After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 608

Chapter 608: Norma

After Robb reported all the information in his hand, the queen and number 2 obviously thought of something, and their eyes flashed. Only Madeleine still didn’t know what had happened. Perhaps this was the biggest difference between the people who only rushed forward and those who join political struggles.

Madeleine couldn’t help but ask, “what’s wrong? You look as if you have understood everything. Tell me, what’s the plan of the enemy?”

The queen said, “let’s listen to Robb first. I also want to hear what he has to say.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you.”

Robb chuckled and said, “it’s obvious that this is a military attack against the Church of Darkness launched by kingdom of knights.”

“Attack?” Madeleine asked, “how did you get this result?”

Robb said, “don’t worry. I’ll talk about it one by one. First of all, a few years ago, Norma used the battered flesh trick to drive Jonah Gilbert out of Norma, letting him escape to Lost City and enter the interior of the Church of Darkness. He became a templar knight and operated a spy network in Lost City. This is the first ring.”

The queen nodded in satisfaction.

Robb said, “then, Norma arrested a silk businessman of Big Tang and asked his daughter to disguise as the princess of the Big Tang. This is the second ring.”

“Then, the fake princess displayed her social skills in Lost City. She made friends with a large number of senior members of the Church of Darkness and promise them that she can help spread their faith in Big Tang,” Robb said with a smile “For a church, the most important task is to obtain territory and expand its strength. So the proposal of the fake princess will definitely win the favor of the Church of Darkness. So, of course, the Church of Darkness will be less wary of the fake Princess and even take her as a confidant. In this case, the Big Tang will welcome the fake princess to return. Then, guess what will happen?”

Although Madeleine didn’t like conspiracies, she was not stupid. After thinking for a while, she immediately understood, “when the fake Princess returns, the big shots of the Church of Darkness must see her off. After all, she is a princess of a kingdom, and their respect must be very good. At least, she has to go to a lot of senior leaders. What’re the senior leaders’ status? They can’t be humble.”

“Exactly. Add 10 points!” Robb gave a thumbs up to Madeleine and said, “now it’s the time for the performance of the army. According to the fake princess, the kingdom had already sent an army to hide on the small island in the outer sea. At that time, this army will disguise as the army of Big Tang and come to pick up people at the dock.”

Madeleine had almost understood what was going on. “Big Tang never sends troops to the west, and its foreign strategy is very conservative. In addition, with their relationship with the fake princess, the Church of Darkness will think that the army of the Tang Kingdom comes with goodwill and will not be on guard.”

“When the princess handover ceremony is going on at the dock,” Robb said with a snicker, “the warships on the ship will suddenly fire together, and the magic items will be shot at the same time. The important figures of the Church of Darkness on the shore would exploded wildly. Then the marine army will began to fight. That scene would be very wonderful.”

Robb’s words were interesting, but the people who heard them didn’t think it was interesting. The queen, Madeleine, number 2, all had heavy expressions on their faces.

Madeleine asked, “why did this happen all of a sudden?”

“Isn’t that simple?” the queen said indifferently “It’s obviously for the sake of Mondra. The monster army was inexplicably killed by that crazy man. The Church of Light’s reputation has been completely ruined, and our kingdom’s strength is flourishing. After this summer’s harvest, we are likely to launch a massive attack towards Mondra’s lair. By then, once Mondra and the Church of Light lose the battle, the Church of Light’s power in the entire kingdom will all be lost.”

Speaking of this, she paused for a moment and sighed slightly. “If I were the pope of the Church of Light and the king of Norma, I would have to have an alliance with Mondra at this time. There is a desert kingdom between the two kingdoms, so it is inconvenient to come over from the silk road. So they have to take the sea path.”

Speaking of this, Robb suddenly remembered that a few days ago, Motra had come to him and reported to him that Norma had reached a secret agreement with Mondra, and he hadn’t taken it to heart at that time. Now thinking about it, he believed that things were not simple.

He couldn’t help saying, “Your Majesty, I think we’d better be on guard on the land.”

“Yes?” the Queen’s expression turned heavy. “Do you have any information?”

Robb said in a low voice, “my teacher said that Norma might be discussing something unknown with the desert kingdom.”

The Queen’s expression was not very good. She just nodded to show that she knew and fell into deep thought.

At this time, Madeleine, as a general, began to make a tactical deduction, she murmured “Their army will bombard the senior members of the Church of Darkness. They will be seriously injured or even dead, and at the same time, it will also cause panic. At that time, they’ll send soldiers to land in the battle and rush into the chaotic city. Our main army is now all on Bright Road, preparing to fight against Mondra. Only a small number of troops and the templar knights of the Church of Darkness are in the city.”

“By that time, the members of the templar knights will definitely lose their heads, because many important figures will die under the ships guns, and the command system will be in chaos. The people of Norma will take the opportunity to come ashore, and there will be a great chance for them to capture Lost City.”

It would be better if she didn’t make the deduction. She suddenly felt that the situation was extremely urgent. “Elizabeth, although Lost City is under the control of the Church of Darkness and is not under our control, it is still a part of West Gran after all. All the people living here are the citizens of West Gran. If it is controlled by the Church of Light, I don’t know how many percent of the people here will survive. Can we just sit and watch?”

“Well, I’ve also considered this question,” said the queen. “Madeleine, what can you do?”

“The best way is, of course, to inform the Church of Darkness immediately,” Madeleine said. “After they hear about it, they will definitely kill Jonah immediately. Then we will gather our forces and fight them to the death on seas.”

Hearing her arrangement, Robb was happy. “Madeleine, this is a general’s fighting method, but it must not be a Queen’s.”

The queen glanced at Robb and snorted, “you are smart enough to guess that I won’t use Madeleine’s method. Tell me, what will I do?”

Robb said in a low voice, “you will pretend that you know nothing at first. Let the troops of Norma dock and kill most of the senior members of the Church of Darkness. Then you will send your army to kill all the people of Norma. Killing two birds with one stone.”


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