After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 333

Chapter 333: I won again this time

After Madeleine left angrily, Robb was finally free. He said goodbye to Marian and went back to his dormitory. He washed everything changed things, and then went through the portal to return to Westwind Town.

It was already late, and the queen who liked to talk on the phone might call at any time.

Recently, due to the reason of going back and forth between the two sides, the Queen hasn’t found Robb on the phone several times. And every time it happens, Lillian has to make up an excuse to fool the Queen, for example, Robb went to the prison for inspection, or he went to the cave for inspection, or to the orchard for inspection

Recently, Rob has “inspected” the whole of Westwind Town, which has increasingly aroused the Queen’s suspicion. This is because he was too lazy and never ran around. Every time the Queen called, Robb is either lazy on the stone stool or lazy in the hot spring pool. But recently, she has been unable to find him by phone for many times. It would be strange if she doesn’t suspect him.

Robb is also worried that he will not be able to learn the magic item production technology secretly after the disclosure of the matter, so he really dares not to “go out and say hi” recently.

When he returned to Westwind Town, the sun had already set.

Robb collapsed on his stone chair as fast as he could. As soon as he collapsed, the crystal ball lit up.

The Queen opposite is wearing a snow-white palace dress with a calm expression. However, her words were still aggressive, “Oh, today you are actually on your stool. I thought you were going to visit somewhere again.”

Robb snorted, “I have always been diligent. Is it strange that I inspect all the institutions under my jurisdiction?”

“You are a diligent, my a**!” Miss Queen almost lifted the table.

Robb snorted, “Is there anything serious to say? If not, I will continue to study my fire box.”

“What else do you have to study about the magic item that heats a furnace?” The Queen said angrily, “It’s a waste of a magic item. Can’t you use your intelligence to study something more useful?”

“Look at what you said.” Robb said, “Of course, I’m studying something useful. Come here and let me explain my latest ideas to you…”

He smiled, “I decided to add a new function to the fire box, which is the ‘automatic temperature control system’. When the temperature in the furnace is lower than 1573 degrees, it will try its best to make a big fire and heat the furnace. When the temperature in the furnace is around 1573 degrees, it will slowly keep the fire to maintain the temperature. When the temperature in the furnace is significantly higher than 1573 degrees, it will stop working to save magic power… I have thought out all these supporting runes, and just need to set up ‘multiple conditions’. “

The Queen looked embarrassed and said, “Show me some respect for magic items! They are made of various rare metals, gemstones, magic essence and other super expensive materials. Don’t use them to play such meaningless things, and turn them into weapons for me.”

Before she finished, a palace guard suddenly came and whispered, “Her Majesty, Duke Madeleine asked for an interview. She said that the orphans of the Smith family had developed a very novel magic tool, which is very powerful. She wants to show it you.”

It turned out that after Robb and Madeleine separated, they returned to Westwind Town as fast as possible. On the other side, after Madeleine took the magic item given to her by Robb, she was slower than Robb at leaving the school, walking to the imperial palace, and reporting.

When the Queen heard that there was a new magic item, her face brightened. She turned to Robb and said, “I suddenly have a government affair to deal with. Hang up and call you back later.”

Robb smiled, “I’m going to take a bath. Don’t call again.”

They hung up!

Robb stood up lazily, warmed the “hot spring pool” with fire magic, took off his clothes and jumped in with a crash.

By this time, Xuelu had gone out for adventure, and the other girls at home could never go to the hot spring with him, so they could only go to the pool alone. Lillian smiled and sent him dinner so that he could have dinner while soaking in the hot spring.

Robb had been enjoying the fried chicken legs fried by Lillian herself when he saw the crystal ball light up again.

Connected, and then, opposite the crystal ball, there is the proud smiling face of Miss Queen.

Robb smiled, “Why are you showing me this expression as soon as you connect the phone, as if you have the upper hand.”

The queen said, “Just now, the new genius of our royal magic item research department has sent a new magic item, which is very powerful.”

Robb smiled, “Oh? How powerful? Tell me.”

The Queen’s expression remained unchanged, “Do you think I would be foolish enough to tell you its specific functions? I can only tell you what. That ‘multiple conditions’ thing you just used on the firebox, my students also thought of it, and made something more powerful than your firebox.”

Robb said, “Wow!”

The queen said, “You don’t have to be weird. I can tell you for sure that my talented students have the upper hand this time. Your broken box that only heats a furnace is nothing but a pile of garbage compared to ours.”

Robb said, “Is that the Smith family member you mentioned last time?”

She replied, “Yes! He can always turn the knowledge of magic item he just learned into a very powerful weapon, and yet you will only play with your big fire box all the time.” At this point, the Queen showed a very proud smile, which was hard to see on her face. She said, “I won this time again.”

Robb looked up at the starlight in the sky. After a few seconds, he took a breath and pretended to be an old man, saying, “This is so scary. If I don’t get rid of it as soon as possible, it will be a disaster someday.”

This sentence startled the Queen, “Don’t you dare! I will fight with you if you dare to kill my people.”

Robb said, “Wow, why are you so nervous? He is nice.”

The Queen “hissed” and laughed scornfully, “What a ghost! It’s just a piece of trash with poor character. He made Madeleine cry angrily just now. Damn it. However, no matter how rubbish people are, as long as they are the people of the Kingdom of Gran, no one can kill them at will. Whoever bullies my people is like bullying me, and I will fight them.”


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