After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Who on earth is that brainless

The orcs came out of the forest and soon formed a half-circle circle, surrounding all the students.

These orcs all had a vicious aura. They were typical monsters that grew up under the law of the jungle, full of will to fight, and each of them was like a war machine.

But on the other hand, the students’ side was full of flowers in the greenhouse. It was impossible for them to fight in a battle, and they were even lacking of experience in quarreling with others. They were simply a group of weak people.


The students looked back at the bottomless cliff. When they turned around, they saw a large group of fierce looking orcs. The girls were so scared that they almost wet their pants.

Fortunately, these young noble and rich people must have servants when they went out. Although there were many people like Robb who only took one maid, there were also some people with guards who could beat them. This group of guards immediately jumped out and stood in front of the young noble men and ladies. There were not many people, only twenty people.

Compared with the hundreds of troops of the orcs, they were just a weak troop.

The orcs could even see who was stronger and who was weaker with their naked eyes. They couldn’t help laughing.

At this time, Robb was carefully looking at the shape of the orcs, because he knows that normal orcs were very proud of their green skin, which he was familiar with. The orc who shouted “beast men will never be slaves” were different. But the orcs in front of him were all gray black or had gray brown skin, looking like monsters crawling out of the ground, ferocious.

Their eyes were fierce and obscene, showing no sense of honor.

He couldn’t help but ask Suofa beside him, “what’s wrong with these orcs? They seem to be eating people.”

“What else do they look like? They are born to be ferocious, vicious and evil.”

Robb whispered, “well, personality doesn’t matter. I just want to ask if the orcs can communicate? Can they be friends? Can they get along with humans like the cats and wolves?”

Shaking his head, he said, “No. It’s said that they were born with hatred for humans and elves. As long as they have a little chance, they will let the elves and humans pay for their pain.”

At this moment, Robb realized that these orcs in front of him were not the green skinned orcs he knows, but the orcs that he couldn’t communicate with. They didn’t have a sense of honor, nor were they able to ally with humans to fight against an army.

They were the incarnations of evil.

Within a few words, the orcs had already completed the encirclement. The nobles were trembling with fear, and the girls were retreating. The boys braced themselves to take two steps forward, but they really only took two steps, unable to distance themselves from the girls.

The twenty guards also felt a lot of pressure. They knew that the orcs were not easy to deal with. The guards did not have the confidence to win, not to mention that there was a huge gap in the number of people now. The other side had about one hundred orcs, but only 20 of them are able to fight in their side. There was no way that they could count on the young nobles.

The guards shouted, “let’s fight with all our might to make a way to cover for the retreat of our young masters.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Another guard shouted, “how can twenty people make a way out through one hundred? Don’t be too arrogant. They can’t just think about escaping by themselves. They have to take out as much strength as they can, or they will all die.”

“Whose guard are you? How dare you talk like that?” A noble roared.

“Mine!” said Kante awkwardly

“Why are your guards still here?” The noble who had spoken earlier roared.

“People from my Westwind Town are bold,” said Kante, shrugging like Godfather

It turned out that the influence of Robb in Westwind Town was not only in the aspect of economy and internal affairs, but also brought some different thoughts. For example, if one became rich through labor, he could become a noble man. Who the hell was born to be a servant?

The poor people in Westwind Town were more confident than the poor people in other places. They could see the direction of their lives, and their reverence for the noble elders was naturally a little lower than that of ordinary servants.

Raising the shield on his left hand, Kante tapped the surface of the shield with the sword on his right hand. “And my guard is right. It’s impossible for us to escape with only twenty guards. Our opponents are not weak. If we are not united, we will die. We all have to work hard.”

Hearing his roar, some sober students immediately understood that if they were not united now, they would only die.

Kante said, “we are all nobles, and we will inherit the family business in the future. We may even lead an army to fight against the enemy. Cowards! We have to learn to take the lead.”

After saying that, he strode forward, separated the thin human wall formed by the guards, stood in the front, raised his shield, and shouted, “I’ll lead. Let’s fight together and kill all these brainless orcs…”

Before he finished his words, an arrow was shot out from the hand of the captain of orcs and hit Kante’s waist. He was so focused on talking that he forgot to use the shield to block the arrow. As expected, he was hit by the arrow. He dropped the shield and covered his waist, falling from the sky with a plop.

Everyone was speechless

The captain of the orcs burst into laughter. “Who on earth is this brainless?”

The bodyguard quickly dragged his young master to the back and let the girls take care of him. Although Kante was very silly just now, his behavior was unexpectedly not despised by the girls, but got the favor of the girls. After all, other boys were as coward as turtles, and only he dared to fight.

Although he looked really embarrassed in the dark, he was handsome when he stood out.

The two girls quickly squatted down to check Jerry’s wound, but after a few glances, they were at a loss what to do. They didn’t know whether to pull out the arrow or not, and they didn’t know how to deal with the wound at all.

On the other hand, the orcs outside were laughing at the weak scumbags as they strode towards the students.

The guards in the front row were extremely nervous, and the students behind were extremely flustered.

At this time, Kante raised a hand and grabbed into the sky. He said with difficulty, “Robb, we two work together. We are invincible in the world… But now that I’m down, I can only rely on you.”


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