After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 610

Chapter 610: A warship made of steel

“A new warship?” Madeleine said, “do you mean the new warship that entered the water a few days ago? That warship is indeed very good, but it is only flexible in naval combat and can’t deal with more than a dozen enemies at the same time.”

Number 2 also said, “yes. If we deliberately let the enemy’s fleet enter the port, they will definitely attack all the boats in the port at the moment of the sneak attack and seize the people first. At that time, there will be a traitor making trouble, and most of the warships that can fight in the port will be lost in an instant. Even if our new warships deliberately stop far away from the first round of sneak attacks, it is still difficult to defeat more than a dozen of them.”

Robb said, “no, I’m not talking about a low force warship. I’m talking about something new…”

Hearing this, Madeleine’s eyes lit up in an instant. “Ah, Mr. Robb, do you have any new invention? You are good at inventing weapons. You must have something good.”

The queen couldn’t help but feel excited. She had personally seen the Katyusha and mines invented by Robb Smith, which were really excellent weapons. Later, through Robb’s micro camera, she had obtained the evidence of the talks between Mondra, the Church of Light, and the abyssal demon. In an instant, she had won the support of the public.

Therefore, the queen was still looking forward to the invention, but she was not as blindly convinced as Madeleine.

Robb said, “it can’t be said to be my invention. It should be regarded as my teacher’s. It’s just that my teacher likes to use the invention on people’s livelihood, and I’m good at using it on weapons.”

Hearing this, the Queen’s eyes lit up. It turned out to be the invention of that crazy man, which must be useful. She couldn’t help but ask with excitement, “tell me, what’s it?”

Robb said seriously “The fake letter from Big Tang has just arrived at Lost City, and the army to pick up the princess must have to wait for one or two months, because Norma is far away from here. If the army comes too fast, it won’t be like this. Let’s use these one or two months to make a warship made of steel, and it will become an elephant. No matter how the wild dogs launch a sneak attack, it can make the wild dogs burn with a single slap. “

“A steel warship?” the three people were all confused.

Number 2 couldn’t help but ask, “can a ship made of steel float on the surface of the water? Won’t it sink?”

Madeleine also said, “how many sails does a steel warship have to have before it can run?”

Robb didn’t explain to the two of them. Instead, he turned to the crystal ball and said to the queen, “Your Majesty, you should be familiar with the steam engine.”

The Queen’s eyes lit up. “Using a steam engine?”

“That’s right,” Robb said, “you’ve seen a water wheel before, right? It’s a kind of wheel that can be used to push water and grind with one wheel. What do you think will happen if we turn it around and let the steamer with a water wheel to pull the water?”

All of a sudden, the queen seemed to understand something. The huge water wheel would keep spinning and swaying, which would bring much energy. Since the steam engine could move the train made of steel to run very fast, of course it could also drive a large ship made of steel to run very fast.

A ship made of steel!

All of a sudden, the queen thought of the steam tank in Westwind Town, which was a perfect combination of attack and defense. If a ship made of all steel could become the king of the sea, could those weak wooden ships fight with such a thing? Needless to say…

She said decisively, “Madeleine, number 2, call the boatmen to Baron Robb and make a huge steel ship as soon as possible! We need to prepare an elephant in Lost City.”

Unlike the queen who often chatted with Robb, Madeleine and number 2 had a broader vision. The two of them hadn’t realized what the queen and Robb were going to do.

However, since the queen had given the order, there was no need to hesitate.

In the evening, a group of boatmen came to Robb’s room.

The leader of the group was an experienced boatman in his fifties. He was a master of ship design, the best of all the boatmen.

When he saw Robb, his expression was obviously a little strange. “Sir, we are the fishermen of the Queen’s ship factory. Her majesty ordered us to come to see you, saying that you have a more powerful ship design plan and to let us help you complete it.”

Robb had no choice but to say, “well, I’m flattered. I don’t have any systematic plan. I just have a small imagination.”

“Only that?” the old boatman’s expression was obviously unhappy. It was obvious that he mistook Robb’s “imagination” for an outsider who was blind.

Robb could understand what he was thinking now. He must be thinking, [Where did this guy come from? Where did he come from? He wanted to give advice to experts and put forward a useless idea, which will make us suffer again.]

But it didn’t matter. It was right to have doubts. The progress of science was to stagger forward step by step amid countless doubts. If there was no doubt, it was not good for the improvement and development of technology.

Robb smiled and asked, “do you think a ship made of steel will sink?”

“Of course not.” the old boatman also smiled. “That’s just a wild guess of an outsider. As long as the relationship between buoyancy and gravity is calculated, it won’t sink.”

“That’s good,” Robb said, “since you can say that, I’m very confident in my plan. Come on, let me show you a drawing first.”

Robb took out a drawing of the “steam ship”, which was very simple, similar to a children’s sketch. The internal structure was not drawn, but the outline was drawn.

However, for the experienced old boatman, one look at the appearance was enough to understand a lot of things.

He saw the big water wheel in the middle of the ship at a glance.

“Is this the only power source on the ship?” the old boatman said, “from this shape, it is used to pull water. If it spun fast enough, it can pull water back quickly and move the whole ship forward. However, it requires a lot of power. I don’t think it can be done by dozens or even hundreds of people. After all, the whole ship is made of steel, which will be very heavy.”

“Yes, so it needs a steam engine.”

“What?” the old boatman was confused. “What is a steam machine?”

It turned out that the steam engine, which was well-known in Westwind town and Bright Road, hadn’t spread to Lost City yet.

Robb shook his hand with a smile and opened a transmission portal. “Let’s go inside and go to Westwind Holy city. You are responsible for the design of the ship, and the dwarven craftsmen there will be responsible for providing power.”


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