After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 561

Chapter 561: I want to redeem Lilian

Robb didn’t want to talk to her, but this woman insisted on coming over to say hello, which was very annoying.

He rolled his eyes and asked, “what are you planning?”

Her aunt looked a little embarrassed, because she knew very well that among all the townsmen in Westwind Town, she was the one that Robb disliked the most. However, she had to bite the bullet to say what she wanted to say.

She lowered her voice and said, “Godfather, i… I’m here to make a request…”

“Haha!” Robb said, “don’t you realize it? I will listen to everyone’s request in Westwind Town, just not yours…”

“I… I know I’m a bad woman,” the aunt said loudly. “So, I’m here to make up for it.”

Her face flushed. “I… I want to redeem Lilian. I have a lot of money now.” she took out a small box from behind, put it on the stone table, and opened it for Robb to see.

The box was full of gold coins. There were hundreds of gold coins in it, maybe thousands.

It was a huge sum of money!

She said anxiously, “I know you don’t lack money at all. The Amethyst Necklace you gave to Lilian is worth a lot, but I didn’t dare to sell it at the price of selling her before. So I went to Bright Road and made a lot of money. I think this money is enough to show my sincerity. Please return Lilian to me. I will treat her well this time.”

Robb said with a cold face, “how did you get your money? You don’t know how to count in your heart? You had Lilian teach you my recipes and used it to make money on Bright Road. No matter how much you make, it’s Lilian who gave it to you. Then you use this money to redeem Lilian and you suddenly turn into a good person? You have a good plan.”

Aunt, “…”

She couldn’t refute because it was the truth.

She whispered, “then I… then how can I redeem Lilian?”

Robb sneered and said nothing.

At this time, Lilian’s head poked out of the chapel. Just now, she was working in the kitchen. When she heard a familiar voice outside, she came out to have a look. Unexpectedly, she saw her aunt standing in front of Robb, with her head down.

Lilian was startled. She knew that her master hated her aunt the most, so she quickly ran out to try to say something to help.

However, when she came to Robb’s side, she couldn’t say anything. Although her aunt was her family, her master was closer to her than her family. She really didn’t want to piss her master off by speaking for her aunt. So she had to stand aside stiffly and didn’t know what to say.

When Robb saw Lilian, his eyes became gentle. Then he turned to look at his aunt, and became cold again.

If it was another feudal landlord, he would definitely ask Elsie to fire this woman. Who would be willing to ask someone to redeem his favorite maid? No matter how much money it was, she couldn’t be redeemed!

However, as a modern man, he had always kept some ideas in his mind, such as “slavery is wrong”, which he had never forgotten.

After a long time, Robb suddenly asked, “Lilian, are you… Are you willing to return to a normal citizen from the bottom of your heart?”

Lilian was taken aback by his question

In fact, this question had troubled her for a long time. She looked at Robb, then looked at her aunt, and then looked at the box full of gold coins on the table. Suddenly, she understood what her aunt was going to do. She could not help but feel nervous. It turned out that her aunt was here to redeem her!

Her heart thumped and she couldn’t speak.

Seeing that Lilian fell into silence, Robb thought she was afraid or hesitant, so he comforted her in a soft voice, “Lilian, don’t be afraid. Tell me what you really think.”

“Master… Master!” Lilian stammered, “if you want me to tell you the truth, I will… Dare to say it. Please… Please don’t be angry.”

“Tell me, I won’t be angry.”

Lilian knew that Robb had always been gentle. Unlike other masters, servants could be beaten, scolded or even executed if they said something bad, so she plucked up her courage. Anyway, she had imagined such a scene ten thousand times and was ready for it.

She shouted, “master, I… I want to be a civilian again.”

“Really?” Robb said, “well, since you want to become a civilian again, I will talk to your aunt again.”

He turned to his aunt, and his eyes immediately turned cold. “You can redeem Lilian, because Lilian also wants to be redeemed, and I want to fully respect her opinion. But… you used the ability I taught Lilian to make money to redeem Lilian, which is too greedy. I really can’t accept such a method of redeeming.”

Speaking of this, Robb pulled a long face, “So I have to take back everything I give you! If you are willing to hand over all your money now, including your shares in West Arch of Bright Road, as well as your jewelry and luxurious clothes; if you become an ordinary woman who is worthless again, I promise to restore Lilian’s freedom.”

As soon as this request came out, the expression on her aunt’s face changed, and it became very dark.

Robb’s request was indeed a little high.

Back then, she only sold Lilian for a small amount of money. But now, Robb’s request was just like a golden mountain.

If she hadn’t experienced a rich life, she might not feel uncomfortable. But these days, she had successfully squeezed into the middle class from the lower class, and the living standard was completely different from her previous one.

How could she bear to lose them again?

She was silent!

Lilian was silent too!

Robb couldn’t help but sneer, “very good. I know your answer now. You can go back now.”

“No!” Lilian’s aunt suddenly raised her head and said, “I, I have made up my mind… I want to redeem Lilian.”

Lilian couldn’t help exclaiming, “what?”.

Robb was also a little surprised. “Eh? Do you really want to redeem her?”

“Yes!” the aunt said firmly, “You’re right. Everything I have now was given by you. Or you were supposed to give it to Lilian, and Lilian taught me. In fact, everything I have now was earned by Lilian herself. It’s no problem for me to use the money she earned to redeem her freedom. If I don’t, I… am I still a person? I have made a mistake before and turned myself into a beast, but now, I want to be a new person. “


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