After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Fire!

When the Black Earth Knight saw the enemy’s charge, he shouted reflexively, “Archer, shoot!”

The one thousand soldiers of the Black Earth Knights started to move at once. The archers drew their bows at the edge of the city wall, while fire magicians began to fill in the ammunition.

However, Robb also shouted, “Katyusha!”

His voice woke up the soldiers.

The magicians put down their raised hands, and the archers also temporarily put down their longbows. All of them turned their heads to look at their leader. The black earth knight was embarrassed and smiled awkwardly. “I’m used to it. Ahem, I’m just used to it…”

The soldiers also smiled awkwardly. Their war habits that had been developed for a long time were really hard to change. Even if they had new equipment, they didn’t have the habit to use it.

They hurried to the wall and stood behind the rocket launchers.z

Rows after rows of boxes were pointed out of the city.

These boxes varied in size. The small boxes only had nine squares, the medium boxes had twenty-five squares, and the largest boxes had fifty squares. Of course, because the largest boxes were too huge, the number of these boxes was very small, and there were only five boxes.

The boxes were filled with magic by royal court magicians in advance, and the magic inside was also different. The small boxes were filled with fireballs, ice arrows, wind blades, and the middle boxes were filled with magic such as laser and other powerful magic. The biggest box was filled with large-scale magic such as fireball, ice ball and so on.

After though research by court magicians, they had found that only the magic that had “long range” was suitable to be put in Katyusha, while the magic that had a short range was not suitable to be put in. For example, magic like fire walls, tornadoes, and explosions would hurt them instead if they were put in Katyusha.

All the rocket launchers were ready

In the blink of an eye, the army, where the goblins had already reached the city had already traveled half the distance and entered the firing range of Katyusha.

It was interesting. If it was the rocket launchers of modern generations, they could shoot at a range of seven or eight kilometers, but the range of the ones invented by Robb was decided by the range of the magic itself.

For example, if there was a fireball skill in it, then the range of the fireball skill — 600 yards!

It couldn’t throw the fireball further.

A soldier shouted, “the enemy has entered our firing range. Are you going to fire?”

The Black Earth Knight hesitated and didn’t give an order.

Robb interrupted him and said, “wait a minute.”

“Biu!” A fireball flew up from below the city. It turned out that a magician among the group of goblins threw out the magic. Although his intelligence was not high, he could judge the distance. Since he had entered the range of 600 yards, the other side would not be polite and began to attack.

The Black Earth Knight raised his shield, and with a loud bang, the fireball was blocked by his shield.

He turned to Robb and asked, “why don’t you fire?”

Robb smiled and said, “there’s no hurry. Ask the magicians to throw a few magic spells around symbolically and pretend.”

The Black Earth Knight nodded and gave the order. More than a dozen magic experts who had prepared magic in advance threw fireballs out of the city, and a fireball darted into the group of goblins. A brave goblin also waved his shield to block the fireball. However, the brave goblin was far weaker than a human warrior, so how could he resist the fireball shot by the regular magic expert of the black earth knights

With a loud bang, the brave goblin turned into a fireball, and the heat wave swept away the other soldiers beside him.

The other dozen fireballs also had the same effect, exploding many of them.

However, the explosion of more than a dozen fireballs was like scratching an itch to the army.

The general, who was watching the battle behind the array, couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “The main force of West Gran is really not in the north city gate. They have tried their best to deal with the army of Mondra. There are not many troops in the north city gate, and these sparse dozens of magicians and about a thousand small forces on the city wall can’t stop our army. Ask those stupid brothers to rush quickly and attack the city wall as soon as possible.”

The distance of several hundred yards was only dozens of seconds for a running army.

However, when the goblins, who were in front, rushed about two hundred yards below the city wall, they suddenly felt an abnormal magic wave under their feet. Then, with a loud bang, the mine exploded again.

It was not until then that they realized that since humans would set mines in the forest, of course they would also set mines in the city.

The fastest vanguards immediately seized the opportunity and slowed down their steps. However, the goblins didn’t stop and continued to rush forward. They pushed the people in the front forward involuntarily, and then pushed the mines in front of them to explode continuously, rumbling and exploding.

Their brothers were blown up into the air everywhere, but monsters were really different from human beings. The death of their companions in the front row could not stop the crazy brothers from continuing forward.

When they arrived at the foot of the city, there were green heads jumping around.

Robb said loudly, “it’s almost done. Fire at the foot of the city. Don’t hit the people close to you. Just hit 300 to 400 yards. The most dense place in the middle of the enemy.”

The leading Black Earth Knight roared, “Fire!”

Someone shouted, “Fire!”

Then, the rows of soldiers on the city wall all roared, “Fire!”

“Boom!” Roared the first one.

Then the second, the third

The fireball skill, ice arrows, wind blades, and all kinds of magic with various styles rushed towards the big army.

All of a sudden!

There seemed to be a magic rainstorm among the enemies.

This was equivalent to hundreds of magicians firing at the same time. It was really terrifying.

Almost every magician in this world was noble and enjoyed a high position. There were very few of them, not cheap street goods, and not a large group of them could be pulled out from any army. For example, last time when the desert kingdom attacked Westwind Town, the scale of ten thousand had less than a hundred of them.

Robb’s army only had a thousand soldiers guarding the city. In the eyes of the monsters outside, more than a dozen magicians in this army were already a lot. They didn’t expect that when they fired, it would be equivalent to hundreds of magicians attacking at the same time.

“Oh, my God! What the hell is going on?”


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