After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 520

Chapter 520: Grab some orcs to act in the movie

The orcs jumped up from the ground and tried to find weapons to kill the humans, but they didn’t find anything because their weapons had already been taken away by Robb.

The dwarf leader who were performing on the film set immediately waved his hand, and a large group of dwarves surrounded them. The big hammers and axes in their hands lit up, tightly surrounding them.

Robb picked up a special iron plate for the director and shouted at the group of orcs, “now that you are surrounded, I will give you a way to live. If you listen to me and cooperate with me to act in the movie, I will let you go back after acting. If you stubbornly resist, you will have no choice but to die…”

Before he could finish his words, an orc shouted angrily, “Orcs are brave, not slaves!”

“If we don’t have freedom, death is better!”

“Go all out!”

The more than ten unarmed orcs rushed towards the soldiers. The dwarves were all covered with equipment, and they beat them immediately. In a few seconds, the orcs were beaten to the ground. However, even if they fell to the ground, they still roared fiercely, struggled and refused to compromise even if they died.

The dwarf leader turned to Robb and said, “Grandmaster blacksmith, look, these guys can’t be used to act at all. They would rather die than cooperate with us.”

Elsie also nodded and said, “yes, death can’t threaten them. They can’t communicate at all.”

Robb chuckled and said, “then don’t threaten them.”

“Then what should we use?”

All of a sudden, Robb pointed at an orc who resisted the most. “Mind control!”

It was a skill of a dark priest. It could manipulate the minds of others to make them obedient servants. Of course, this magic was also very limited. It didn’t last long, and huge pain could make them free from mind control.

The orc froze and then became obedient.

Robb pointed at them a few more times and controlled them one by one.

He clapped his hands and said, “well, the actors are ready. Now these orcs are obedient, but the time of mind control is not long. It will be removed in a few minutes. Everyone hurry up and finish the shooting in a few minutes.”

Everyone was speechless

Boromir, who was a human warrior, was starred by Gorda, and he showed up. He acted as if he wanted to grab the ring in mountains. Then orcs rushed out and killed him with bows and arrows, capturing the hobbits.

Under Robb’s order, 2 orcs carried the two hobbits on their shoulders and played the role of the team of the orcs that had taken them away. The two hobbits were actually very scared. When they were being carried on their shoulders and filming, they had been thinking, [don’t be reckless and kill us all of a sudden, okay? Although the Godfather could resurrect us, it would be painful to be killed.]

However, their worries were completely unnecessary. The orcs who carried them were obedient, and they could obediently speak the lines according to Robb’s requirements. Their performance was actually better than that of the human actors present.

It turned out that the so-called acting skill was a very strange thing.

For example, if you are Chinese and you watch a Chinese play, you can clearly feel the flaws in the other party’s acting skills, but when you watch a foreign play played by a foreigner, you can’t feel much uncomfortable.

Why? Are foreign stars better at acting? No! No.

The real reason is that you are Chinese. You know the local customs of China, so it’s easy for you to find a BUG in the Chinese play.

But you don’t know much about foreign countries, especially about their way of speaking, language habits, action habits, and customs of foreigners. Therefore, when you watch Hollywood movies, you rarely see any issues. Even if the people in the play are a little embarrassed, you don’t know that, and it is always like this for foreigners.

In the same way, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable watching the orcs, because they didn’t know what they usually looked like when they talked. Even if there was a BUG, the humans didn’t know.

Therefore, the orcs completed the play that Robb gave them with their exquisite acting skills.

Then, they became temporarily useless!

Robb said loudly, “well, now let’s jump to the next scene and shoot the next scene. Aragorn’s team caught up with this group of orcs, fought with them, and killed them.”

Robb dressed up as Aragorn, followed by the dwarf leader dressed as a Gimli, and an elf archer dressed as the elf prince Legolas. The three of them snickered and walked towards the group of mind-controlled orcs.

While the orcs were still under Robb’s mind control, the staff beside them quickly handed them a pile of weapons and told them to hold them well. The cameras were in place and aimed at them!


The mind control….

Robb shouted, “let’s start!”

The cameras were on!

The several orcs quickly regained their consciousness. They looked around ferociously and saw three neatly wrapped men standing in front of them. One was an elf, one was a dwarf, and one was a human. They were all the races that the orcs hated very much. They roared together, “KILL.”

At this time, their acting skill was even more impeccable. This was not a fake battle, but a real battle.

More than a dozen ferocious orcs rushed to Robb, the dwarf leader, and the elf archer. No, they rushed towards Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas.

Robb drew out his sword with one hand and waved it forward. Before he went out to fight, he had already applied all kinds of debuffs to himself, making sure that his strength would not be much stronger than these orcs. He only needed to be a little stronger, and what he wanted was to have a good fight.

Because killing in an instant was not a good thing.

“Go to hell, human!”

“Oh, you obnoxious orc.” Gimli kicked an orc, turned around and chopped down another one. His red beard trembled with his laughter.

Legolas, on the other hand, began to act cool. Anyway, the man in the original book was trying his best to play cool as well. He kept shooting arrows, turning while spinning and shooting arrows, jumping to a tree, and shooting arrows in various styles.

As a result, the one who fought the most steadily was Robb.

He beat the orcs around him with his sword, and finally cut all of them to the ground.

“Okay! Let’s call it a day!” Robb said to Elsie, who was raising the camera, “give it to me. Let me see how the scene looks.”

Elsie ran over cheerfully and said, “Godfather, it’s my first time being a photographer. I’m not very confident. What if it doesn’t look good?”

Robb rolled his eyes and said, “if it’s not good, we can just go and catch more of them. After all, there are still a lot of them in the valley.”

The people around him were rendered speechless…


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