After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Splashing Ink to make an Array

Little Yi believed that Robb’s just trying to act clever and said, “How can you make a magic array just by splashing holy water? Your nonsense has a limit. Although lying isn’t one of the seven sins, the God of Light doesn’t advocate it.”

“I’m not lying!”

“You’re exaggerating, which isn’t much different.”

Robb said, “Let’s have a bet. I’ll spill this, and the array will be formed; what do you say?”

“I’ll apologize to you.”

“If an apology is enough, then what’s the point of judging heretics? Just let the heretics apologize, and it’s over,” Robb said.

Little Yi, “What do you want me to do?”

“Common sense is to apologize by showing your chest… ahem….” Robb forcibly took his sentence back. Forget it. Flirting should be kept in moderation.

Although he’s a little naughty at times, he never acts like a hooligan, “Just do this instead then give me a shoulder massage. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?”

“Okay! But if you can’t do it, please stop being lazy and practice harder.”

Robb could see that the nun didn’t mean any harm from the request she asked for. She really just wanted me to improve. She is a good person, so I can’t bully her much.

“Then, I’ll begin.” Robb held up the bottle of holy light high and began to use the sanctuary of light with a completion time of 5 seconds. He waited for it to finish before doing anything else.

At this time, the nearby soldiers could not help but look over together. Several soldiers nearby heard the argument between Robb and Little Yi and knew what they were betting on, so they whispered to their comrades-in-arms. Even the Baron heard it. A large crowd of people crowded over and looked at this side curiously.

Only the three adventurers stood in the distance, too lazy to join the party. Xuelu said with a low laugh, “The nun is bringing embarrassment upon herself again.”

Golda shrugged. “She doesn’t know what kind of person she’s dealing with, but luckily we do.”

Xuelu asked, “Why does this woman always pick on Mr. Robb?”

Gorda, “Probably something along the lines of a veteran adventurer reminding newbies, but more on who among the clergy of the Church of Light can make greater demands on each other.”

Xuelu shrugged, “Magicians mind their own business.”

Gorda said, “But I like it!”

In full view of the public, the moment his activation time was over and the skill was about to be released, he opened the holy water bottle and raised it to the sky with strength. The holy water in the bottle flew high, making a circle of droplets mid-air, flying in all directions.

Everyone couldn’t help but look up at the droplets in the air. When they fell, their eyes looked down, and their eyes sat on the ground.

As soon as Robb looked up and bowed, there was already a golden magic array on the ground. So, as soon as the water droplets fell, the magic array was formed.

In other words, from their point of view, this looks like it was painted with holy water.

“It’s the Holy Light Sanctuary!” A soldier called out, and then more soldiers began to talk.

“It’s exactly the same as the magic array drawn by the nun last night.”

“Impressive! It really was just a splash before the Holy Light Sanctuary was completed. The nun painted for half an hour last night.”

“The range of this Holy Light Sanctuary is very wide, 20 yards, which is much larger than the one drawn by the nun yesterday.”

“This is amazing.”

“If you can draw the Holy Light Sanctuary at this speed, you can stand directly in front of a pile of monsters and punch their faces inside the array.”


The soldiers were amazed.

Little Yi also opened her mouth wide and couldn’t close it for a while, “This… this… Isn’t this too much? Can you really draw an array like this? Does it really have protective power?”

She quickly squatted down, stretched out a hand, put it on the magic array, and sensed it with her heart. She didn’t know it yet but was startled when she felt it. This magic array contains a lot of holy magic, and its intensity is so high that it is much stronger than her own.

The Baron applauded hard: “interesting, very interesting, what do you call it, the ink splashing technique of the east? This is revolutionary. I have to report it to the Great Duke. If our White Lion Cavalry magicians can draw magic arrays at the same speed, no enemy can stop us.”

The Baron did not know that because of his words, the magicians of the White Lion Knights practiced “Ink Splashing” for more than two months. Of course, none of them succeeded, and all the magicians had no choice but to admit they had no talent.

Robb smiled, “Isn’t the ink splashing technique of the east great? It took me a while to study in the east to understand it. Fortunately, easterners only use this technique to draw paintings, but not for magic arrays; otherwise, the west would’ve been destroyed.”

Xiao Yi nodded with difficulty, “indeed, I heard that Big Tang did not do it for magic arrays. If they had painted magic arrays in this way, the magical kingdom, Gran, and Norma, the kingdom of knights, would have perished long ago.”

Robb said, “well, now that I’ve drawn the magic array for you. Admit defeat and come massage my shoulders.”

Little Yi, “…”

Little Yi couldn’t say anything to refute it. Robb sat on a big stone while Little Yi stood behind him with a straight face, stretching out her hands while kneading Robb’s shoulders. A subtle silence bore between the two for a while.

Robb felt a pair of soft little hands pinching and massaging his shoulders. Too comfortable.

He closed his eyes to enjoy it.

Little Yi thought Robb would open his mouth to ridicule her but did not expect him to be unexpectedly quiet, so she couldn’t help whispering, “I thought you would laugh at me for trying to go beyond my limits or scold me for being blind.”

Robb smiled, “Do I look like someone who’ll do that?”

When Yi thought about it, indeed, Robb is not that kind of person. Although Robb is very lazy and looks cheap when he says “wow,” he doesn’t look like a guy who likes to say hurtful words. I don’t want to know. But thinking about it carefully, nothing seems to be wrong with him.

She couldn’t help but ask, “To what extent did you practice your holy magic? The last time, we used restoration magic, but because I rushed to do it, you didn’t have a chance to show yours at all. Only now did I realize that your holy magic is so great that it’s far beyond my imagination.”


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