After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Why is he coming back?

“Hey! Your waist will really break.”

“Drinking will cripple your liver.” Robb said, “if I have to choose between my liver or my waist, I’ll choose my waist.”

Kante was speechless

There was no reason to argue with such a crazy brother, so Kante had to pull a long face and said, “well, I won’t take you to drink, but you have to take me to have fun today. We agreed last time.”

Robb had been mentally prepared for this, so he didn’t panic at all. He smiled and said, “Okay, okay. I’ll take you to have fun today, okay? Let’s get up!”

He pulled Kante and was about to leave, but the group of other young nobles jumped out. They were all from Westwind Town, and George was also there. He laughed and said, “how can you go out to have fun without me?”

Robb smiled and said, “all of you come with us! As brothers, we need to share something. Let’s have a good time today.”

“Oh, yeah!” The group of rich second generations nobles cheered.

The girls next to them all shook their heads. “Oh, man!”

However, Madeleine, hiding behind the flower bed not far away, felt excited.

Today, as usual, she came to wait for Robb to finish school. Besides, she came in a “stalking” shape. She was wearing a casual black leather armor, a big cloak, and her head and face were well hidden. Because she failed to track him yesterday, she had planned to go to the back of Robb’s house today and wait for Robb to go out through the window.

However, Robb was going to take these bad guys out to have fun today. Madeleine happened to see what he was going to do with her own eyes.

She saw the group of crazy men walking out of the school happily, putting their hands on their shoulders, and talking some strange words while walking.

Among the servants, Madeleine walked with her head down. Although she looked strange, the servants brought by the noble young masters were all in different shapes. There were a lot of servants, Anyway, those who could enter the school must have been strictly examined. There were a large number of Black Earth Knights standing by the school gate, and no one suspected that there would be a bad guy sneaking into the school. Her appearance was regarded as a strange servant of some noble family, and no one paid attention to her.

She followed Robb and his companions not far away from the crowd, and no one noticed her.

If Suofa was following Robb, her Assassin’s keen sense would most likely find that someone was following her. But Suofa never ran around with him. Instead, as soon as school ends, she would go back to guard the dormitory.

Robb led Kante’s group to the bustling street. They walked around and soon arrived at the street where prostitutes gathered. It was still afternoon. The school had just been over and it was still early. The prostitutes hadn’t gone out to stand on the street and were still squatting at their own home.

When the group of people entered the alley, it was inconvenient for Madeleine to go in. She sat down against the wall at the entrance and squinted at Robb and the others.

Robb seemed to be an experienced man, leading the way and swaggering. On the contrary, Kante, George, and the others looked timid and stupid, as if they had never seen the world.

Madeleine couldn’t help but want to laugh. She had already monitored this street recently and found that Robb had never been here. She didn’t expect that he would pretend to be familiar with it now. What a fake! Sure enough, men liked to brag about their strength?

Should she say that men are childish, or should she say that men are all two timers?

Robb still remembered which room the prostitute lived in last time. He walked over and knocked on the door. Soon, the door opened. When the woman walked out and saw Robb standing at the door, an embarrassed expression flashed through her eyes quickly. Then she looked at Kante and the others standing next to him. She immediately understood what had happened. She screamed and smiled, “Hello, Mr. Robb Smith. Are you here to come to see me today?”

Robb smiled and said, “yes, I have come to see you again. I come to see you every day. Are you happy?”

The woman glanced at Kante’s group and deliberately raised her voice, “of course I’m happy. Mr. Robb, you are big, thick and hard. Every time you come, I feel great. I love you so much. Now I can’t live without you. I’m wet as soon as I see you.”

Hearing this, Kante , George and the others showed an inexplicable admiration on the spot. They almost called Robb brother.

Robb smiled and said, “my friends are also coming to have fun today. You go and find some sisters to entertain them.”

The woman understood and quickly knocked on the door of the other two rooms. Not long after, a large group of women came out of each room, each holding a hand of a rich second generation noble, dragged them into the room and closed the door. Only a fool won’t understand would happen next.

Seeing this scene, Madeleine was a little worried. She was afraid that Robb would also go in.

However, after waiting for all the rich second generation nobles to be dragged into the rooms, Robb did not follow the woman in. Instead, he took out a gold coin and put it in the woman’s hand. He smiled and said, “well, this is my money for the prostitution today. I’m leaving now. After a while, when my brothers come out, you tell him that I’m done and that I left first. As for you, of course, you’re dying again. Do you understand?”

The woman nodded and smiled, “Mr. Robb, your money is really easy to earn.”

Robb smiled and said, “I know all of you are poor girls who are forced by life. It’s okay for me to help you. Haha, I’m leaving now!”

The woman opened her mouth and wanted to tell him what Duke Madeleine had forced her to do in the bar last time, but she didn’t dare to betray her. She had to bear it and said, “goodbye, sir.”

Robb turned around and walked out of the alley!

Madeleine was so happy that she wanted to dance, but she couldn’t. Now it was the real point. Where on earth would he go? She really wanted to know! Don’t date with any noble lady.

She followed Robb uneasily.

Robb didn’t have any experience of anti-tracking, and he didn’t even have any vigilance of anti-tracking, because there was no need for him to be vigilant. Anyone who stabbed him from behind would end up with Miss, or HP -1. Was it necessary to be vigilant all day long?

So he really didn’t know that there was a person behind him. He whistled and walked through the busy streets again, heading back to the magic school.

Madeleine followed him and wondered, [eh? Why is Robb walking towards the school? Something is wrong. He must be wandering outside.]


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