After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 312

Chapter 312: I’ll sell this to you

[How could number 32 be so evil? Just earlier, he asked Robb to tell the uses of a ruby in order to humiliate him, but he didn’t succeed. He was hit on the head by eight pieces of knowledge and almost cried out, “ouch, my God!”.

After what had happened, he not only did not regret, but also had thought of something else. Seeing that other students were talking about more uses of this box, Robb sat still. He thought that Robb was not experienced enough after all and could not think of any other ways to use it.

Since you can’t think of it, of course I’ll call your name and let you make a fool of yourself.

With an obvious evil smile on his face, number 32 said, “Robb, tell me, how do you think we should improve this box? Don’t tell me what other students have said.”

Robb was speechless

Number 32 snickered in his heart, [you can’t say anything, can you? Haha!]

He pretended to be sad and said, “Alas, growing up in the countryside still limits your imagination. If you really can’t think of it, there’s nothing we can do. Master won’t blame you.”

At this moment, Robb suddenly said, “I have come up with a good idea, but I feel that it will cost a lot of money. I’m very poor and can’t afford it.”

Number 32, [you admit that you are poor? Haha! I’m not going to slap you in the face, but you have to get close to me. You admitted that you are poor in front of all your classmates. Won’t they despise you?]

At this moment, Robb suddenly smiled and said, “by the way, Master, I want to ask if there is any patent for first-time magic tool designs? Can you make money by designing a magic tool?”

“A patent? What is a patent?” Number 32 asked.

“Ahem!” Robb said, “well, the word ‘patent’ is a little strange to Master. In another way, if someone has designed something useful and powerful that can change the direction of the war, will the royal family give him a bonus to confirm his invention?”

“Of course!” Number 32 immediately said to all the students seriously “Listen up, everyone. If you have designed some magic items which are very useful to the kingdom and can greatly improve its strength, the queen will give you a special bonus. You are all nobles and your families are not short of money, but I can guarantee that it is definitely a huge sum of money.”

The students nodded.

Robb smiled and said, “in that case, I have a way. Master, I have an excellent idea in my mind that can transform this box into an extremely powerful one, but I don’t have money to do it. I think… How about this? I’ll sell the improved plan I just thought to you. This is not much, so I’ll charge you fifty gold coins. Then you give it to the queen, and the bonus will be yours. What do you think?”

Number 32: “……”

All the students were rendered speechless

He had never seen such an arrogant man. It was incredible that he already claimed to sell his new invention to the Master on the first day of class? What’s more, the price of fifty gold coins was insane and shameless. God knows what you have invented. Is your brain so valuable?

The other four boys in the class didn’t like Robb very much because of the stockings incident at the opening ceremony. Now that they saw him speak wildly, they couldn’t help turning around and said to Robb, “humph!”

But the girls were much better. Most of them had a good impression of Robb. The large group of girls blinked their eyes and looked at him, wanting to hear what he would say later.

Number 32 fell into a dilemma. He was a poor man and didn’t have much money. It was difficult for him to take out fifty gold coins. Moreover, even if he could, he didn’t want to gamble. It was insane.

He coughed slightly. Because he was a skeleton, he did not have any sound organs. He spoke with the help of magic, so the sound of cough was also made by magic, With a strange buzz, he said, “ahem, Robb, look at what you’re talking about. You’ve only taken one class on magic items. With your understanding of magic items at this stage, how can you make any advanced invention? It’s even more impossible to get a reward from the queen. It’s impossible for me to buy it. You’d better announce it directly.”

Robb shook his head and said “No, I can’t. my invention is too excellent. It can absolutely change the combat effectiveness of the army in an instant. It can’t be announced in public, and it must be verified. I can’t tell the Master until the queen knows that it is me who invented it and I will distribute the bonus. Therefore, at this time, it is your only investment opportunity. If you don’t buy it, I will sell it to someone else. At that time, the bonus will belong to other people, Master. Don’t cry at that time.”

Number 32 laughed, “I don’t even have a tear gland. How can I cry?”

Everyone was speechless

[What the fuck! It sounds reasonable!] he thought.

Robb turned his head and smiled at the round-faced girl who had just given him the magic essence ink. “My dear classmate, I know you are a good person. Do you want to try to buy my invention? I’ll show you the technology and materials. When we make it and give it to the queen, I only need fifty gold coins, and the rest of the bonus will be given to you.”

As soon as he said this, all the classmates’ eyes were fixed on the little round-faced girl.

In fact, this girl looked quite sweet. She had a small round face and looked very cute. She looked more beautiful with white silk stockings. In fact, she was not sure whether Robb’s “invention” could be worth it. She asked tentatively, “do you want more materials? I’m not sure if my pocket money is enough to buy materials.”

Robb thought carefully about the effect he wanted to achieve and said with a smile, “twenty-five rubies like the one used by Master just now is enough.”

“Really? Twenty-five rubies? No problem. My pocket money is enough.” The round-faced girl smiled and said, “then I’ll work with you to make that thing.”

She agreed to support Robb so easily, which made the people around embarrassed.

Several students whispered, “who the hell is this?”

“Don’t you know her? She is the daughter of the big merchant Desmond Corton. Her full name is Marian Corton. Her father is very rich. I heard that her father is very bold and smart. After hearing that there are silk stockings in Westwind Town, her father sent servants to the mountain, caught four man-eating spiders, and also made silk stockings. But Bright Road doesn’t allow them to be raised.”(in Chapter 210, it was mentioned that this man wanted to open a silk stockings factory. You can go back and have a look if you forget him.)


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