After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Hey, grandchildren

The daughter of the lord chamberlain cheered. It was the first time in her life that she had released a useful magic. How could she not be excited.

In this regard, the orc was completely stunned after Robb finished his words. The guard who was almost killed by him just now picked up his weapon from the ground and cut it up from the bottom to the middle of its crotch.

The orc screamed, threw away the axe, covered it with both hands and squatted down. The guard took this opportunity and beheaded it.

“Well done!” Robb gave him a thumbs up and said, “keep going. I’ll help others.”

In just a few seconds, the other guards had already been in danger. After all, a single soldier’s combat ability was not as good as their opponents; not to mention, they needed to fight with twenty versus one hundred. There was really no way for them to win, and they could only be swept down by the other side.

Robb looked around and found that there were guards everywhere who were in danger. Now he couldn’t use a normal one enemy provocation. So, facing all the orcs, he shouted, “Hey, grandchildren!”

The hundred orcs who were besieging the guards all looked at Robb.

They didn’t know why, but when they heard Robb’s annoying voice, anger rose in their hearts. This anger was simply uncontrollable, burning crazily in their hearts, so that they just wanted to kill Robb immediately. Everything was no longer important except Robb.


“Kill that idiot.”

“Kill that idiot.”

“Kill that idiot.”

The orcs roared, giving up the guards in front of them in unison, and rushed towards Robb.

Then, knives, swords, axes, hammers… All kinds of weapons of various styles came at him at the same time.

Robb was as agile as Kante, so it was impossible for him to dodge so many attacks. Even if he tried his best, he could only avoid two knives and one sword, and all the other weapons hit him mercilessly.

The students who were watching the scene were scared to death. They thought, [I’m afraid I’ll be chopped into meat paste? oh my God! Robb is doomed this time!]


Robb was only surrounded by a large string of -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1.

He shouted in the encirclement of the orcs, “Wow, who gave me the protective stone skin? It’s so powerful that even swords can’t cut through it.”

“The ice shield of the daughter of the lord chamberlain is so powerful.”

“The flame shield is so powerful that it can block the opponent’s flame strike,”

Robb let out strange screams.

The students outside only saw him being chopped by a group of orcs. They could no longer see his body, but they felt relieved when they heard his voice still ringing in the middle.

“It turns out that our defense magic is so powerful.”

“No, they are not powerful at all!”

“That’s right. If these orcs were powerful enough, our defense magic would have been unable to withstand it.”

The young noblemen and ladies were talking about it.

At this time, Robb’s shout came from the crowd, “there’s nothing to be afraid of these weak orcs. Classmates, stand up and prepare for battle!”

After he roared, he actually sang a song, “my name is MT! The body of the bronze wall and iron wall. I will fight, I will dodge, and I will guard you with my body. Don’t be afraid. I haven’t fallen down yet. My sisters and brothers, don’t preserve your firepower…”

“Oh, yes! Robb helped us attract the enemy’s attacks. We should hurry up to chant.” The daughter of the lord chamberlain finally came to her senses and mumbled. Then she pointed forward, and an ice arrow flew out from her finger and hit an orc.

This scum Lv ice arrow was useless in Robb’s eyes, but it was a threat to ordinary soldiers. With a click, half of the orc’s body was frozen into ice.

The daughter of the lord chamberlain was overjoyed. “My ice arrow is effective.”

“Guys, let’s get to work!”

“Magic! Let’s do it together!”

Several girls chanted together.

Those orcs were not stupid. When they saw the girls chanting and were about to play magic, they knew that they should turn around and attack these magicians. However, for some reason, they couldn’t move. They just couldn’t give up on Robb in front of them. If they didn’t kill Robb, they wouldn’t feel comfortable. If they didn’t kill Robb, they wouldn’t be able to move at all.

As a result, they could do nothing but watch the girls finish their chants and wave forward. All kinds of magic took off. Lv.1 fireball, Lv.1 ice arrow, Lv.2 falling stone, Lv.1 wind blade

The attention of the orcs were completely locked on Robb, and they couldn’t turn away from their target. These magic flew from behind, and they couldn’t avoid them at all. They had no choice but to be hit.

With a crack, an ice arrow froze an orc in half.

Bang! A falling stone hit the head of an orc.

With a swish, two wind blades cut off an orc’s waist.

Bang, a fireball hit the faces of an orc, but it were unharmed. It turned out that this fireball was thrown by George.

In a flash, more than a dozen orcs fell to the ground.

The guards, who had been forced into a corner just now, now regained their spirits and rushed up with their weapons.

The orcs surrounded Robb in the core and chopped him randomly. No one outside could see if Robb was safe, but they could hear his funny song all the time.

The guards also regained their spirits and swung their swords at the orcs from behind.

This was a one-sided slaughter!

The orcs were beaten from behind by the guards and students, but they couldn’t fight back. All they could think about was to chop Robb and force him to death. Even if a fireball flew over behind them, they ignored it and continued to wave the weapons in their hands. If they didn’t kill Robb, they would rather die.

Then, they really died.

After a while, the battle was over.

There were hundreds of dead bodies of the orcs lying on the ground.

After all these orcs were killed, everyone finally saw Robb. His upper half of his clothes had been cut into pieces, hanging on his body in pieces. The lower half of his body was a little better. Although his trousers were also broken, at least he had somewhat “short pants”.

He waved at the crowd and smiled, “your defense magic is so powerful. I thought I was going to die, but I survived with your stone skin and ice shield.”


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