After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Preparing to go out

After the merchant left, Robb began to work on his new toy: silk stockings!

After all, looking at Lillian in a maid costume without stockings, something was obviously missing.

Likewise, coincidentally, he bought a lot of silk from the dwarf merchant, so of course, he had to try to make silk stockings. Unfortunately, silk stockings are not “equipment that can be made by tailoring skills in the game,” so Robb can’t rub them out with his hands.

So he let Lillian try to make a pair of stockings out of silk instead. Although she made the general structure, the silk stockings she made are inelastic and can’t define a woman’s legs beautifully and tightly like the silk stockings of modern times, so she had to give up.

Virgo, people of Virgo, are always unhappy when something is imperfect.

“Oh!” Robb rolled over on his stool. “I feel like time has slowed.”

“Master, but I think time moves fast.”

Robb said angrily, “when you feel happy, your time will move faster than others, and when you feel pain, your time will move slower than others.”

“What master means… is… you’re unhappy?” Lillian was starled again, showing a worried expression, “master has given me such a happy life, but you are not happy yourself. Lillian can’t do this. Is there anything I can do for master?”

“I want to see you wear silk stockings!” Robb rolled off the stone stool and fell to the ground, then rolled all over the floor, acting like a child, “I don’t care. I’ll make silk stockings no matter what.”

Lillian was startled when she saw that her master, who was usually too lazy to make noise like a maggot, dusty rolling on the ground, so she said, “Don’t worry, master. I’ll ask Mr. Mayor to see if there is any elastic cloth that can be used to make silk stockings. Wait a minute. I’ll go right away.”

Lillian ran out and returned after a while with a strange piece of white cloth in her hand, about the size of a palm. She went to Robb, who was too lazy to move on the floor and gently poked him with a finger. She whispered, “Master, I’m back.”

“Oh!” Robb responded feebly.

“The mayor lent me a small piece of cloth, which is very flexible. Will you take a look at this?”

Robb turned over and sat up, taking the palm-sized white cloth from Lillian’s hand, placing it in his hand, and gently felt it, “Huh?”

The elasticity of this cloth is really good. As soon as Robb exerted some strength, he pulled it a bit. And after a while, he lets go, then he retracts again. Isn’t this the perfect material for making silk stockings? He couldn’t help being overjoyed and cheered up, “are there any more? This is not enough to slap a big piece.”

Lillian said, “the mayor said he had only a small piece and no more.”

“Why is that all?” Robb’s newly rising joy instantly disappeared, “well, where’d it come from?”

Lillian replied, “The mayor said that this is made of silk spit by the famous ‘man-eating spider’ in the depths of the Black Pine Mountains. It is a horrible spider with a human head. It lurks in the depths of a valley and weaves a web to catch all kinds of wild animals, humans, and even other monsters before eating them. This kind of spider spits silk with both toughness and elasticity, as is the case with the cloth used to make it. However, the spider lives in the depths of the mountains, so only a few adventurers go to trouble them. Not to mention, it must be brought back alive to force it to spin silk to weave cloth. So it’s hard to get this kind of cloth. Maybe you can only find merchants to sell it to if you go to Bright Road or a big city like the Capital of Saints. We have to take this chance because there may not be any others.”

At this point, she paused and muttered, “Mr. Mayor said that if master needs a lot of this kind of cloth, you can either try your luck in a big city, or you can issue a reward mission to invite adventurers into the mountains to catch man-eating spiders, and that it must be caught alive.”

Robb tilted his head and said, “You can only buy it by chance in a big city, and adventurers don’t necessarily succeed, right? Especially with adventurers like the helpless trio, there is almost no doubt that they will fail. Neither of these plans seems reliable.”

Lillian nodded.

Rob jumped up with a swoosh, “Well, it’s decided. I’ll go into the mountain to catch the spider myself.”

“Huh? Lillian was shocked and said, “Master… going out… to the mountains yourself?”

“Yes! Why do you seem surprised?”

“You… Don’t you keep saying that you just want to be lazy and stay still?”

“Of course, I’m lazy about things I’m tired of playing with, but dressing up my maid is something I’m never tired of.”

The feeling others get when looking at Robb suddenly changed, from the lazy guy who seemed like a slug to one that seemed radiant and sparkling, a sign that the grinding emperor was about to return.

In fact, he is a very diligent and persistent man compared to most people. Once he sets a goal, he will achieve it even if he has to manually repeat the action ten thousand times, and, now, making a few silk stockings for his maid has become his new goal. A Virgo’s spirit of never giving up until he achieves his goal burns in him again and restores his true character as the grinding emperor.

“I’m going out to get some stuff to prepare.” Robb then hurried into the warehouse and picked up a pile of ingredients. He rubbed, and afterward, food was made. After all, food is a primary need.

He picked up a few more herbs and rubbed them together, and then a red and a blue antidote bottle were ready. Although his chance of injury and poisoning is near zero, no veteran player can go without meds.

He picked up a piece of wild boar skin, rubbed it, and finished a set of leather armor and boots.

Why choose leather? Because his level is too high and his stats are exceptional, there’s nothing for him to be afraid of in this world, so he doesn’t need to be equipped with high defense armor, so he only made a leather set with a useful enchantment called “movement speed.” Leather boots made with good ingredients can be enchanted with “Movement Speed +30%” at most.

For a low-grade leather such as wild boar skin, its limit is only +10%, but as long as his boots, chest plate, leggings, hand guards, and helmet have +10% each, he can still gain a total of +50% movement speed. This attribute is widely used to explore mountains, so it’s convenient.

Of course, pure leather gear lacks appeal, so I must use a ‘costume’ addon.

Robb picked up the set of T-shirt and jeans he was wearing when he first crossed over. This is not a simple pair of T-shirt and jeans, but a set of RMB equipment bought by Krypton gold. Its biggest perk is that it does not use up an equipment slot. Instead, it occupies an extra slot called “exterior ornaments.” Equipping this thing on top of it will cover up the appearance of your equipment and make you look like you’re wearing a pair of T-shirt and jeans. It’s especially used to cover ugly equipment.

Robb put on the T-shirt and jeans, and the leather gear with movement speed enchants disappeared before long. He’s now back to how he first looked when he initially came to this world, with his blonde hair, T-shirt, and jeans.


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