After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 315

TL: It’s really this short. I don’t know why either

Chapter 315: Please ask her majesty to come and have a look

Robb threw a handful of silver coins to the blacksmith and said, “yes! You can get off work now.”

The blacksmith didn’t expect that he still had money left over. But he took the money happily and left.

As for Robb and Marian, Marian asked curiously, “now it’s my time to ask questions. What should I do with the nest?”

Robb smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Just write runes on it.”

He quickly took out a pen, and then took out the bottle of magic essence ink that Marian gave him during the day. He smiled and said, “I’ve memorized the rune drawn by number 32 during the day. Now I’m going to paint it all over this hive…”

“Oh, I see. I’ll help you.” Marian also took out a pen.

The two drew runes on the hive together.


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