After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 533

Chapter 533: Hacked to death

The poor demon king was bullied badly.

Seeing that he became obedient, Robb didn’t continue to bully him. There was still something useful he needed for the demon king. Next, he would shoot the second and third parts of the Lord of the Rings, and there were also many scenes of humans fighting with the demon king’s army. It was not the time to deal with this guy.

He chuckled and said, “well, in that case, I’ll leave first.”

When the demon heard that he was leaving, he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. [this strange goblin, if he wants to take my throne, I really don’t know what to do. Since he is leaving, it’s for the best. I hope he won’t come back again.]

It hurried to accompany Robb and Xuelu in person, sending the two of them out of the crack and bowing, looking like a little traitor who led the way for the enemy.

Previously, he had thought that Robb and Xuelu were goblins who had been trained by humans, but when he saw that Robb was so powerful, he didn’t think so. Now, what he wanted to know the most was where these two goblins came from.

Robb wouldn’t let it know. As soon as he walked out of the crack, Robb reached out and wrapped his arms around Xuelu’s waist. With a sweep, he flew into the sky and disappeared in the distant sky in an instant.

“Flying?” the abyssal demon was shocked in his heart. [with the intelligence of their race, how could they learn such a high-level rule technique? What kind of goblin was this. Well, it’s useless to just guess. As long as they don’t bother me anymore, I’ll just send some monsters to attack Westwind prison and deal with it.]

Robb was flying with Xuelu!

The two goblins were so ugly that the queen couldn’t be jealous on TV

Seeing that the scenery on the ground was retreating rapidly, the wind blew their hair, which made them feel very comfortable. Xuelu could not help but laugh happily. “It’s also interesting to transform into a goblin to play with the demon king.”

“What an interesting thing to say!” Robb said, “if it weren’t for the movie, I wouldn’t have done such a thing.”

Xuelu didn’t complain anymore. She sighed and said, “flying is so useful. When can I learn flying? I’ve heard that in the whole kingdom, only the once great wind magician, John Roland Smith, has mastered flying. No other magician can do it, but you can easily do it.”

“Well, this is not that great a skill.”

In the game, all magicians could use such magic to travel conveniently.

“Don’t rush back. Let’s fly up to the clouds and see if the angel race really lives in the clouds.” Xuelu said.

“No!” Robb snorted and said, “isn’t that an adventure? I hate doing such things.”

“Why do you hate going adventures so much?”

“Because I’m tired of it!”

Xuelu’s eyes lit up. “So, you used to be an adventurer?”

Robb, “sort of!”

“Then where have you been before? What powerful monsters have you killed? You are a strong man. The places you have explored must be beyond my imagination, right?”

Robb recalled his glorious years in the game. Strangely, the copies he had played and the BOSS he had played had all become blurred in his memory. What could still leave a deep impression on him now was only the players who had played with him.

He couldn’t help but show a nostalgic expression and sighed, “Xuelu, you will understand in the future. Adventuring itself doesn’t matter. The most important thing is the person who would go on adventures with you. Therefore, I cherish my current life, but what I cherish more is my friends now.”

Speaking of this, he suddenly thought of something. He raised the crystal ball in front of him and said to the queen on the TV, “Miss queen, I also advise you that no matter what state hatred is, it is not as important as the people around you.”

The queen snorted and said, “don’t say such hypocritical words to the screen with your ugly face.”

Unfortunately, the livestream camera was one-way, so Robb couldn’t hear her complaint.

Soon, they arrived at Westwind town. Robb and Xuelu landed in the courtyard of the chapel. Of course, the two of them flew into the town in the form of their goblins, which made the elven archers in charge very nervous. Several archers shot arrows at them, and the dragonhawk knights flew over to fight against them.

It was not until Robb showed his identity that he stopped attacking.

“Elsie!” Robb dropped to the ground, he took off his disguise and ordered “I already gave you the script for the second part of the Lord of the Rings. You’d better prepare according to my requirements as soon as possible. Arrange soldiers to act in the battle of guarding the Helm’s Deep. In this battle, there are also elf archers who are going to play a tragedy play of being killed to strengthen the cruelty of the war. In addition, you have to organize a troop of knights to rescue Helm’s Deep at the last part. Right, you have to prepare a large amount of blood bags so that the soldiers can look dead in the battle … “

Elsie had read the script, so of course he knew what to do. He couldn’t help laughing and said, “Godfather, there’s no need for blood bags or something like that. Since you can help us come back to life, we should just let the soldiers grit their teeth. If they are really chopped to death by the orcs, they can just directly spurt out real blood, guts pulled, and beheaded etc. this kind of movie would look more real.”

“What the hell!” Robb laughed and cursed, “There’s no need to do that. I’m telling you, although we’re pretending to fight, the monster army is really fighting. Be careful not to get hurt in the battle, or it will be very painful.”

Elsie couldn’t help but mumble, “only Godfather is so kind.”

Robb laughed and cursed, “Go to hell!”

When the two of them were talking about this, the dwarf leader ran over from afar. His short legs turned very fast. Although he had short legs and small steps, as long as his legs moved fast, he could move fast.

He rolled over like a big ball and shouted excitedly at Robb, “Grandmaster blacksmith, we finally have a copy of the steam engine. It’s a perfect copy!”

“Oh?” Robb was overjoyed. “Bring it here to let me have a look.”

“It’s coming soon. I just came to inform you first.” the dwarf leader blew his beard complacently. Not long after, a big cart appeared on the cement road in front of the chapel, with a beautiful steam engine in it.


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