After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 506

Chapter 506: It was livestreamed

Robb handed the live crystal ball and the transmission scroll to the dwarf leader.

With two “life-saving” things in his hands, the dwarf leader could not help but sigh, “grandmaster blacksmith, no matter what we do in Westwind Town, it makes us feel very happy. We can have a rich and happy life in normal times, and we can also get such care when we have a war. We feel that living here is more comfortable than living in our hometown.”

Robb smiled and said, “do you like it? Don’t just leave 800 soldiers. It will be happier if you send someone back to pick up all your wives and children and settle down beside Westwind town like the elves, wouldn’t that be better?”

The dwarf leader nodded and said, “please let me think about it carefully. Moving an entire race is a major decision, and I can’t make such a rash decision.”

Robb said, “Okay, don’t worry. It’s not too late to think it over.”

The dwarf leader said, “well, let’s solve the problem in the sewer first.” he waved his hand at the dwarves and shouted, “brothers, prepare to counterattack in the sewer and fight underground. We need to let the elves see how good we can do what they can’t do.”

The elf elder immediately retorted, “what kind of ability is it to dig underground? It’s just disdainful. If we want to do it, we can do it better than you. Don’t forget that dark elves are also elves.”

The dark elf race was a kind of race living in the underground world. They were mortal enemies with the white elves on the ground, but there was one thing that they were sure of, and that is that the dark elves’ underground fighting ability was excellent.

The dwarf leader pursed his lips and ignored the elf elder. He led his subordinates to the sewer. Then he turned on the live streaming function of the crystal ball and jumped into it.

Robb hurried back to his chapel, turned on the 75 inch TV and began to watch the live show.

In fact, he was quite interested in how the sewer was dug now. Although it was dug according to his requirements, Robb had never seen it himself. Because he was lazy and only liked to be lazy on his stone stol. How could it be possible for him to go into the sewer?

However, he attached great importance to the sewer, because only he knew how important the sewer was in the world. Once this kind of urban foundation was built well, not only would he live a more comfortable life, but he could also spend a hundred years with his children.

Now that he had a chance to see the project, of course Robb was very happy.

The TV turned on, and the first view was the dwarf’s head. It turned out that he had hung the crystal ball on his hat, so what the crystal ball saw was very similar to what the would see.

When he climbed down the iron ladder to the sewer, he saw a very wide space, as wide as a basement. The walls of the basement had been brushed with cement, so the walls looked very clean and tidy. However, the ground was full of footprints made by the kobolds, which was very disgusting.

There were three passages in the basement leading to the other three directions. The dwarf leader was not familiar with the sewer of Westwind Town, because he had been studying the steam tank since he came to Westwind Town, and did not help the workers dig the tunnels. When he saw the three passages, he was a little confused and did not know which side to go.

At this time, Elsie’s head appeared at the sewer. He threw a map down and said, “Hey, guys, take it. This is the sewer’s blueprint I just asked the mayor of White Birch town for it. I think you should use it.”

The dwarf leader raised his head and gave a thumbs up to him.

Robb thought to himself, [Elsie is really quick to react.]

At this thought, he suddenly found that the crystal ball on the table was lit up. It was a special crystal ball used to communicate with the queen. It seemed that the woman called him again.

As soon as Robb answered the phone, he saw the dignified face of the queen.

“What’s wrong? Why did you call me so late?” Robb asked.

The Queen’s face remained dignified, but her eyes were very complicated. There was an indescribable and strange feeling in her eyes. She said in a melodious tone, “the battle is over. And you started to check the sewers. This man called Elsie is also a talent.”

“How do you know that? And you know it so quickly.”

“Nonsense! How can I not know?” the queen said. “When you became a giant to fight the lava giant, I was watching TV the entire time. The cinema city and the private TVs of all the noble families were all broadcasting your righteous livestream.”

“Wow!” Robb asked, “who did it? Why didn’t I know?”

“Me!” Xuelu jumped out from behind with a snicker on her face, holding a small crystal ball in her hand. “I used this crystal ball to livestream it.”

It turned out that before Robb played with the harpies in the sky when there was a football competition on his first livestream, he was a little busy, so he added a live crystal ball, and added more runes to switch the function of the TV to the LCD board, so that the audience could cut the screen in two if two live crystal balls were playing.

Just now, he gave the dwarf leader one of them, and the other one was in the hand of Xuelu.

Robb threw up his hands and said, “Hey, why did you stream the scenes of my battle?”

“Last time when you sold the crystal board to the queen, didn’t you say that you would continue to livestream the main play of the follow-up battle? The queen has indeed paid. I am just fulfilling the livestream contract now.”

Robb asked, “when did I say that?”

The queen snorted in the crystal ball, “the end of Chapter 477.”

He couldn’t deny it, Robb had to say, “well, Xuelu is right. The livestream just now is indeed reasonable. Alas, for a little livestream fee, I have even sold my personal privacy.”

The queen snorted coldly, “don’t be a fool. I’m afraid the people on Bright Road will take you as…” she suddenly stopped.


“Humph!” the queen didn’t say anything and changed the topic, “now the livestream is about the sewer, right? This black picture… Can’t we make the dwarf make the picture brighter? I still want to see the appearance of this sewer carefully.”

“What? You want to learn from me?”

The queen didn’t answer this question. In fact, Number 32 had been secretly learning the specific use of cement. She just wanted to check the effect of the sewer in advance.

Thinking of this, the queen suddenly remembered something. “Right, what about Number 32? Ah! I remember that he was just killed by the caterpillar.”


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