After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 619

Chapter 619: They can’t run fast

Nine warships surrounded them. The Commander of Norma was looking at Westwind ship seriously.

Jonah stood beside him and said in a low voice, “Commander, don’t worry. We still have nine ships. There are nearly three thousand soldiers on the ships. As long as we get close, the sailors will swarm it. There is no way for us to lose.”

“I’m afraid that they will run away,” the commander said. He also believed that there was no reason for nearly three thousand people to rush onto the ship and attack randomly, but this experienced commander also understood that if he fell into a situation of one against nine, he would not be stupid to let the other side catch their rails. He would definitely run at full speed, taking advantage of the strong defense of his large iron ship.

Jonah said, “run away? Commander, the enemy is made of steel. How can it run fast? Look at it. It was slow just now and staggered over from the ship factory. Its speed is as slow as a tortoise. How can it run faster than our big sailboats?”

His words made sense. The commander breathed a sigh of relief. Although the big steel ship was amazing in fight just now, it was moving slowly like a snail. If his sailboat couldn’t catch up with them, he might as well jump into the sea and commit suicide.

What he needed to do now was to be careful of the gunfire of the enemy ship on the way to their side.

The commander gave a series of orders to the warships to be careful of the gunfire and get onto the enemy ship.


What they didn’t know was that in the previous round of gunfire, the reason why Westwind ship ran very slowly, like a snail, was that the crew on power of the ship were all new recruits. It was just a group of sailors who were temporarily made to be the power group. They had carefully tested how to play with the steam machine, but they didn’t fully activate its power, or in other words, they didn’t even display 1/3 of its speed.

However, after the series of crooked sailing just now, the sailors had slightly understood what the power system was.

This was not a very complicated machine, unlike computer equipment that required a long time of learning to use.

After a short period of study, anyone could use it quickly.

As soon as the sailors got familiar with the steam engine, they heard the order from the captain of the ship, “speed up. We’re going to start a mobile battle.”

“OK! It’s a good chance to see what this ship can do.” the sailors were very excited. They cheered up, cheered, cheered, GOGOGO!

The steam engine was running crazily, and the huge power was transmitted to the big water wheels on both sides of the ship through the rotating shaft. The two huge water wheels suddenly spun crazily.

The helmsman on the ship didn’t have time to follow the reaction of the power for a moment, and the ship rushed forward with a brush of the ground. Unexpectedly, it rushed straight towards the enemy ship, and he was shocked. At this time, even a fool knew to avoid a fight to the side, and the helmsman of course knew this, so he quickly tried his best to steer away.

When Norma’s warships on the opposite side saw Westwind ship rushing towards them, it thought that the enemy’s brain was blocked. When they were about to be overjoyed, they suddenly saw Westwind ship swerve. Its speed was so fast that it was simply inconceivable.

It turned out that there was no tall building on the deck of the ship, but a very short one. The design concept was completely different from the current large three sailed sailboats.

Although the three major sailboats of Norma were also equipped with cannons, their design was more inclined to the “fortress on the sea”. The main way was to collide with the enemy warship, board, and then let the crew jump in to fight. There were tall buildings on these ships, so it was convenient for the soldiers to attack the enemy warships from a high position.

The building of the ship was tall, and with the tall spar and sails, the steering was certainly not flexible enough. It was easy to turn over the ship in a hurry.

However, Westwind ship was a “short ship”. The ship building was very short, without any sails or spars. There was only a chimney, so it could turn flexibly, far surpassing the three sailed sailboat.

Once Westwind ship turned around, it would face the army of Norma.

This was the most advantageous position of in a modern sea battle!

Without the order of Robb and Madeleine, the artillery men on the ship caught this rare opportunity.



One side of Westwind ship fully activated. In an instant, more than a dozen cannonballs and several Katyusha fired at the same time. Physical cannonballs and magic fireballs flew out, which was a very spectacular scene.

Norma’s troops rushed to the first warship. Instantly, they were hit by several physical cannonballs, and pieces of wood flew in the air.

After eating a lot of fireballs, the magic defensive array flashed beautiful ripples, and then it gave up. It exploded into a magic light all over the sky, and then fireballs hit the ship hard, causing a big fire.

A magician used the water magic to put out the fire, but a pile of flying bombs hit him continuously. The poor magician screamed and fell on the deck.

The fire couldn’t be extinguished!

The crew on the ship had no choice but to jump out of the ship to escape. The rabbit merchants who were locked in the bottom cabin also quickly jumped into the sea. As soon as they jumped, they were given buffs by Robb to be able to breathe underwater and hid obediently.

Robb saw from a distance that a rabbit folk who was jumping into the sea was holding a dead companion in his arms. It seemed that the attack just now accidentally killed a rabbit man. He looked around, but no one noticed him. He secretly threw a shaman’s resurrection technique at the dead rabbit man.

The resurrection technique of a shaman was different from that of the Church of Light and Darkness. It didn’t bring an angel in the sky. Its animated effect was simple, and it ended with a flash of green light. In the fierce battle, he noticed that a rabbit flashed a green light.

The dead rabbit man suddenly opened his eyes and made the companion who was holding him jump into the sea yell, but he just let out a cry and fell into the water, unable to scream even if he wanted to..



The artillery soldiers of both sides were shouting hysterically, and the cannonballs kept flying back and forth.

After the short cannons fired at the same time, the short cannons needed be refilled again, and the magic items had been emptied, so they needed to replace the “magic containers”.

A short gap with no counterattack!

The warships of Norma couldn’t let it go. In an instant, the remaining eight warships fired at the same time, and a large number of cannonballs flew over and hit the steel boat.

The magic items also fired wildly, and countless fireballs and ice arrows shot at them at the same time


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