After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 559

Chapter 559: She understood everything

Robb jumped gently and climbed up the wall.

He tried to jump with Suofa, but it turned out that the jump was so high that he easily climbed over the wall. If Robb hadn’t taken her hand in midair and pulled her back to the wall, she would have fallen directly into the Church of Darkness.

“Let’s go inside.” Robb pulled her down.

Suofa couldn’t see Robb, but could only feel the touch of his hand that was holding her. She couldn’t help but think, [what kind of hidden skill is this? His stealth is so strong! I’m so close to him now, but I can’t see him at all. But he can see me clearly and accurately grab my hand in the air.]

The two of them floated through the courtyard of the church, leaving no trace on the snow. Soon they arrived at the main building of the Church of Darkness. They opened a window and entered into the church.

The Church of Darkness was different from the Church of Light. When it was dark, most of the people in the Church of Light had already fallen asleep, but the people in the Church of Darkness were based on the dark night. Many people would move at night, and there were even nuns and priests walking in the corridors.

Robb and Suofa cautiously avoided several priests and nuns and went to the largest hall in the middle of the church.

Several people dressed differently from ordinary priests and obviously had a high status. There were people like bishops sitting here, quietly flipping through the Bible of Darkness.

Suofa didn’t dare to speak to Robb. She was afraid that these people would be alerted, so she had to fumble on Robb’s palm and write. “Even if we can sneak to their side, we won’t be able to learn anything if they don’t speak.”

Robb replied, “Right!”

The girl’s hands were soft and small. Robb felt that it was not bad to draw on them, so he decided to draw a pig’s head.

She was confused. She could clearly feel all the letters on her hands, but what was Robb drawing on her hands now? It was really difficult to figure out what the letters were. It seemed to have a circle. Maybe it was an O? No, she was drawing something in the circle. Was it a Q? But why did he continue to draw?

After Robb finished drawing, she had no choice but to reply, “what were you drawing just now? I didn’t know what those letters were.”

Robb replied, “I drew a pig’s head casually. It’s normal that you won’t know it!”


She froze for a few seconds before she angrily replied, “Do you get the point? Do we just stay stealthed watching a few bishops flipping through the Bible”

Robb replied, “it’s very simple. Wait a minute. I’ll create a topic for them.”

After saying that, Robb pointed at one of the few bishops who were reading, “mind control!”

The bishop froze for a moment. He had fallen into Robb’s control. He put down the Bible of Darkness in his hand and whispered to the other several bishops, “my friends, what do you think about the assassination of the archbishop?”

“Haven’t we discussed this topic? What’s the point of it?” another bishop didn’t even raise his head and continued to look through the bible in his hands.

The bishop controlled by Robb said, “but I still think there must be something strange about it.”

“There’s nothing strange,” another bishop said. “The murder weapon is a holy weapon of the Church of Light. We can’t be wrong. We all felt that his wound is filled with an indestructible holy magic.”

“But… Why did the Church of Light assassinate the archbishop at this time?”

Another bishop said, “God knows what the Church of Light is doing. They have new enemies now. Everyone is shouting and beating at eachother, and they don’t deal with their own problems well, and yet they are still in the mood to assassinate our people.”

The bishop, who was controlled by Robb, said in a low voice, “do you think… it is possible that the Church of Light didn’t do it?”

Another bishop said, “who else can it be?”

The bishop controlled by Robb said on purpose, “the new Church of Light! They must be using holy magic, too, right?”

Another bishop shook his head and said “Don’t worry about that. Although the archbishop was planning to deal with the new Church of Light recently, the new Church of Light wouldn’t know about it. Their forces are very little, only in Westwind Town. Their leader is a useless nun, and the manipulator behind her is a lazy guy. He doesn’t like to act rashly. Although there is a princess named Russ who calls herself the Guardian of Light, she doesn’t leave Westwind Town. The rest of them, Elsie and Eddie, were still in Westwind town at that time as well. “

Robb heard the key point from this sentence, “the archbishop was planning to deal with the new Church of Light.” his eyes lit up, and Suofa beside him seemed to understand something.

The bishop controlled by Robb deliberately tried to tempt them, “I think it’s too early to deal with the new Church of Light now, right?”

“Is it too early?” another bishop shook his head “It’s too early to say. After all, they haven’t made any trouble yet. But it’s too late. After the collapse of the old Church of Light’s reputation, all the followers of the old Church of Light ran to Westwind town. In a flash, there were a large number of followers in the new Church of Light. What’s more, the new Church of Light allowed them to keep a variety of faith at the same time, so after these pilgrims left Westwind Town, they returned to their original residence and continued to observe their faith It’s really inconvenient for us to do anything. “

The other bishops shook their heads and said “Yes, it’s not good to start a war with those believers. It will only make our reputation as bad as the old Church of Light. We have to focus on dealing with the problem. Just as the archbishop said, as long as we kill Godfather in Westwind Town, the new Church of Light will destroy itself. But unfortunately… The archbishop went to the Queen to talk about this matter, and before we could get a result, he was plotted by the people of the old Church of Light on his way back.”

Robb now understood everything, and Suofa beside him was the same. She could not help but gently pinch Robb’s hand and draw on his palm, “the queen is so nice to you.”

Robb didn’t use any method to respond, so there was no need to reply.

In fact, there was no need for the queen to help him kill the archbishop. Robb was not afraid of the Church of darkness. Whatever they wanted to do, Robb did not take it seriously, but this small action made him feel quite warm.

“Let’s go!” Robb held the hand of Suofa.

“Don’t you want to kill them?”.

“What’s the point of killing these rubbish? After killing them, the church will just appoint new bishops. It can’t solve the problem at all, but will cause more trouble to Bright Road and affect the economic development of this city.” Robb removed the mind control on the bishop and pulled Suofa out of the window.

The bishop suddenly woke up. “Who am I? Where am I? What was I doing?”


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