After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Tell me if it was justified or if I was wronged

Robb fooled Baron Perseus and Sister Ishir with his Oscar-level acting a few days ago, so he Is completely confident in his acting skills. A mere spider with an IQ of less than 5 will surely be fooled.

He wobbled and struggled and screamed for help, showing incisively and vividly what a man who was accidentally caught in a cobweb should look like.

Soon, there was a movement at the mouth of the spider hole, and the first one sticking out of the hole was a spider’s foot, which was placed on a strand of thick silk at the mouth of the hole, through which the vibration of the cobweb was felt.

Then, it was convinced that its cobweb had reached its prey.

The spider’s head came out a little bit, seemingly careful and vigilant.

The depths of the Black Pine Mountain Range houses all kinds of powerful monsters. If it’s not careful, it will surely die a gory death.

The spider, with its beautiful female head, glanced at Robb with a pair of beautiful eyes, watching warily to see if the prey was really managed by its own cobweb.

It could see that the human being really fell into its trap!

He was struggling desperately, but his hands and feet were entangled in its cobwebs, and he struggled feebly, which proved that he had completely lost his fighting ability. All it had to do was to climb over and inject venom into the human’s body. It can paralyze him and then easily drag him into the hole and eat him.

There was an evil smile on its beautiful face when it began to poke out of the hole slowly.

Robb watched the spider coming out of the hole bit by bit, thinking to himself, “here we come!”

A little more before your entire body is sticking out of the spider hole. When that happens, I’ll come right over and buckle your neck.

Then my maid will have excellent elastic stockings to wear, hehe…

Transparent spider silk, the woven cloth should also be transparent, dyed white is white silk, dyed black is black silk, not dyed is bare, oh shit, it’s too cool.

The head of the spider finally came out, and then its round spider belly, bit by bit, came out of the hole. While Robb slowly gathered his momentum, getting prepared to engage.

However, just when Robb was about to charge, an arrow suddenly popped into the air with great power. And poof, right in the face of the man-eating spider. The beautiful female head was then immediately split in two by a big sword, and its whole body was cut in half by the blade.

Green blood splattered everywhere, man-eating spider – Dead!

Robb, “…”

For Robb, what was cut in half was not the spider but the silk stockings of his lovely little maid. This merciless knife shattered the teenager’s yearning and longing for a better life.

I’m Angry!

Oh, I still have resurrection magic!

Robb hastened to use resurrection on the spider’s body, but it didn’t work. The spider is designated as “Evil,” so rather than doing good to the creature, it has a lethal effect on it.

Then, he quickly used “Undead Resurrection”. As a result, the spider stood up but became a skeleton spider. Not to mention silk, it doesn’t even have flex or blood.

Robb scolded in his heart, “MMP!” (TL: My friends used this term before, they said it’s ‘Son of a Bitch’)

I have an MMP sentence that I have to say!

Just then, behind a large stone In the distance, Baron Perseus jumped over and said with a look of fear, “Oh, I heard someone calling for help, so I ran over quickly. I happened to see that the spider was going to attack a human being. Fortunately, at a critical moment, my sword caught up.”

Robb, “Damn it!” He quietly yet quickly used a holy spell on the skeleton spider, making it scatter all over the floor.

Baron Perseus came out from behind the stone, saying, “what are you doing in the depths of the Black Pine Mountain Range alone, young man? It’s dangerous, isn’t it? You were almost eaten by a spider. Huh?”

He saw Robb’s face and was startled, “Mr. Robb? You… What are you doing here?”

Robb didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s an awkward situation.

It turns out that Baron Perseus led Little Yi and the three adventurers here after several days of trudging and tracking, but Robb used a cheat skill to fly ahead of them in a matter of hours, which led to this very embarrassing situation.

What am I supposed to do now?

Yi, the three adventurers, and a large group of soldiers continued to emerge from behind the boulders in the distance, most of whom now looked at Robb with strange eyes. Only the three smiled because they knew that Robb was not simple and had a secret identity and that seeing Robb here was not as unexpected as it was for the Baron and Little Yi.

Robb looked at the caring eyes of the Baron and Little Yi before looking at the man-eating spider and sighed. He can’t blame the Baron. He killed the spider because he wanted to save Robb. It would be immature to lose his temper because others saved him.

“Father, why are you here?” Little Yi, who he had not flirted with for several days, regained her aloof demeanor and spoke in a cold tone.

Robb had to start bluffing, “After you left, I was worried about your safety. I felt that I could not just let you go into the mountains to take risks like this. I should also contribute to the just cause, so I came to the mountains to find you. Then I walked and walked. I came here and was accidentally caught by a cobweb.”

The Baron could not help but feel moved, “Father, I admire you for being so kind.” A berserker’s brain is really simple; he’s too gullible.

Little Yi is not as easy to fool, her cold face flashing doubt, “You entered the mountain alone? How were you able to walk into the depths of the Black Pine Mountain Range when the cursed ruby absorbed your strength? How were you not eaten by monsters along the way?”

Why do you have to be so smart at a time like this? Robb vomited in his heart but said, “You see, wasn’t I almost eaten by a monster just now? This shows that I was just lucky so far, but my luck has finally run out.”

Little Yi felt something was wrong but didn’t couldn’t tell what it was, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

“Don’t say that kind of stuff anymore,” said the baron. “Release the priest from the spider’s web first. It’s hard for him to hang there.”

Several soldiers rushed over and took out their knives to cut the spider silk. Unexpectedly, the spider silk was really tough. The soldiers couldn’t cut it with their knives even after a long time had passed. Robb cried, “Don’t cut it randomly; just cut the edges of the spider web. Don’t cut the middle. I want this silk. Save it for me!”

Hearing him say this, the three adventurers seemed to understand something. After glancing at each other, Gorda strode up, waved his one-handed sword, and cut at the corners of the web. Robb “fell” from the center of the web, and when he landed, Robb pretended to fall, and Xuelu jumped forward and pretended to help him.

Robb was helped by Xuelu and finally “stood firmly.” He patted his chest and looked frightened, “That was close. I was almost eaten by a monster. Thanks for the help.”

Xuelu nudged him on his waist and whispered, “Mr. Robb, what are you playing at?”

Robb also whispered, “I came into the mountain to catch the man-eating spider for its silk to make something. When I was about to catch a live one, I didn’t expect the Baron to kill it. Tell me if it was justified or if I was wronged!”

Xuelu laughed “Pfft” and quickly hid it, whispering, “Don’t worry, there’s more than one spider. We’ll catch it later.”


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