sword and cut it.

She turned around and swung her sword at scarecrow. No, this was not enough to vent her anger. She wanted to chop it off a few times, wanted to chop at it, wanted to chop at it, wanted to chop at it, wanted to chop at it.

Three seconds was enough for her to chop the man for more than a hundred times. The man was humiliated and broke into pieces, leaving leaves all over the ground.

The little girl finally realized what had happened? What am I doing? Shouldn’t I chase after Madeleine? Why did she suddenly cut a scarecrow?

When she turned around, she saw that Robb had already run away with Madeleine.

Not to mention the flying swords and people in the magic world, even ordinary people in real life, who were fat, could run more than ten meters in three seconds.

Seeing that her prey had run over a hundred yards, the little girl could not help but get angry and chase after them again.

Madeleine held her holy sword with one hand and ran forward with her other hand held by Robb. She didn’t dare to focus all her attention on the front because she was afraid that the girl would catch up with her from behind, so she kept her attention at her back to deal with the enemy who might catch up at any time.

However, to her surprise, the little girl didn’t chase after her. Instead, she turned around and chopped at the funny looking scarecrow. She was so angry that she chopped it to death like a psychopath.

Madeleine was confused and asked, “what is she doing?”

Robb said, “as you can see, she is chopping a scarecrow.”

Madeleine said, “then what did the scarecrow do wrong? Why did she do this to it?”

Robb said, “the funny guy should be dealt with in this way.”

Madeleine was speechless

Robb, “Back to the point. Run quickly, or I will have to throw another one if she catches up with us.”

It was not until then that Madeleine realized that Robb was running with her hand in his right hand and a funny looking scarecrow in his left hand.

She was really confused and didn’t know what had happened. She couldn’t help asking, “what the hell is this man?”

Robb said, “when you fought with her just now, I plucked grass and pricked it on the roadside. Look, in order to prick it, I tore my clothes.”

“No, I didn’t ask how you made it. I just want to ask why it could attract the enemy to attack it continuously.”

Robb shrugged and said, “didn’t I say that it’s funny. Don’t you want to cut its face hard?”

Madeleine, “I’m not that irritable.”

While the two of them were talking, the little girl had caught up with them a lot. It seemed that her feet were faster than Madeleine with swift wind. After all, Madeleine was wearing a heavy black armor, which seriously affected her speed.

Robb had no choice but to throw the second one backwards!

“Plop!” the scarecrow fell on the roadside and showed a funny smile to the girl, as if saying to her, “come on, hit me.”

Madeleine thought to herself, [it can’t be successful again this time, can it? Unless the princess of the eastern land was an idiot.]

The little girl thought to herself, [You’re throwing it out again? Don’t be silly! It’s impossible for people to fall down two times in a pit. How can I let go of my prey again and chop an unknown scarecrow again? Do you think I’m stupid?]

As soon as she thought of this, she turned the corner and rushed to the scarecrow on the roadside, chopping! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chopping horizontally and vertically!

Madeleine couldn’t help but sigh deeply, “this guy is really stupid.”


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