After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Come and sing a song for me

Human beings were very complicated!

But people’s thoughts were more complicated!

The queen was a typical complicated woman. This woman would always change Robb’s opinion of her at critical moments, as if telling you with her own behavior, “women are fickle.”

Robb had just praised her for taking care of the people, but he was immediately slapped hard in the face. For a long time, this woman did not care about the people, but just to embarrass him.

After all, the princess of East Gran would become an important strategic weapon once she got her, which would be a great headache for Mondra in foreign affairs.

The queen wouldn’t give up so easily.

Robb smiled at the crystal ball and said, “you want to give me a hard time, don’t you?”

The queen didn’t budge at all. “Yes!”

“Don’t you believe that I can’t easily resurrect two hundred people?”

“No, I believe you are capable enough!” The Queen’s face remained unchanged. “But it won’t hinder me from making more trouble for you. I’m also interested in your maximum strength. I really want to know under what circumstances you can be forced to look up at the sky and say, ‘I can’t do it.’ “

Robb, “what the hell woman?”

The Queen, “humph! What?”

Robb said, “forget it. I have to do what I have promised you. Whether you make trouble or not, I will revive these people. So there is no problem with what you do.”

The queen smiled.

The big loli next to him jumped over and said in surprise, “are you really going to bring these people back to life?”

“Yes!” Robb said, “well, don’t you believe that I can do it?”

The little girl said, “I just want to protest. I’ve been lurking on Bright Road for nearly two months, and I’ve tried my best to gather information. It took me nine cattle and two tigers to kill these people. I’ve cut off their evil wings, and opened up a road for the light. Now you actually say that you want to revive them. How crazy are you? I advise you not to go further and further on the dark road. Go back to the shore.”

Robb was speechless

[forget it. I’d better ignore this big loli. She can’t catch the point at all.]

He turned his head to look at the large pile of ice blocks in front of him. These ice blocks were all made of magic. There was no need to wait for them to melt naturally or roast them with fire. All he needed to do was to do them in a group. And with a splash, all the ice blocks disappeared without a trace and turned into a large pile of corpses.

Then he was about to come back to life.

The queen was sitting upright in the crystal ball, waiting to watch a good show.

In fact, the big loli and Suofa beside him were all wide open, waiting to see the fun.

In their opinion, no one could easily resurrect so many corpses, even holy beings couldn’t. Should they just wait and see how he revives them one by one? How much magic would it take? No one in the world could do it.

While Robb was thinking about which magic to use, he suddenly saw that Little Yi came back with the two light nuns, followed by a large number of people, chief Elsie, the prison guards, and even the nobles.

It turned out that the carriages that had just arrived at Westwind Town and passed through the street were all carrying coffins. It was impossible not to be eye-catching. The townsmen immediately knew that something big was going to happen here, so a large group of people who liked to watch the fun instantly came.

Hearing the news, Little Yi and the two nuns came back in a hurry.

When the crowd saw Robb standing in front of a pile of corpses, they could roughly guess what he was going to do. They were surprised. Although they knew that Godfather was very powerful, it was still too difficult to revive so many corpses at a time. It was completely against the heavens.

It was impossible!

On the hillside, on the trees, and on the periphery of the chapel yard, there were a lot of people, and their heads were stretched out for a long time

However, Little Yi walked up to Robb and asked worriedly, “can you really do that? Too much? Will you run out of your great strength?”

At that time, it was Little Yi who said that she wanted to keep Russ. She knew that Robb wanted to save the princess of East Gran. Otherwise, the princess had nothing to do with Robb. Now that she had seen so many corpses in front of her, she realized how difficult it would be for Robb to do the next part.

At the sight of Little Yi, a bold plan suddenly flashed through Robb’s mind. He chuckled and said, “Little Yi, I originally felt that it would be difficult, but since you’re back, I think it’s very simple.”

“What? Your resurrection technique is too advanced. I can’t help you at all,” said Little Yi.

“You can.” Robb talked nonsense seriously, “can you sing a holy song?”

“A holy song? I know a lot of songs. They are all holy songs,” said Little Yi.

Robb said, “it’s that song. Let me sing a song for you. Listen to it, Hallelujah, Hallelujah…”

As soon as the song started, Little Yi understood immediately. “Oh, I can sing this song. This is a classic song in the scripture, called ‘Praise the Lord.’”

Robb smiled and said, “okay. You can sing this song later.”

“What’s the point of singing this song?”

Robb pretended to be mysterious and said in a low voice, “it’s none of your business. All you need to do is to stand in front of the pile of corpses and sing this song. By the way, when you sing, open your arms and look up at the sky, as if you are praying devoutly to the sky.”

Little Yi’s cold face was filled with confusion, but she had to agree to Robb’s request. After all, it was not difficult to sing, especially the song. She was not shy, and no matter how many people there were watching, she could sing it calmly.

Robb said to the two girls next to him, “go play the organ and for Little Yi!”

The two girls immediately received the blessing of a king and ran into the chapel and carry out the huge pipe organ. Then the two girls sat side by side in front of the pipe organ.

“Get ready to see them come back to life.” Robb said to all the people who were watching the fun, “everyone knows that the Church of Light and Darkness can only resurrect the dead one by one, and it takes a lot of magic to resurrect once, so they can’t use the second time in a short time. Therefore, whether it is the Church of Light or Darkness, they don’t have the ability to resurrect so many people at once.”

Of course everyone knew!

Robb changed the topic and said, “but Little Yi’s new Church of Light can do it. Because the new Church of Light is truly recognized by the God of light. Now is the time to witness a miracle.”

“Nonsense, crazy man!” The little girl protested, “the Church of Light is the one that has been recognized by the God of light. You are a crazy church.”

However, no one answered her.


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