After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 418

Chapter 418: Pobo is back

Robb said that he didn’t want to talk to deal with the monster army, but he had an idea in his heart. He was not sure where this huge army would attack. If they were to attack Bright Road, they would be bathed by miss queens magic items. It was not a big problem. As long as Mondra didn’t take the opportunity to make trouble, the queen should be able to withstand it.

The key was in other cities!

Robb felt that the monster army wouldn’t attack Mondra. The last time when the monster army joined hands with Mondra to attack Bright Road, it was clear that something was wrong.

If the monster army didn’t go out from the east of the Black Pine Mountain, they could only go out from the West. First of all, they would go to his own Westwind Town, and then Stone Canyon in the north. In addition, there was a one hundred and fifty mile long railway between Stone Canyon and Westwind Town.

With the help of this railway, the defense pressure suddenly became lighter.

Maybe it was a better choice to take the initiative.

However, Robb didn’t intend to take the initiative to attack. In the past, Westwind Town was still a small seedling, which needed him to take care of and grow. But now, Westwind Town had become a mature big city, and it should know how to face some difficulties on its own.

Of course, Robb also knew that if the five hundred soldiers, which were just established by the leader of the Westwind Town, wanted to defend against fifty thousand monsters, it is nonsense and impossible to achieve the goal. As the leader of Westwind Town, he had to make a response.

On the noon of the second day, Robb sat on a stone stool as usual.

The sun in August was poisonous, but he was not under any pressure because he had sunshade above his head and a magic fan beside him.

The little girl was brandishing the holy sword in the yard. She was practicing her swordsmanship desperately. After Xuelu came back last night, she told the news of the monster army to the girls in the chapel. However, the little girl suddenly became excited and shouted, “this is the time for the guardian of light to show her power. Hahaha! I, Russ Belmonde Dracula, will definitely eliminate all the monsters and protect the new Church of Light.”

After roaring one sentence and two lines, she began to practice swordsmanship crazily.

She knew a lot of swordsmanship skills, but most of them were just furnishings. Her favorite skill was the “shrill lightning”. Therefore, this was the skill she had been practicing all the time. She kept moving over and over, which made Robb tired of seeing her.

Suofa had secretly sharpened her poisonous dagger. Although she didn’t say anything, Robb knew that she was considering if she should find an opportunity to assassinate the devil king. Even if she couldn’t kill the devil king, she would at least stab a few generals of the monster army

After all, these people were not sure whether Robb could defeat fifty thousand monster army alone.

No matter how strong Robb was, they would prepare for the worst.

At this time, Robb was holding a fishing rod. While fishing, he was thinking about how to strengthen his army.

Elsie ran over from a distance. The sound of friction between his steel armor was quite pleasant to hear. His steel armor was made by Robb when he hung up the phone, and it was the best one of the pile of steel armor made by Robb. The defensive power was added to the maximum value of the steel armor by RNG, and it was also added with a very high magic resistance and agility. It could be said that it was quite strong, No one could break his defense.

He ran to Robb, bowed to him, and then said seriously, “Godfather, you asked me to exterminate the goblin tribe yesterday. I have perfectly completed my task. All of the goblins have been killed, and the corpses have been handed over to the stockings factory to feed spiders. Their nest has been set on fire and burned clean.”

“Well done!” Robb smiled and said, “but next, your task will be a little heavy.”

Elsie patted his chest and said, “no matter how tiring the work is, please let me do it.”

“Well, it’s good to be confident.” Robb smiled and said, “there are fifty thousand monsters who may come over at any time. The railway line is very long, and monsters can attack any point on it at any time.”

“Puff!” Elsie almost fell down on the spot. Although he already had a very powerful professional group in his hand, there were only five hundred of them. It was obviously impossible for him to complete the task of fighting against fifty thousand monsters.

However, it was only a slight shock before he straightened up again. “I’m not afraid of fifty thousand or one hundred thousand monsters. The worst result is that I’m dead and revived!”

“Hahaha!” Robb gave him a thumbs up and said, “very good. It’s great to have such an aura. But, after all, I’m not a leader with a black heart. I can’t sit here and watch your five hundred soldiers fight against fifty thousand monsters, so I have to consider what new equipment I can get for you.”

Elsie said, “of course it’s the best if we have new equipment, but I won’t be a coward even without new equipment.”

Although he said so, his heart was beating fast. Although Godfather could resurrect them after death, monsters eat people. If they ate their meat and bones, could they be resurrected? He felt a little nervous!

In fact, Robb was also thinking about the same problem. The resurrection technique could only be used with corpses. What if his soldiers were swallowed up by monsters? Where could he find a corpse to resurrect? He had to give them some insurance.

When he was thinking of this, a voice shouted from afar, “ah, my father, long time no see.”

It was strange that the man called Robb my father instead of Godfather. Upon hearing this, Elsie, flew into a rage, turned around and was about to retort.

However, Robb waved at the man and smiled, “Oh, it’s him.”

The man was none other than the big merchant! The big merchant who had taken away the flying dragon leather armor from Robb and sold Lilian to Robb. He only sold high-end goods, not low-end rubbish.

Since the war between the East and West Gran started, in order to avoid the two sides, he had simply taken a lot of “hand rubbed equipment” from Robb to the Kingdom of Norma in the north to do business. At that time, Robb hadn’t been called “Godfather”, so he called him “My father”.

In the past few months, he had been contacting Robb by letters. It was him who had written to Robb about the desert kingdom attack.


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