After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 357

Chapter 357: It seems like the silence barrier doesn’t even exist

For a kitten, nothing was more precious than a pond of big and fat fish. Huahua was so happy she rolled over a few times, but the queen on the opposite side of the crystal ball didn’t say anything. She just turned around and whispered something to the secretary next to her.

Robb smiled and said, “you stole something from me again.”

The Queen’s face remained unchanged. “No, I didn’t.”

Robb said, “you just turned around and asked your secretary to remember the method of feeding fish.”

“No.” The queen was a cheeky and thick skinned guy, and her expression did not change at all. “I just told my him to drink some water.”

Robb, “what the hell woman?”

The queen didn’t blush at all. Instead, she asked, “since you have food that can make fish fat, is there any food that can make people thinner?”

“Oh?” Robb came to his senses at once. “Miss queen, you have eaten too much sweet food recently. Are you getting fat?”

The female queen said, “that’s impossible. My mother is the most beautiful woman in the whole kingdom. I inherited her excellent bloodline and have the best figure of course. How can a person like me gain weight? No matter how much I eat, I have a golden ratio.”

Robb squinted, “do you dare to take off your clothes and show me your waist?”

“You bastard!” The queen said, “how can you make such a shameless request to a lady?”

“Humph!” Robb said, “anyway, I have seen your thighs.”

The queen didn’t answer this question at all, She looked around and said “The reason why I asked you the food that makes people thinner is that one of my best friends has gained weight. Her name is Madeleine. Right, it’s Madeleine. Recently, she has been very idle, sitting in the palace every day. Ahem… She eats sweet food at home every day, so she seems to have gained four or five pounds of meat. Of course, this little meat does not damage her body, but if it goes on like this, the situation is not good. Out of having a responsible attitude to my best friend, I want to help control her body. Is there any problem? “

“No problem, no problem at all.” Robb answered, but in his heart, he thought, [Madeleine wears heavy iron armor all day long and takes the group of Black Earth Knights to run around the city to catch assassins. Why did she say it like she is eating sweet food every day in the palace? Madeleine works so hard that she can’t get fat at all. You are the one who you were talking about just now!]

Robb said earnestly, “if you want to be slim, you just need to eat less dessert.”

“No way.” The queen interrupted Robb without hesitation, “my best friend called Madeleine likes desserts very much. If she doesn’t eat desserts, she will die, so the plan of not eating desserts can’t be carried out. What else can you think of? Otherwise, after she gains weight, she can’t keep the title of the first… Ahem, the second beauty of the Kingdom of Gran.”

The queen sighed, “Alas, Madeleine is too willful.”

Robb almost overturned the table and apologized to Madeleine.

“Forget it.” Robb said, “since desserts can’t be avoided, then try to exercise more. Exercise can burn some fat. I guess your best friend is very busy, and she doesn’t have much time to exercise in the daytime, so the exercise time is arranged at the time when she gets up every morning and before she goes to bed. Run more, pushups, sit ups… If you work hard, you will lose weight.”

“Oh, I see.” The queen smiled and said, “I will tell Madeleine.”

When she was about to hang up the phone, Robb suddenly said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, “you just said that your best friend was very idle and ate desserts at home every day. But when I said ‘I guess your best friend is very busy’ just now, you didn’t say anything against it. Tut, Tut, tut… You are contradictory.”

“Clap!” The queen hung up the phone quickly.

Robb laughed three times and slowly stood up from the stone stool. “Let’s go. It’s time to go to Bright Road.”

Lilian ran to him from the side and walked up the hill with him.

Recently, Robb had been running from place to place. During the daytime, he learns how to use magic tools in class at Bright Road, and at night, he had to sleep in the dormitory there to prevent the teachers from finding him while patrolling. Therefore, he hadn’t been able to stay in Westwind Town for a long time. Lilian had been getting less time to be with her master for a while now, which made her a little unhappy.

Therefore, even if she just walked from the chapel yard to the transmission portal with Robb on the hillside, she still wanted to follow.

Seeing that she was cute, Robb couldn’t help laughing and said, “why don’t you go to Bright Road with me? You can stay there for a day before coming back. Tonight, you can stay with Suofa. Tomorrow I will take you to go shopping on the busy street of Bright Road.”

“Really?” Lilian was overjoyed, “will it cause trouble for master?”

“Of course not!” Robb smiled and said, “there is no trouble in the world that can stop me.”

Lilian worshiped Robb blindly and had no objection to his words. Since her master said so, she had to follow him happily. She smiled and said, “well, I’ve heard from my parents that Bright Road is the largest city in the West and it’s very prosperous. There are many rich people. I’ve long wanted to see them.”

“All right. The two of us shrink and go through it together.” Robb smiled and gave Lilian and himself a shrink.

It was the first time that Lilian had been shrank. The stone, which was only as high as her knees, became two or three times as tall as her in an instant. The grass and flowers beside her became big in an instant, and there was also a little ant, which now looked as ferocious as a tibetan mastiff.

Lilian couldn’t help shouting, “Wow! Ants are so scary.”

“Haha, don’t be afraid.” Robb laughed and pushed the ant lightly. No one knew where it had flown.

He lifted the big stone covering the transmission portal and held Lilian’s hand to get in

In the dormitory.

The big loli was still sitting on the stool, patiently waiting quietly for the ‘Robb Smith’ to return to the dormitory and give him a holy light trial. In the cabinet, Madeleine was holding the holy sword nervously, waiting for the big loli to show her weakness.

Time seemed to be stagnant!

No one spoke, no one could speak. Within the silence barrier, no one could speak.

In this tense atmosphere, the drawer of the desk suddenly opened.

The sound of opening the drawer was so abrupt that both the big loli and Madeleine were startled. The two of them locked their eyes on the drawer at the same time and saw two small people with only the size of a cup crawling out of it. A man and a woman, both with golden hair, were handsome and wore nobles clothes. The woman was beautiful, wearing a maid’s dress.

The man asked, “why is there a big girl in the room?”

He actually spoke in this way, as if the silence barrier did not exist.


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