After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 4

Chapter 4: My Name is Robb

In the game world, the power of one’s magic mainly depends on the player’s level, equipment, and proficiency.

In the real world, however, the power of one’s magic mainly comes from one’s belief, practice, and meditation. The more devout a man is in the God of Light, the faster he can improve his holy magic and, consequently, the stronger the power of one’s magic.

Robb just killed the wyvern using Holy Nova, which is enough to show just how powerful his holy magic is, so of course, he must be one religious priest.

The three adventurers couldn’t help but be in awe, especially the red-haired female magician Xuelu. She couldn’t help but sigh, “Oh my God! Your level of devotion to the God of Light truly amazes me. I have never seen a more powerful priest than you, and your Holy Nova is more powerful than my flaming bird… I am beginning to wonder if I have the talent to be a magician.”

It’s embarrassing indeed, and Robb thought to himself, “In our game, did you know that a magician whose output is worse than a priest is going to be kicked out of the team? Well, forget it. You can’t compare a low-ranking magician with Pope-level priests.”

He pointed to the corpse of the flying dragon. “What are you going to do with this corpse?”

After defeating the wyvern, he instinctively ran over to “touch the corpse” and suddenly remembered that this was the real world, not a game. In the game, only when a monster is hit can its corpse be touched. In the real world, nothing can be felt from the monster.

Only in the game can you do the strange routine of picking up silver coins from beasts. In the real world, beasts don’t have the habit of running around with money.

In addition, it’s impossible for a monster’s body to find anything like “pork” or “rabbit hair” just by feeling around. If you want these things, you can only use a butcher’s knife and slowly dissect them like Paoding Jie Niu (TL: For reference: It’s very annoying.

However, it seems that the dragon’s skin can be peeled off with the skinning skill… 2 points of skinning proficiency, ah, no, I’m already maxed.

Thinking of this, he gave up dealing with the problem of the two-legged flying dragon corpse and let it be handed over to these natives.

Points at the corpse of the two-legged dragon and reminds the three adventures to do their work. The three adventures were so shocked by the Holy Nova that they saw earlier that they forgot what they were doing. They couldn’t help but shout, “Ha, ha, ha, ha! At last, it fell! Let’s take it back to the mayor for the bounty.”

Gorda said to the archer, “Jike, take the skin off the dragon, and you’ll earn a lot of money when you get back and sell it.” Then, he turned to Robb and said, “Of course, Mr. Priest also has a share for both the bounty and the money for selling the dragon’s skin.”

Robb thought to himself, “He’s a very good man. No wonder he’s the captain of the team.”

Gorda asked, “How do we call you, Mr. Priest?”

Rob thought, “My current body is the one I used in the game, so I think I’ll just tell them my in-game Name. In the future, I might not be able to use my original Name (Chinese Name) in this world. Using my IGN (TL: In-game Name) is probably better, so he said, “My name is Vishmo Namorze Sidbuyabuyad.”

“Oh, what a long name.” Gorda smiled. “Then, we will call you Vishmo from now on.”

Robb shrugged. “Uh, forget it, this Name was used in the game. It’s okay. I don’t know why it feels weird to be called by you. Just call me Robb.”

At this time, Jike was using a skinning knife and squatting beside the dragon, peeling its skin. As he peeled t, he turned his head and asked, “My. Priest… oh! Robb, did you come to ask us for directions?”

“Well, yes.” Robb said, “I’d like to ask for directions towards the nearest town.”

“Aren’t you someone who lives near here? You don’t seem familiar to the place at all.”

“No.” Robb had no choice but to lie. Casually, he lied, “I’m from the far east. I’ve come a long way. I’m tired of wandering and adventuring, and now I’m just looking for a human town to settle in, so I don’t have to walk around anymore.”

“Oh, that’s a shame,” Golda said. “We’re short of a priest and want to invite you to join us. It’s a shame that you’re so strong that it doesn’t seem like our small team is qualified to have you go with us, and you’re tired of taking risks.”

Xuelu, the red-haired magician, said, “Robb if you want to go to the nearest town, you can join us for a while. We’ll go to West Wind Town that’s at the foot of the mountain and report the two-legged dragon to the mayor in exchange for a good reward and sell the dragon skin. Your share is also in it, and it is probably better if you act with us.”

“Okay then, let’s go together.” Robb had nothing to do with it, but he wanted to make a living, not to mention, it didn’t really matter where he went. As for remuneration, he was a little interested. Whether in the game or in the real world, money is extremely useful, but he doesn’t even have a penny right now.”

Jike peeled off the dragon’s skin, rolled it up, and placed it on Gorda’s shoulder. The skin of the wyvern was very thick and heavy. It was a big roll, like a thick quilt. Gorda carried it without much effort and smiled. “Robb, Jike, Xuelu! Let’s go! Let’s go down the mountain.”

Robb followed the three of them, walking slowly.

As if interested, Xielu came to Robb, and after walking two steps toward him, she said, “Robb, thank you for helping us today. Without you, we’d be in big trouble today. Especially for me, there’s a good chance I’d die there earlier, especially for me. You saved my life, so to speak.

Robb stretched out his hand and urged, “Why doesn’t your adventure party have a priest, your team only has a T (TL: Tank) and a D (TL: Damage Dealer) to deal with the two-legged dragon.” (TL: Revised and edited this sentence to make it easier to understand. Honors to Kastellan for helping me understand this sentence.)

At the end of his sentence, Xieru was dazed, and her face seemed like she was confused, “I can understand every word you said, but I have no idea what you mean.”

Robb changed his language and sighed, “You came out to kill monsters, but you didn’t bring a priest?”

Xuelu smiled awkwardly. Gorda turned around in front and said awkwardly, “We miscalculated the strength of the two-legged dragon… cough…. We thought it was a normal two-legged dragon. We thought it was enough to deal with it. I didn’t expect it to be considered an elite among the two-legged flying dragons. It ended up becoming such a hard fight, and almost all of us died. It truly makes you laugh.

“Oh!” Robb muttered in his heart, “This dragon was an elite? It seems that the strength of the monsters of this world is weaker than the monsters of “Dark Blade” I played. The elite monsters in there couldn’t be settled with Holy Nova. At least I had to change to a serious offensive class and use real offensive magic to defeat it in a single blow.”


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    I don’t like the random references to his MMO RPG, best to just ignore em

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    I keep giggling when they call him a priest and bought his bluff since this is a Harem type story and I keep picturing a priest with beautiful women surrounding him while he wears a pervy smile😂

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      That would be the protagonist from some doujinshi or eroge. Maybe there is already one.


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