After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Deal!

The queen was stunned and didn’t know what to say. Even if you are the pope, you have to prepare many items to resurrect a person. After resurrection, you have to recuperate for a long time to recover your magic power. Now you say you want to resurrect two hundred people? Isn’t that too much?

Are you still a human being? That’s unreasonable!

Of course, after the queen was stunned for a while, the next step was to weigh the pros and cons.

Her brain was working fast.

If she agreed to Robb’s condition now, she would lose the princess of East Gran, but she would be able to get back her dead ministers. These ministers could become her power and continue to work for her in the future.

If she forced Robb to give Russ to her, she would lose those ministers. Moreover, she might not be able to get Russ, or even become enemies with Robb.

The queen said decisively, “deal!”

Robb praised her for her decisiveness.

It was said that this damned woman had been forced to deal with all kinds of forces since she was a child in order to regain her kingdom. She had dealt with the church of darkness, the people from various races, exiled nobles… The judgment she had talked about in her life was probably comparable to the meals that her peers had.

Her determination to give up a princess so decisively was admirable.

In this way, even if the princess’s business was finished, Madeleine, who was standing behind the queen, could not stand it any more. She patiently listened to the queen and Robb talking for a long time, but did not bring the topic to Robb Smith. She couldn’t bear it any more. She jumped out and said, “Your Highness, don’t mention it anymore. Tell me about Robb Smith.”

Instead of looking at Robb, she kept looking at the disguised avatar behind Robb and shouted, “Robb Smith, what’s wrong with you? What’s with the transmission portal?”

The avatar didn’t move, because Robb hadn’t turned his perspective to the avatar yet. He complained to the crystal ball, “Miss queen, isn’t your subordinate so unruly? She actually jumped out to snatch the mirror when we two were talking.”

The queen was not provoked at all. Instead, she smiled and said, “she is not my subordinate, but my best friend. Do you mind if your best friend interjects in the chat? If you do, you will have no friend.”

He was amused by her reaction! If you want to play like this, I’ll switch.

With a thought, his consciousness drilled into his avatar.

The avatar stood in front of the crystal ball. In order to avoid any flaws, he deliberately used his avatar to block the body on the stone stool so that the queen and Madeleine could only see the avatar.

Once it was cut on this body, some common movements, such shrugging, and other small movements of a real body, all of which had to be prohibited. He had to disguise back to that simple fallen noble. He tried his best to keep a calm and honest attitude and said to the crystal ball, “miss Madeleine, nice to meet you. I’m sorry to make you worried.”

Madeleine shouted anxiously, “what’s wrong with that transmission portal? The whole city of Bright Road is covered by anti-space magic, and any transmission magic won’t work. Why can you hold a mini transmission portal in the drawer of the dormitory to Westwind Town?”

Robb said, “I don’t know. It was Godfather who made it up.”

This was the most crazy explanation. Anyway, no matter what ridiculous thing happened, it would make sense for it to fall on Godfather.

Madeleine turned to Robb and looked at him with fear. “Why can your transmission portal work despite the barrier?”

Robb’s consciousness returned to his original body and he shrugged. “Only God knows!”

Madeleine said vigilantly, “so can I understand that you can go to Bright Road at any time to make trouble?”

Robb continued to shrug and say. “Have I made any trouble? If I really want to make trouble, Bright Road will really be a mess.”

Madeleine was speechless

The queen interrupted “I don’t doubt that you have the ability to stir up trouble on Bright Road, but you didn’t. Recently, I called you several times, but you didn’t stay on the stone stool. You just huddled yourself up and teleported yourself to Bright Road. What are you doing secretly? With your ability, you didn’t kill anyone when you came to Bright Road, you didn’t set a fire, and no one even knew you had come. I really want to know what you are thinking about here.”

Robb turned his head two times and said, “well, to be honest, I’m looking for silver. As you know, the business of Westwind Town is not developed. Especially for all kinds of rare items, there is no such thing here. That’s why I went to Bright Road to look for it and see if I can find any.”

“Silver?” The queen and Madeleine were stunned at the same time. Well, silver is indeed very rare. It is very difficult to find. If Robb is looking for it, he may go to Bright Road to look for it. After all, this place is much more prosperous and commercial.

“Why are you looking for silver?” The queen asked.

“I won’t tell you!” Robb put on a sullen face and said, “you are not my wife. Don’t expect me to make everything clear to you.”

The queen couldn’t continue the conversation, so she snorted and stepped back, giving Madeleine the right to speak again.

Madeleine continued to ask Robb’s Avatar, “did you set up the transmission portal just for silver?”

Robb’s consciousness also shifted to the avatar. He smiled and said, “Godfather has two purposes for making the portal. One is to look for silver, and the other is to help me study at the school of magic items in the daytime and learn the technology of making magic item. After school, I can go through the transmission portal to go back to Westwind Town, and then learn wind magic from him.”

“In other words, you used to say that you had fun after school every afternoon, but you were lying, weren’t you?” Madeleine said, “It is just for returning to Westwind Town.”

“Yes!” Robb admitted frankly, but he couldn’t deny it at this time, because he had already exposed it. The key to lying was to frankly admit what others had already known, create a “I’m sincere” posture for others, and then continue to talk nonsense on other things. It’s easy for others to be deceived by his sincere apology and take his nonsense seriously.

Robb said seriously “I want to revive the Smith family, but it’s not enough just to make magic items. I still need strong power. If I don’t become the strongest wind magician on the continent, I won’t be able to revive the reputation of the Smith family. And the most powerful person I know is Godfather. He can defeat the army of the desert kingdom by himself, so I’ve already taken him as my teacher and learned the essence of wind magic from him.”


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