After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Let’s make a fortune together

Madeleine walked out of the bar happily, but suddenly, a new question appeared in her mind, [since he doesn’t do that, where does he go?]

All of a sudden, a lot of possibilities popped up in her mind, including going to a tryst, going to a tryst, going to a tryst, and going to a tryst with a little girl!

Beads of sweat trickled down Madeleine’s face. The imagination of humans was so terrible. The more they thought about it, the easier it was to mislead themselves. Maybe he went to the orphanage to take care of his child? It was often written in the poem of a poet. A hero had no one to take care of him when he was a child, and when he grew up, he liked to take care of other orphans.

Right! It was very likely.

No, it must be investigated.

But it seems impolite to investigate this kind of thing. If he knows that I secretly investigate him, he might get angry, right? It was said that men hated the housekeeper the most. If he was followed all day long, he would go crazy.

Madeleine was in a dilemma

At this time, a black earth knight came to her side. When he saw Madeleine, he quickly bowed and said, “My lord, I’m about to patrol the fifth block.”

“Oh, the fifth block? I remember there is an orphanage there.” Madeleine immediately pulled a long face and said, “I’ll go on patrol with you.”

“How responsible.”

Three days later, in the evening, when Robb regained his blonde hair and was sitting on his stone stool in the chapel yard, chatting with the queen on the phone.

The Corton family’s caravan came again and bought all the stockings that had been accumulated in the stockings factory. They not only bought embroidered silk stockings, but also ordinary black and white silk without embroidery.

The women of Bright Road had already begun a fierce fight. Recently, the stockings were sold on the street, and every style for women from the upper class had to be prepared. Now if anyone couldn’t even find a set of stockings, they wouldn’t dare to call themselves a member of the upper class.

However, the huge sales volume corresponded to the current output, which could not keep up with the progress at all. Because there were too few embroidery workers in Westwind Town now, and the number of silk stockings that could be processed was also very small. The workload of the embroidery workers could not catch up with the sales at all. Only a small number of silk stockings could be embroidered, and a large number of silk stockings were still in a white state.

This was not enough, so the Corton family had also arranged a large number of embroidery workers to process ordinary silk stockings. In this way, even Bright Road could begin to form an embroidery production chain.

Desmond Corton was sitting in front of Robb, drinking a cup of cola in his hand. He was discussing this with Robb, “Godfather, with all due respect, your stockings factory, which only has a few hundred spiders, is no longer able to meet the increasing sales.”

“Yes!” Robb admitted straightforwardly, “yes, the output can’t keep up with the sales. There are too many rich people on Bright Road?”

Desmond smiled and said “Recently, the silk stockings have been sold to Lost City as well. Others are also shouting to buy the silk stockings, but I don’t have any other goods for them. Moreover, Lost City is also a port city. Once anything is sold to Lost City, it will immediately spread to the whole world. It will be a very huge business with unlimited potential; but the Godfather is limited to the people in Westwind Town. Isn’t it a pity that it can’t make money all over the world? “

“What on earth do you want to say? Just say it. Don’t hide it from me. I like people who talk happily.”

Desmond said, “haven’t Godfather considered further expanding the output?”

Robb smiled and glanced at the crystal ball beside him. “A few days ago, someone was still betting with me that I was going to go bankrupt. How dare I expand my production?”

Inside the crystal ball, the queen let out an angry snort. It turned out that she had been listening all the time and came out to express her dissatisfaction with losing the bet.

Robb turned around again, She said to Desmond “What you are talking about is a false question! Both you and the queen should have known that the population of Westwind Town is not enough to carry out a large-scale production. Moreover, my company is very big, taking care of all kinds of messy industries. Every industry needs to invest in people, which makes the population here too small. The scale of all kinds of business here has reached the limit, and it is impossible to expand the output or anything else.”

Speaking of this, Robb said lazily, “go straight to the point. What exactly do you want?”

Desmond felt a little embarrassed and said, “I just want to… Can the Godfather provide me with a large number of spider eggs, and then send a few management personnel, technical personnel, skilled workers and other people to guide the spider factory, and build a huge silk stockings factory with me…”

“Isn’t poison breeding forbidden on Bright Road? Once a large number of spiders escape and hurt the citizens in that big city, the queen will cut off your head in minutes.”

“Yes, I will kill you.” The queen said angrily in the crystal ball.

He said in a hurry “No, no, No. I’m not talking about Bright Road. I’m talking about a small town about five miles away from the west of Bright Road, with a population of about three thousand. I’ve found a place there, which is very suitable for building a closed factory to raise spiders. There is almost no pillar industry that can be sold in that small town. I’m going to turn all the three thousand people into the workers of the silk stockings factory, so that it can become a Stockings town! “

The more he said, the happier he became. “In this way, we will definitely make a lot of money.”

After saying that, he seemed to think of something. He turned to the crystal ball and said, “Your Majesty, if I succeed, my factory doesn’t need the tax exemption policy. I will pay the tax on time!”

The Queen’s eyes lit up at his words.

In order to win people’s support, the queen had been applying the tax exemption, but it would do too much harm to her finances. She was already very poor. Now that Desmond said that, the queen was not unhappy at all.

The three thousand residents of the town were all free from tax, but as Desmond said, if all the residents of the town were turned into the workers of the silk stockings factory, and then he would collect tax from the factory by himself, it would be equivalent to that the tax that the three thousand people had been exempted would be collected in another way.


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