After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 617

Chapter 617: Westwind! Fire!

The short cannons didn’t have a high probability of hitting. Although it was carefully made by the dwarves and was one of the most advanced technology in this era, its accuracy was still very low. It could hardly be used to attack people, but could only be used to attack huge warships.

As for where they would hit, it all depended on luck.

Of course, Madeleine was very clear about this, but she was worried that Robb was unlucky. What if a cannonball fell on him?

Therefore, she pulled out a shield and darted to Robb. She pulled him behind her and set up a shield in the direction of the enemy ship.

If he was unlucky and the cannonball really flew over, she could block it with this shield.

Seeing that she was so nervous about his safety, Robb was a little moved. He pulled her behind him and smiled, “don’t worry. Let’s watch the show.”

In a twinkling of an eye, the cannonball had arrived at Westwind ship.

Dozens of solid iron cannonballs hit the deck and side of the Westwind ship one after another, but none of them hit Robb and Madeleine.

The ones who shot it on the other side thought that they would see the beautiful scene of flying wood, but the result was beyond their expectations.

The cannonball hit the side of the ship, but it didn’t break. Instead, it bounced back with a loud bang and fell into the sea dejectedly. The cannonball that fell on the deck was more interesting. It fell on the deck with a bang, but it did not pierce the deck into the belly. Instead, it bounced two times on the deck, rolled a few circles, and then stopped.

Dozens of cannonballs hit the ship, but not even a single hole was made. Only a few small holes were left on the surface of the ship.

The soldiers of Norma were stunned. “That’s impossible!”

“What happened?”

“What happened to that ship? Why couldn’t the cannonball break through it?”

“The deck and sides are all unharmed.”

“What kind of magic array is it? How can it defend against long-range physical attacks?”

“No, there is no magic array that can resist cannonballs! Cannonballs contain so much power.”

“Look, several parts of the ship opposite have changed color.”

It turned out that the steel ship was not unharmed when the cannonballs hit the body of the ship. The huge impact and friction made a layer of wood texture paint outside the ship disappear, revealing the black steel inside.

The soldiers of Norma couldn’t help but shout, “oh my God! It’s a ship made of steel.”

“What the hell?”

“That’s impossible!”

“How could it be made of steel? How heavy is it? Won’t it sink?”

“How can it move?”

While they were discussing, Westwind ship didn’t idle away. In a hurry, the crew in fighting position finally filled the short cannons with cannonballs. They shouted, “sorry, we were too slow. We were beaten by the enemy for a while before we are finally ready.”

The officer in charge of commanding the artillery soldiers shouted from behind, “stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and fight back.”

The short cannons on both sides of Westwind ship fired at the same time

However, these short cannons were no different from the ones of Norma. They were all ordinary physical cannons, and the big solid iron balls flew over hundreds of miles and hit the warship of the other side.

The same scene, but the result was different.

The wooden body of the warships couldn’t withstand the powerful iron balls. A big hole would be shot out after a single blow, and the cannonballs would penetrate into the ships’ bellies, causing pieces of wood to fly into the air. The unlucky soldiers were smashed to death on the spot, and those who were lucky enough not to be hit by the cannonballs immediately fell to the ground, muttering, “God of light, please bless me.”.

The battle between the two sides was fierce.

The soldiers of Norma roared, “we can’t keep doing this. Magic! Try magic if the cannonball can’t damage them.”

From a distance, Robb saw a bunch of magic items on the deck of the other party. Most of the magic items were in the shape of a box or a cylinder, which was just a very simple magic container with magic. It seemed that the people of Norma’s imagination was not enough, so they hadn’t made such a magic item with many conditions.

The soldiers lit the triggers, and a lot of fireballs, ice arrows and other things flew towards Westwind ship.

However, the ship was not defenseless. When the magic hit the ship, a magic ripple immediately appeared on the ship. The defensive magic array was effective. These defensive magic arrays were not made by Robb. Although he promised to help the queen build the ship, he did not personally participate in the drawing of the magic arrays, in case his incredible array would cause the power imbalance in this world.

Therefore, the magic defensive arrays on the ship were all created by the elven magicians.

The magic power of the elven magicians was far inferior to that of Robb, but they were also outstanding enough to make the magic defensive power of this warship far better than that of an ordinary warship. However, they wouldn’t distort the laws of the world like what Robb would have created.

The magic attacks of Norma was blocked on the spot when it hit these magic arrays.

“Let’s fight back!”

Madeleine ordered loudly, “take out the Katyusha and let the people of Norma see the new magic items of our Magic Kingdom.”

On the side of the warship, there were several small windows.

The craftsmen in Westwind Holy city had long had the experience of hanging magic items in the outer shell of the steam tank, and it was much easier to hang magic items outside such a huge warship. The small window opened, revealing a bee nest item. The crew of Norma had never seen this before, so they didn’t know what it was.

But the next moment, they understood!

With a series of bangs, the Katyushas began to fire.

In an instant, countless fireballs flew towards the warships of Norma.

The number of fireballs spewed out at that moment was totally against the common sense of Norma.

The first fireball flew to the side of a warship, and a magic defensive array was activated. With a bang, the fireball was neutralized by the magic defensive array, but then the second, the third, the fireball constantly hit and caused ripples on the magic defensive array

The magic power of the magic array was not infinite. It was limited by the magic power of the magicians of Norma and the materials used to draw the magic array. It was not a good idea to draw the magic array on wood, so the endurance of the magic array was also quite limited.

After several fireballs were neutralized, the magic defensive cover formed by the magic array exploded and dissipated in the air. Then, dozens of fireballs hit the ships continuously.


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