After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 374

Chapter 374: I am useless now

The noble was completely touched by the smell of the chicken. He smiled at the middle-aged woman and said, “what did you do? Can you sell it to me? I will give you a large sum of money.”

“No way!” The middle-aged woman shook her head decisively and said, “this is the explosive chicken invented by Godfather. Except for his maid, I haven’t taught anyone else. Because I am the aunt of that maid, I got this method from her.”

“You can sell it to me secretly, Godfather doesn’t have to know.”

“No way!” The middle-aged woman shook her head firmly. “I’m already the one Godfather hates most in Westwind Town. I can’t do something more annoying to him.”

The noble thought for two times and said, “well… How about this? We both earn money. We’ll build a high-end explosive chicken shop on Bright Road. The price will be ten times higher. After making money, I’ll get 70%, and you’ll get 30%.”

The middle-aged woman shook her head and said, “it’s useless for me to get so much money. My life is very stable now.”

The noble man chuckled and said, “you can’t say that. Money is a good thing, and it can be used to do many things that you can’t do. I heard from you just now that you have a niece who is a maid in Godfather’s family, right? Think about it carefully. If you have money, you can buy your niece back and let her stop being a servant and regain her freedom. Isn’t that good?”

“Eh?” The middle-aged woman was stunned

Why did she sell Lilian? Because her husband died and she was a widow, it was difficult for her to live on. She didn’t expect that things would go on like this. Her brother and his wife had died, and only Lilian was left alone. Two days had passed.

She couldn’t even support herself. How could she support a niece? In desperation, she had no choice but to sell Lilian to Pobo. After doing this, there was more or less a touch of uneasiness and pain in her heart. When she dreamed at night, her conscience would inevitably be questioned.

However, she didn’t know how to make up for it. Now after hearing what the noble said, she seemed to have suddenly found a way to redeem herself.

She jumped up and said, “can I really make a lot of money? Hundreds of gold coins? No, thousands of gold coins! My niece is Godfather’s favorite maid. I don’t know how much money he needs to sell her to me. If we don’t make enough money, she won’t be able to be bought back.”

The nobleman smiled and said, “thousands of gold coins are not a big deal. Bright Road is very big, and there are many people. You can’t imagine that if you give each of them a chicken drumstick, one hundred gold coins will be easily obtained. If you sell them more, your niece can be bought back.”

The middle-aged woman pulled a long face and said, “Me four, you six!”


The next morning, as soon as Robb got up, the nobles came to say goodbye to him.

Yesterday evening, they went around Westwind Town and found a lot of business worth doing. It had to be said that Westwind Town was a magical town. Although the queen had been trying her best to steal things here, there were still many strange things that hadn’t been completely stolen, which were usually some little things that Robb wanted to do on a whim.

After he finished, he threw it away casually. Just like Lilian’s aunt, he had already forgotten about it. But in the eyes of the nobility, this skill was very amazing. He picked up Lilian’s aunt like a treasure.

It was easy to find a lot of similar things in Westwind Town. Even Robb himself had forgotten what he had invented.

The nobles found some gifts and went back.

Robb waved his hand to send the nobles away. When he turned around, he saw Lilian sitting next to him with a pout, looking a little depressed.

“What’s wrong, Lilian? Is there anything bothering you?”

“No… no…” Lilian didn’t dare to tell Robb that her aunt was going to Bright Road with the nobility, because she knew that Robb hated his aunt the most. Robb didn’t like to hear a word about that woman.

Her aunt came to the church kitchen early this morning and secretly told her that she was going to open a shop on Bright Road would come back after a long time. Lilian persuaded her not to go, but her aunt had made up her mind. She just asked her to take good care of herself and left resolutely.

Although that woman didn’t treat her well, she was Lilian’s only family in the world. Her leaving made Lilian feel melancholy.

Robb gently touched her head and said, “if you are unhappy, just tell me. I can help you solve it.”

“No… really!” Lilian shook her head and said, “master, go to school now. I’m really fine.”

“Okay!” Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Robb didn’t know how to ask. This girl was always obedient to him and never hid anything from him. Now that she was unwilling to tell him something, it must be impossible for her to say it. There were always one or two things that people didn’t want to tell others, so he decided to respect her.

As soon as Robb turned his head, he saw the little girl rushing out of the chapel. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she was holding the huge new Bible of Light in her hand. While walking, she muttered, “you have the freedom to believe or not, and you have the freedom to join and withdraw at any time…”

Robb waved at her and said, “Hey, Russ, are you reciting the new Bible of Light?”

“Yes!” The little girl was actually very serious. She said seriously, “I have found a church blessed by the true God of light. Of course I have to study hard.”

Robb smiled and said, “so you are still a good child who studies very hard?”

“What makes you think that I don’t study hard?” The girl said proudly, “I’ve worked very hard since I was only ten years old. I’ve mastered all kinds of holy skills.”

“Wow, that’s awesome!” Robb said, “I haven’t even registered when I was ten years old.”



The little girl suddenly pouted and said, “but I have one thing that I don’t understand.”

Robb smiled and said, “tell me.”

The little girl said, “according to the new Bible of Light, others have the right to believe us, and also have the right not to believe us. We have to work in peace and justice with the different churches and differing beliefs, seeking the same but creating differences…”

Robb said, “isn’t that good? It’s true that everyone is good. What objection do you have to this?”

“I have no objection. Since it is the teachings of the God of light, of course I will listen to it.” The little girl pouted and said, “I’m just thinking, since there’s no need to kill heretics, what’s the use of me, a heretic judger?”

“You don’t need to beat others, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect it and yourself. Russ, are you interested in becoming a guardian of light?”


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