After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Silk stockings suddenly sold out

Early in the morning, when Robb walked across the playground, a group of boys were gathering in a corner, forming a circle, talking about something while pointing at the girls on the playground.

Robb passed by. He looked very innocent. He just wanted to go to the classroom as soon as possible, but Kante stretched out his hand from the crowd, grabbed his arm and dragged him, “Brother Robb, don’t go, come and see this… come and see this.”

“Look at what?” Robb said angrily, “My magic items class is coming soon. I don’t want to be late. If I miss something important, I’ll be sad.”

Kante smiled, “It doesn’t matter if you miss a little bit.”

The students beside him sweated together, and strongly despised Kante.

Kante himself did not feel that he was despised at all. He cheerfully pulled Robb and said, “You really have to see this. It’s the picture you created.”

“What did I do?” When Robb heard this, he had to follow him. Looking in the direction of Kante’s fingers, a group of girls were talking while walking in the middle of the playground. In the middle of the playground, there was a girl who was dressed in gorgeous clothes. She wore a short skirt on purpose. Her two long legs were wearing unusually gorgeous silk stockings, embroidered with gold, silver thread, agate and jade, which could be said to be very gorgeous.

This is a walking silk stocking advertisement!

Kante said, “This girl is beautiful. She’s from the water system magic class. I heard that her father is a minister. She has money and power in her family. The most important thing is her legs. They are great. I can play with them all my life.”

The boys next to her nodded together, “I haven’t felt that she was so beautiful before. This morning she put on this silk stocking and she exploded in an instant! Ah ah, it would be great if I could fall in love with her.”

“These silk stockings are really good, very good.” Robb said, “But you don’t have care. Kante, your uncle Nuolun is just a baron. As a member of a baron family, are you qualified to be with the daughter of a minister? It’s useless to look at her.”

Kante fell to the ground with a sound of “plop”. He was frustrated and bent forward, “People are tough, my friend.”

“I’m leaving.” Robb turned to go.

Kante looked up and said, “Why do you despise such beautiful women? I thought that people like you who go out every day like women very much.”

This sentence startled Robb. He almost forgot his position. He stopped quickly and said with a dry smile, “Well, I’m certainly interested in beautiful women. I’m not dismissive, but I know I don’t deserve them.”

“What are you talking about that you don’t deserve her.” The boys beside him began to shout, “You are the one who made Duke Madeleine turn around.”

Robb had a headache when he heard this. The woman was around him every day, and he would be seized by her grip sooner or later.

He had to show his hand and said, “I didn’t play tricks on her. She and I are completely innocent. Okay, I’m going to class, but you can fool around.”

Soon Robb came to the classroom.

He was delayed at the playground for a while, so almost all student were in class already. The only four boys waved and smiled when they saw him, looking very close. The girls rolled their eyes at him in unison.

Recently, he has got the nickname of “the king of whoring” in his class and become the public enemy of girls.

Only Marian Corton smiled at him as usual and said, “Here you are. I want to thank you for introducing a good business to my family.”

Robb pretended to be stupid, “What business?”

“You introduced my family to Godfather in Westwind Town the other day.” Marian smiled and said, “Your introduction is very useful. My father got very good products from Godfather in Westwind Town. Of course, the products are second to none. The key is to learn very effective advertising methods. My father said that learning advertising technology is the real harvest of this trip to Westwind Town. It can make my father make great progress in the distribution of all kinds of products.”

“Oh, yeah?” Robb said, “I don’t understand.”

Marian smiled, “Well, it’s normal that you don’t understand advertising. In fact, I don’t understand either. Before my father went to visit Godfather, he didn’t understand either! Let me just conclude. Last night, the first batch of women’s special silk stockings that my family bought from Westwind Town were all sold out! Now women in the noble circle are crazy about all kinds of beautiful silk stockings, while men are thinking about suspenders… But my family is out of stock, and my father’s mind is turning quickly. He immediately wants to buy a large number of white silk and black silk stockings that haven’t been sold yet, and then hire an embroidery master to transform the ordinary silk stockings into women’s silk stockings… “

Robb was happy when he heard this, “Your father’s mind is really fast. If you transform the unsalable ordinary silk stockings immediately, you can make a lot of money.”

Marian proudly said, “My father has no competition in business. Oh, even before he met Godfather.”

This is the end of their conversation. It’s time for class.

Number 32 walked in, his skeleton face looks funny.

He cleared his throat and said, “Well, let’s start the class, sit down and don’t talk. What I want to tell you today is the ‘conditional trigger rune’, which is a familiar rune. Its main use is for a magic array. Everyone knows that magic arrays have a trigger mechanism. As long as the enemy steps on it, it will’ trigger ‘, and then blast the ground to blow the enemy to the sky! It can also be used on magic items, once’ triggered ‘, The magic items will produce corresponding effects. “

The students laughed, “This rune is too simple. Anyone who can draw magic circles can do it.”

“Yes, we can!”

“Me too!”

“I can do the same.”

“Really? Can everyone?” Number 32 said awkwardly, “If you all can, this class will be over in advance.”

At that moment, Robb slapped the table and roared, “Hey, don’t finish the class ahead of time! I don’t know the trigger rune!”

“Huh? You don’t? Everyone in the first classroom was a little confused, “That’s impossible. Don’t you know how to use wind magic? Can’t you draw the most basic wind magic array?”

Robb had to show his hand and said, “I can only play magic. I don’t know how to draw magic circles.”


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