After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 404

Chapter 404: There is something new over there again

The guards had already received some cooperation and group training, and soon they found that it was stupid to run after the ball in a group. They should consider kicking as a “marching battle” and set up an array. There should be an offense and defense, and a goalkeeper.

Without the orders of the noble young masters, they automatically separated into the simplest array. They were divided into two simple halves, one for offense and the other for defense.

Marian stood aside and looked at it carefully. After a while, she recognized the smell.

This football didn’t look good when it was under the feet of the noble young masters, but when it was under the feet of the guards, it’s fun and interesting to watch. As a girl, she actually saw its appeal. Moreover, she tried to see the competition in the heart of the gamblers, assuming that she had placed a bet of five gold coins on one side, and then eagerly hoped that the team would win.

This time, she seemed to find it more interesting. Every time the offensive and defensive transformation happened, she had a very nervous and exciting feeling. She really wanted to shout and cheer for her team.

After watching the competition, she had made up her mind. “Robb, you’re right. This will become a very profitable industry. If our family can be ahead of others, we can become the leader of the industry. According to Godfather, the one who goes in the front will make the most money.”

“I’ll write a detailed plan tonight and send someone to hand it over to my father on Bright Road tomorrow.” Marian said, “let me think. We have to buy a piece of land and build a large football field. We have to set up seats next to it like an arena, and then open a casino. We will definitely make a lot.”

Robb smiled and said, “running a stadium and a casino? This is indeed a path! But I have to remind you that gambling is not a good thing. It will be banned sooner or later, just like the arena. Although there is no risk of being banned at present, it still hurts your conscience. If you want to earn enough money, you can take the route of running a football club.”

“What? What is the football club?”

“Well… It’s a long story. I’ll talk to you about it slowly after the promotion of the football. It won’t be too late then. You can start to mess with the football field first.”

Marian clapped her hands and praised, “Robb, I think you are awesome.”

“No, no, No. I heard it from Godfather.” Robb smiled and said, “I specialize in wind magic and the making of magic items. I don’t know anything about business. Look, I’m so poor.”

Marian smiled and said, “I know you’re an expert in developing magic items. In this battle to defend Bright Road, you invented rocket launchers and mines to show your great power. Even our family has been praised by the queen. I’m very grateful to you. I’ll ask Godfather for more advice in business.”

Speaking of this, the two team’s football match was over.

A young master was collecting money from the others. He laughed and said, “hahaha, I’ve earned enough money. I’ve been the king of gamblers on Bright Road since I was a child.”

While paying the bill, the other noble young men said angrily, “you’re just lucky. Wait and see. I’ll ask my guards to set up a team later. If you don’t fight, you’ll be looking for teeth all over the ground.”

“Who cares?” The young master who received the money laughed and said, “do you think my family can’t afford to form a team?”

Hearing their conversation, Robb couldn’t help laughing secretly. “You are starting to form the start of the football club.”

It was estimated that for a long time, the football teams would be private teams of the noble families, and they would play with the families of the nobles. However, once this game showed a business opportunity and was accepted by more and more people, it would not be as simple as a private team

Of course, it was a good thing for Robb. He could sit on a wheelchair in the future, let Lilian push him to watch a football match, and start his life step towards a modern life, happy.

The only unhappy thing was that he couldn’t sit at home and watch TV. Alas!

“Hey, look, there seems to be something interesting next to the teaching building.” A noble young master shouted, “it seems to be a strange machine, still smoking.”

Hearing his words, the young masters and the ladies came to their senses. They happened to be tired of playing the football and needed some fresh excitement. They turned around and saw a large group of students, surrounding an old craftsman, pointing at a strange machine. There was still smoke on it.

The young masters and ladies were all good people, so of course they had to come over and have a look. The large group of people instantly rushed to the strange machine.

When Robb saw the machine, his eyes lit up and he quickly followed them. Because the machine was a project he gave to the blacksmith class of the technical school, and he had been waiting for their results. Now it seemed that they had found something.

A large group of people surrounded. In the middle of the crowd was the teacher of blacksmiths in the school, who was actually the Royal expert level blacksmith of the queen. He had been in the technicl school of Westwind Town for a long time. He had helped Robb to make the railway, and since then, he had been helping Robb with important equipment – the engine!

Robb himself didn’t know how to make an engine, but he rubbed out the “mining robot WK0032” with his hands and then removed it. He used the engine to drag the minecart at the entrance of the mine.

It was obvious that only one engine was not enough. There would be many places where one needed to use an engine in the future.

Robb made another engine and handed it to the old blacksmith in the technical school. He asked him to dismantle the engine into pieces, and copy and assemble every part, trying to make a decent engine.

Now the old blacksmith led the students to play with the machine, which was the engine that Robb had told them to study.

However, its size was much larger than Robb’s. it was incomparably huge and looked very clumsy.

Seeing the group of noble young masters and ladies surrounding them, the old blacksmith just made a salute and ignored them. He continued to say to the students around him, “well, let’s do another test. Pour the oil into it!”

One of the students immediately picked up an oil barrel, which was filled with the oil that Robb had rubbed out. He poured the oil into the hole on the engine and then covered the lid.

The old blacksmith said, “get ready! 3, 2, 1… Start!”

A student suddenly pressed the “start” button.

A starting sound immediately rang out, and smoke rose from the machine again, accompanied by the pungent smell of the burning oil. Then, a gear wheel in front of the engine suddenly spun quickly, and the rope that had been wrapped around the gear wheel was immediately tightened.


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