After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Fooling around with this thing

Xuelu listened silently, “How can this even be faked? Your battle just now brought your berserker skills into full play. With so many people present, not one being blind, is it even possible to bluff out of this?”

Robb said, “I didn’t want to do it either. But when I just saw my house broken… all of a sudden.. Well, alas, I need to fix my house now.”

Xuelu shook her head, “I can’t solve this problem for you. No matter what you say, no one will believe that you are weak.”

“There’s still a way.” Robb said, “I would like to ask you, in the system of Fengmo Continent, is there any magic that can instantly take a soul out of its original body, and possess the body? This of which suddenly makes the body powerful by borrowing the power of a hero?”

Xuelu nodded, “There are, in the ancient magic system, there have been similar records. For example, so-and-so got a cursed secret treasure and so-and-so hosted the soul of a hero because he used the treasure. The treasure can cause the hero to temporarily possess the body of the man and become very powerful, but he will be tired like a pile of mud afterwards, taking a long time to recover.”

“Well, this is good, then this is it.” Robb said with a smile, “If you have any worthless gems or strange magic tools on you, give it to me and tell others later that it is an ancient secret treasure with a Berserker hero in it. Um… Here we have to make up a very strong name for the Berserker hero. Let’s just call him “Dora Dream”. In dwarf, there is a powerful soul housed in the gem. I just used the secret treasure, and then the soul possessed my body, and I became stronger. Now that the secret treasure has been used up, I will soon be tired and look like mud. It will take at least ten days, no, seven, seven weeks and forty-nine days to recover.”

Xuelu was suddenly covered in sweat, “Hey, this is crazy. How would anyone believe it?”

“I know it’s hard to believe, “ Robb said, “but it’s even more unbelievable than my red eyes and infinite murdering capabilities.”

When Xuelu thought about it carefully, it seemed that this was really the case. Just now, Robb’s eyes looked red, and he looked terrible. He stood still and let the magician hit him several times. Then, there was that set of deranged attacks. Even if she, a person who already knew he was strong, found it unimaginable, then it would be more difficult for other to believe it. You might as well believe that the secret treasure came out of nowhere.

She touched around her pocket and found a small red gem, a ruby with a poor appearance looking like it wasn’t valuable. “We, adventurers, are very poor,” she said awkwardly, “I have only one ugly stone on me. I don’t know if it can be used to deceive people.”

Robb looked at it twice and said with a smile, “The stone is a little bad, but with a little magic, it can be used to deceive people.”

“Hmm?” Xuelu was about to ask how he’ll add magic to it when she suddenly saw a strange red light emitted by Robb. Then, the magic spread from Robb and drilled into the worthless ruby. The ruby, which looked like a broken stone by the side of the road, emitted a brilliant red light in an instant. It became dazzling red.

Xuelu’s beautiful eyes opened wide, “Hey, hey.. This… this stone, wow! I feel that it has become great in an instant.”

“Feel its magic,” Robb said.

Xuelu felt it carefully and was startled, “This.. what terrifying magic this is.”

Robb smiled and said, “Now it can be used to deceive people, right?”

Xuelu nodded fiercely, “Absolutely!”

Robb smiled and said, “That’s great, just say this…” Robb arranged a play which was clear and vivid.

It was dark at night and most people of Westwind town had already gone to sleep, but Robb was bathing.

The berserker occupation is inelegant. Robb was inevitable covered in blood and flesh, and now, Lillian has heated a big tub of water. Soaking calmy in the tub, and looking at the stars while whistling and humming cold melodies.

The sound of footsteps sounded. It sounded like two people. Robb didn’t even have to look behind him to know that it must be Little Yi and the Baron coming, especially the heavy footsteps of the Baron, which sounded clearly in the silent night.

“Mr. Robb, may I interrupt your bath?” The Baron’s footsteps stopped beside him, and Robb turned to look at the Baron, while Little Yi stood a few steps behind the Baron. Her eyes weren’t fixed on Robb, but deliberately deviated from her first target, looking at the Black Pine Mountain Range at night. It was obvious that the cold nun didn’t want to look, or was too embarrassed to look at a man taking a bath, even if only the head’s exposed.

Robb waved to the baron, “Don’t bother. I’m thick-skinned and I’m not afraid of being looked at while bathing.”

With admiration and respect on his face, the Baron said, “My father, I’m sorry to bother you so late… but *cough* That is, the series of movies you used when you cut down the double-headed magician… Although I’m just a useless berserker, I can see that your series of attacks have reached the highest level of the occupation. I wonder where you learned such good fighting skills.”

The baron spoke in a humble tone. He was startled because he himself is a berserker. He knows full well just how powerful Robb’s attack earlier were. He isn’t sure that he’ll be capable of doing such a thing even if he practiced for another 20 years.

Of course, it’s not his fault. In the real world, training is slower. It’s not that he doesn’t work hard enough, it’s just that Robb only need to turn the plug on before.

As soon as he finished asking, Little Yi also said, “Father, I would also like to know how you can use that despite being a priest and clergyman of the Church of Light.” That kind of… Cough… doesn’t look like a priest’s way of fighting.

She intended to say “inelegant, bloody, and cruel”, but she felt that it wasn’t a good idea to say, so she said it in a politer way.

There are some unwritten rules that western clergy must follow. Western clergymen usually don’t use weapons such as swords and spears that can pierce holes in enemies, or make the limb of an enemy fly bleeding. They usually use things such as a staff, hammer, scepter, and so on, hitting people through internal injuries. This is called being secretly evil. Otherwise, how can we embody the loving spirit of the God of Light?

It is not priestly to chop a monster to pieces with a two-handed sword, as Robb did just now.


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