After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Return the population to me

Robb answered the phone. Her majesty the queen still acted dignified. Although she had been forced to pull up her dress and show Robb her thighs in silk stockings, she returned to her dignified, sacred and inviolable appearance the second day when she called. Moreover, she always went straight to the point as soon as she spoke. She said impolitely again, “Robb, you’ve been stealing my people recently, haven’t you?”

“I stole your people? Of course not!”

The queen pounded the table and said angrily, “then tell me, why am I losing population?”

Robb, “drifting away, we are drifting to the West, with dreams making our lives become better. Goodbye to the hesitation we had yesterday, and waving goodbye and farewell for our success…”

“You can’t fool me by singing.” The queen said seriously, “the people you stole from me are all strong laborers. All the villages around Westwind Town only leave old people and children to me. You are such a crazy man. Give me back the good people!”

Robb shrugged and said “My lady, you seem to have made a mistake. I didn’t steal these people. They came here spontaneously and voluntarily. Because in Westwind Town, even a man who does manual work has a monthly salary of five silver coins, and a person with a little knowledge can earn ten silver coins. This is the income that drives them to come to Westwind Town. If I give them back to you, can you give them a monthly salary of five silver coins? Can you afford the money? “

The queen was rendered speechless

This question was hard for the queen on the spot. As the ruler of a country, she certainly knew her own average national income. For the residents of those small villages and towns, their monthly income was difficult to earn even a silver coin. Most of them only earn dozens of copper coins. If they bought some necessities like salt and cloth, they wouldn’t have any money left. People’s lives were hard. It was said that there was a place not far away where five silver coins to ten silver coins a month could be earned. It would be strange if they didn’t go there.

Fortunately, the traffic was not that developed yet, and information spread slowly. The queen did not need to worry about people far away from Westwind Town, but the small villages around Westwind town were really sucked up.

The queen wanted to say willfully, “I don’t care. You must return them to me.”.

But she was not a tyrant. On the contrary, she was a queen who was very considerate for her own people. She couldn’t force the people to have a good life with conscience, but had to live a poor life.

Facing the crystal ball, she couldn’t help but fall into deep thought

“If these people really want to go back, you can send someone to Westwind Town to ‘appeal’ for them to go back. I allow your people to ‘appeal’ and shout casually. But pay attention to your words. You can’t send an army to forcibly take them back, or I will drive your army away.” Robb smiled and said, “in addition, I have to remind you that there are many people in Westwind town who will make money in the town and take them to their hometown to spend. That is to say… These money will flow back to the villages under your control and eventually become your money. If you don’t let them make money in Westwind Town, it means that you don’t want them to make money by themselves.”

The queen was rendered speechless

This was very tricky. The queen was in a dilemma. She once again sadly found that she was at a disadvantage in internal affairs against Robb, as if she would never have the upper hand.

Forget it.How could she relieve her worries? Only desserts.

The queen took out a milky white candy from a delicate box beside and put it into her mouth. It was a new product presented to her by a noble. It was said that it was a new product developed by him. It was called milk candy. It was very delicious. She was completely conquered by this candy after eating it. It was not bad to use this delicious food to relieve her anger.

There was a candy wrapped in her cheek, but it didn’t make her face deformed. She still looked dignified and said to Robb complacently, “have you seen the candy I ate just now? Hmph! Its name is big white rabbit candy. You don’t have it, do you? Ha! I have gained the upper hand in the research of sweet food on Bright Road.”

Robb said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, “you were cheated by the nobility who wanted to get credit. This candy was not made by him. It was made by Nuolun, a man from Westwind town. Thank you. This candy just earned a few more silver coins for my Westwind town. By the way, I have some fruit candy here. Would you like to buy some?”

The queen was rendered speechless

Fuck! Why?

The queen hung up the phone immediately.

Robb had no choice but to shrug. “Poor queen, you always want to step on me, but unfortunately you are always trampled in the opposite direction.”

At this moment, a dark skinned man reached the door of the chapel. It was dark now. That man’s black skin was so dark that it almost blended with the night. However, he wore a white dress, which made him look like he was floating in the air.

Lilian, who came out with a cup of Coca-Cola, saw the dress floating in the air. She screamed in horror, “ah, ah, ah, there’s a ghost!”

She decisively threw the cup at the clothes floating in the air


The dark skinned man’s face was covered with the cola. He hurriedly shouted, “miss Lilian, it’s not a ghost. It’s me, Motra.”

“Oh, it’s Mr. Motra.” Lilian was shocked. “Why are you pretending to be a ghost outside my house?”

“I’m not pretending to be a ghost. It’s just that my skin is black.”

Lilian pouted and said, “don’t come out at night with you dark skin.”

If a servant of another family talked to him like this, he would have already fought back and might even kill him. However, Lilian was an extraordinary servant and no one dared to provoke her. He had to smile and said, “miss Lilian is right. When I go out tonight, I will apply some white paint on my face.”

Lilian finally let him go and went back to the house to give Robb the Cola.

He walked up to Robb and took out a large bag. He smiled and said, “Godfather, I’ve really found what you want me to find for you.”

“Oh?” Robb was overjoyed and said, “come here and have a look.”

Robb opened the bag, took out a big stone and placed it in front of him. This stone was very interesting. It was very thin and looked like it was made of sand.

“This is what you want — dense sand and stone.” Motra smiled and said, “my family has searched all over the desert. Finally, they found this kind of stone beside the desert. Then they knocked down a large stone and sent it to you from a thousand miles away.”

Robb laughed and said, “well done! I owe your family a big favor. In the future, I will find a business that can make a lot of money for your family.”


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