After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 515

Chapter 515: Need to grind

“Humph, you are flirting with each other right now.” the queen in front of the TV was unhappy. What she hated the most was when the two of them were so close to each other that they looked very happy. She got angry when she saw them.

The guards nearby sensed that the queen was in a bad mood, so they moved a few steps aside obediently and stood far away. Don’t make me splash blood. I’m just a a small, innocent guard.

At this time, the adventure game that Xuelu liked to play most was gone. The big BOSS had been tied up. She had to say angrily, “since I can’t play anymore, let me kill this big bug to vent my anger. I must take revenge for the bite of that broken mosquito just now.”

Robb smiled and said, “Okay, okay. Since you didn’t make a move just now, you can kill and play with it as you like!”

Xuelu took a step forward and began to chant. She knew two kinds of magic. One was the wind magic that Robb had taught her and the other was the fire magic that she had learned by herself. She always felt that the wind magic was not very suitable to deal with things like the crypt lord, so she used her own fire magic.

She deliberately avoided the first part of the nonsense about borrowing magic from the God of Fire, and directly read the latter part of the incantation. Sure enough, even without mentioning the name of a God, a fireball was thrown out from the tip of her staff, and with a loud bang, it hit the body of the crypt lord.

However, the fireball didn’t explode when it bounced on the lord’s body. Instead, it bounced back towards Xuelu with a whoosh sound. Xuelu didn’t expect this to happen and didn’t dodge at all. Seeing that her own fireball was slapping on her face, Robb beside her stretched out his hand to block it in front of her.

The fireball hit Robb’s open palm and was resisted!

It disappeared without a trace.

Robb asked, “eh? Does the outer shell of this thing reflect magic?”

“No, it’s not that, but also physical attacks,” said the dwarf leader next to him “Because of that, this thing is one of the most difficult monsters in the underground world to deal with. It has a large size, a strong close combat ability and has strong defensive power. Magic and physical attacks can both be blocked and bounce back as well. In addition, it has many poisonous mosquitoes and beetles, so it is difficult to plot against it. The underground is narrow and dark, and it is difficult to organize an absolute advantage in number to fight against it. Unless the person is much stronger than it, it is difficult to deal with It. “

“I see.”

Now, not to mention Robb, even the audience in front of the TV were told a lot. All of a sudden, they felt that the TV was a good thing and could be used to learn knowledge. If it weren’t for the dwarf leader who taught them the knowledge about the crypt lord that couldn’t have been seen in ordinary times, who would have known?

At this time, Gorda came over and whispered, “after the monster army was beaten back by us, it must have retreated with a large number of kobolds through this tunnel. However, do you think it was left to guard this cave.”

Without thinking, Robb guessed, “Yes. it’s very simple. It’s to guard the way. The monsters have retreated from here, and their demon king must have guessed that humans must clean up the sewer, and they will discover the cave they have dug. In order to prevent us from looking through the cave, they will leave a crypt lord to block us.”

Both of them gave Robb a thumbs up and said, “it’s reasonable and convincing.”

The dwarf leader said, “if you were not here, it would be very difficult for an ordinary army to pass through the hole guarded by this thing, and they would not be able to chase after the monsters and find their den. We would definitely have to retreat back first, and send people to block the crater, and send people to guard the underground all day long. That would be troublesome.”

In fact, the queen in front of the TV was also thinking about the same thing. If she fought on the ground, she was not afraid of the crypt lord. Whether it was beetles or mosquitoes, they could be killed by various magic on the ground. However, in the dark underground, it was impossible to guard against poisonous beetles and mosquitoes. Before a magician could finish chanting ranged magic, he might fall down secretly.

The crypt lord seemed to be very smart. Seeing that an army was coming, it first asked the poisonous mosquitoes to knock down Xuelu, probably to prevent his opponent from playing magic with him.

Once the magician fell down, the rest of the muscle men were trapped in the narrow hole and couldn’t move freely. They even had to hit their heads when they jumped up. How could they deal with the poisonous mosquitoes one by one?

If the queen was at the current position of the dwarf leader, she could only temporarily retreat and order people to block the passage. However, blocking the tunnel was not a way to solve the problem, and the enemy could come over at any time. Anyway, there were many races that were good at digging holes among the monsters.

At this time, Xuelu still wanted to throw more magic at the crypt lord to vent her anger, but Robb stopped her and said, “well, don’t waste time on this damn bug. The audience in front of the TV like to watch plots, nervous and exciting things, and they don’t like to watch meaningless abuse of captives.”

The audience burst into laughter.

Robb followed, “so, don’t abuse the prisoners. Just kill them as soon as possible.” with a wave of his hand, a fireball flew out of his hand. It was much bigger than the fireball Xuelu had just shot, and it gave off terrifying heat.

With a loud bang, the crypt lord was hit by the fireball, and the shell was burned to ashes in an instant.

The power of the fireball was simply crazy.

Those who had a little knowledge of the monster knew that he was extremely powerful. Even a team of dozens of people could not do anything to it.

The magic of ordinary magicians could only scratch the head of the crypt lord, and there was also the risk of their magic being bounced back. Only archwizards could cause substantial damage to the crypt lord, but it was impossible to deal with it with a fireball. At least, several wizards would have to take turns to use the magic to fight for several rounds before they could break the defense of the crypt lord.

However, Robb just casually raised his hand and released a fireball to kill it.

The audience on Bright Road couldn’t help but marvel at the Queen’s calmness. Last time, Robb had helped her to charge a batch of Katyusha to deal with the monsters. Every fireball there had such power, and she had long been used to it.

Xuelu pouted and said, “when will you take out a powerful magic book about fire for me to learn? I want to have such powerful fire magic as you.”

“It’s not something you can just get.” Robb said, “You need to grind!”


“There’s nothing I can do if you don’t understand..”


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