After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 408

Chapter 408: I don’t want to provide weapons of mass destruction

Every time he answered the phone, the first person he would see is the dignified queen. This damned woman’s exterior often collapses halfway through the phone call. But whenever she calls, she would pretend to be very dignified and cool.

It seemed that her last collapse had never happened at all!

Robb squinted and said, “if you don’t have something to tell me, I’ll hang up.”

The queen was not provoked by his words at all. She said calmly, “I’m here for business.”

When Marian heard the two words “business”, she pricked up her ears. Although she was still playing with the calculation beads, her ears and brain had been turned on eavesdropping mode.

The queen was not interested in the woman who was pulling strange things aside. She didn’t even want to use her strength to look at her. She just looked at Robb and said, “you never refuse to do business, right?”

“Yes! But it depends on what kind of business it is.”

The queen said, “I don’t have enough magicians. I need you to sell me some magic scrolls, or help me to fill some magic for Katyusha.”

“What?” Robb asked, “you are holding the court magicians in your hand. How could you say that there are not enough?”

The queen said, “the war has consumed too much energy. Although the weapon is easy to use and has great power, the speed at which magic is consumed is too fast. In the blink of an eye, it produces hundreds of magicians. They are showy and frightening, but if it is to be filled with magic again, it will have to be difficult for my court magicians to constantly cast spells…”

Speaking of this, she paused and sighed, “in the past few days, although the Mondra and his army haven’t organized any large-scale attacks against the city, they have been constantly sending small groups of troops to test the situation. The magicians have been tired of defending, and their magic power has been consumed a lot. After the battles, they have to charge the magic energy of the Katyusha and the mines. They can’t hold on any longer. They will be tired soon.”

“Puff!” Robb laughed, “hahaha!”

The queen saw him laugh at her, but she was not angry or anxious at all. She didn’t even change her expression when she saw him laugh back and forth in the crystal ball.

After a few seconds, Robb suddenly stopped laughing. He raised his head and asked, “is your furnace still working?”

The queen sighed slightly and said, “not now! I have transferred the two fire magicians who are responsible for burning the furnace to guard the city, so the mine is temporarily suspended. Now I find that your big fire box is very useful. You can store a lot of fire magic in advance, so you don’t need to have someone to be on guard all the time. In this way, when the war starts, you can rely on the big fire box to hold on for a few days, and the furnace won’t stop working.”

Robb shrugged his shoulders and said, “now you know that automatic equipment is a good thing, and all the people that need to use magic manually are inferior. My big fire box also needs me to charge it, so it is not really a good thing. We have to hurry up to study and solve the problem of controlling the temperature of the furnace, and then use the coal to heat the furnace. That’s the king way.”

“I will send the best craftsmen from the royal family to study and solve the problem of furnace temperature,” she said seriously

Robb gave her a thumbs up.

The queen continued, “that’s in the future. At present, I have to deal with the attacks from Mondra and his army, and I have to fill Katyusha with magic energy. So… Name a price, please help me fill my 25-hole Katyusha with 25 fireballs. How much is it?”

Robb frowned and said in a low voice, “you should know that my magic power is completely different from that of ordinary people.”

Of course, the queen knew that Robb was a monster. The power of the fireball he threw out was not on the same level as that of the ordinary fire magician. She even had no doubt that Robb could throw out the same power as Thor’s roar of the desert kingdom with just a forked lightning.

With the energy given by Robb, she would be able to defeat Mondra and his army. At least, she would definitely be able to do so before the energy in Katyusha was used up.

Robb said seriously, “you should know that I have always maintained a neutral attitude towards the war between you and Mondra, and will help neither side. Therefore, I can’t provide you with magic to deal with Mondra.”

The queen said, “you once provided me with iron swords and iron armors!”

“That’s different.” Robb said, “those two things have little impact on the war, but the magic I charge myself is completely different. Each fireball can take the lives of over a hundred people. I can’t give it to you and turn it into a dangerous weapon to kill humans.”

In Robb’s view, the iron sword and iron armor he made was at most the feeling of adding a grain in the war, and the fireball skill he makes was the weapon of mass destruction.

A descendant who loved sunshine, delicacies, games, and knew kindness, forgiveness, and mercy would more or less have a sense of rejection towards weapons of mass destruction. Robb did not want this kind of thing to fall into the hands of others and be used to slaughter other humans.

The Queen’s eyes flashed quickly and returned to normal, but she couldn’t help but feel a little angry. She pounded the table and said, “I can’t hold on any longer. Are you so unwilling to help me? Will you be happy if you see me killed?”

“Well…” Robb didn’t want her sister to be killed. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he didn’t believe that he felt nothing for the female netizen who talked to him on the phone every day, even something that exceeded friendship seemed to be sprouting.

Robb rubbed his chin and said, “well, indeed, it doesn’t seem to be good if I don’t help you, but it’s easy for me to lose control of my firepower if I help. What should I do? Let’s make a gentlemen’s agreement.”

Robb said to the queen with a smile, “the weapons I provide you can only be used to deal with the monster army. You have to deal with Mondra by yourself. If you agree to this condition, I will help you replenish your magic. If you don’t agree, then there will be no negotiation.”

The queen thought to herself, [after you give me your magic, I will use it happily. At that time, I will attack Mondra as I like. It’s none of your business.]

Unexpectedly, Robb immediately added, “I know what you are thinking about. I have to remind you that if you violate the rules of use and defeat Mondra and his army, I will help him resurrect as many people as you have killed. Do you believe me?”

The queen was rendered speechless


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