After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Don’t interfere with Robb’s studies

Hearing this, the old blacksmith was stunned for a moment and tried to think about it.

Because Robb mentioned the fan on purpose, the old blacksmith first thought of the fan that was spinning so fast that no one could see it clearly. Then he heard Robb say the “big wheel”, and naturally thought of a car wheel that was constantly rotating in his mind.

He had been pointed to this point. If he didn’t understand, it was really a worry about his intelligence.

The old blacksmith’s eyes lit up. “The wheels can rotate by themselves? Is this… Is this… Is this a minecart that can run by itself?”

“Haha, not bad. You are smart.” Robb said with a smile.

The older blacksmith thought about it carefully, and the more he thought about it, the happier he became. But after he was happy, he said dejectedly, “Godfather, no, the engine is too huge, big and heavy. The kind of small minecart that can only accommodate one person can’t carry the engine. It is impossible to put it into the minecart.”

“So, make a huge minecart.”

Robb quickly took out a drawing and put it on the table. He smiled and said, “look, this is the drawing I’ve drawn a long time ago. It’s called an ‘oil train’. Its train head is very huge, so it’s not a problem to install the engine in it. Moreover, there are several different sets of engines for different tire groups.”

As soon as the old blacksmith looked at the drawing, he immediately understood that it was obviously an “upgraded mining car”. At the front of the car was a huge train head, in which there was not much space. It seemed that there were many carriages behind it, and each carriage was drawn square. It seemed that it was very good to contain things. Moreover, Godfather deliberately painted several carriages in the shape of a normal pleasure carriage, That was to say, Godfather was going to put people in it.

“It’s… it’s such a big car. Can we run it with the engine?” The old blacksmith was a little unconfident. “Even if it can move, it will move very slowly.”

Robb said, “if it can move the huge stone, of course it can move the train at high speeds. The worst result is that you need to put a few more engine in. At the beginning, maybe the speed wouldn’t be very fast, but as the process continues to progress and the engine is constantly improved, it will run faster and faster.”

The old blacksmith nodded to show his understanding, but he still had a problem. “If the 150 mile long iron track can be used, then that’s good, but if someone or a monster steals it, we will suffer a great loss…”

Robb smiled and said, “so, it’s good for you to drive slowly at the beginning. If the driver saw that a track was stolen, he has to stop quickly to avoid an accident. Then, repair the track as soon as possible, and the car can continue to go. As for the person who dares to steal our track, please leave it to Elsie to deal with. Haha.”

“What’s the use of going to Stone Canyon with such a long train?” The old blacksmith was confused.

Robb said, “it’s useful, but I’m too lazy to explain. You’ll understand in the future.”

When the old blacksmith heard the word “lazy” from Godfather, he had nothing more to ask. The lazy Godfather was simply crazy. It was impossible for him to make a long explanation to him.

He had to bow obediently and said, “then I’ll go back and arrange for my students to make the iron tracks. I’ll ask the students of the carpenter class to make the wood. In addition, I’ll bring some of the best craftsmen to study how to make the train head.”

Robb smiled and said, “Okay, just do it as soon as possible. The most difficult part is to start the engine. Now that the engine has been done, there should be no difficulty in other things. You don’t have to pay attention to the beauty and generosity of things. Anyway, it’s enough to pick up a small train that can run first.”

“Okay!” After the old blacksmith saluted, he hurried to go.

Robb was about to take a rest when he suddenly saw a slim figure walking over on the path in front of the chapel. It was the daughter of the lord chamberlain.

She is a pretty and gentle water magician. However, since Robb always looked at the queen through the crystal ball, the most beautiful woman in the kingdom of Gran, which is on another level compared to that of the magic school This poor campus Belle has never been noticed by him.

She walked to the front of the chapel, bowed to him and said respectfully, “good evening, Godfather.”

Robb had to pretend not to know her, so he put on a curious face and asked, “who are you?”

“I came from Bright Road.” She said respectfully, “I came to meet you earlier with my classmates at noon, but there were many people at that time, so you might not have noticed me.”

“Okay, okay!” Robb pretended to be enlightened and asked, “what do you want from me?”

The daughter of the prime minister blushed. “Well, i… I’m here for Robb. I’m not familiar with the place in Westwind Town, and I don’t have a friend, so… I want to talk to him and have him take a walk with me.”

Only ghosts have time to talk to you. Robb pretended to be old and vigorous, He continued in a serious tone, “Why are you taking a walk? Young people like you always know how to loaf! Did you practice the magic runes well? Robb has no time to talk to you. He is crazily reciting the wind magic book in the chapel now. It’s impossible to play with him. As his tutor, I won’t let him play with you bad children!”

The daughter of the lord chamberlain was rendered speechless


After a few seconds, she lowered her head and said in an aggrieved tone, “then I’ll go! I’m sorry to bother Godfather.”

She turned around and left. The setting sun dragged her lonely back long, making her look desolate.

Robb chuckled to himself! No simultaneous operations today.

While he was thinking of this, another figure came over in the distance. It was Marian. She brushed past the daughter of the lord chamberlain and walked to the chapel. She bowed to Robb and said, “Godfather, good evening.”

Robb cursed in his heart, [another one?]

But it didn’t matter. No matter how many people came, he would block them directly.

“Are you also here for Robb?” With a serious face, he repeated the lines he had just said to the daughter of the lord chamberlain, and finally added, “Don’t interfere with Robb’s studies.”

“Godfather, you misunderstood me.” Marian smiled, “I’m not here for Robb. We are just partners. In private, I’ve never played with him, and I don’t have any special feelings for him.”

Robb asked, “then, what are you doing here?”

Marian smiled and said, “I’m here for you.”


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