After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Fake Criminal

The Baron exclaimed, “You three adventurers must have encountered similar situations. Can you think of something?”

Golda spread his hand and said, “there is a way!”

The Baron was overjoyed and said, “what is the way?”

Golda pointed to the southwest, that is, the direction everyone entered the mountain from, “From here, we forcibly kill our way through.”

“Isn’t that difficult?” The Baron asked unpleasantly, “I will fight through too. After all, berserkers are the best at piercing through the frontlines. Then asking you three, what about your rich adventuring experience?”

Gorda said, “now that we’re surrounded by so many skeletons, adventure experience is no longer needed. It should be your army’s combat experience that is useful. Are you sure you can still play such tricks here? There is only one way to escape.”

When the Baron thought about it, it seemed to be true.

“It’s just a bunch of skeletons. It’s not hard to get out.” Little Yi said, “With the priest and me treating everyone along the way, let’s break through from the southwest.”

The Baron thought about it carefully. That is, although there are a large number of skeletons, they are only the weakest soldiers in the undead department, and their individual combat ability is not much better than their own scouts, so it is not difficult to kill them while we’re being treated by the priest and nun.

He pointed his sword to the southwest and exclaimed, “Everyone, attention! Prepare to break through.”

Golda raised his sword and shield with one hand each and shouted, “I’ll go ahead and open the way for everyone.”

At this moment, Robb was thinking, “Let’s go, my ass! I haven’t caught my spider yet, and I’m not going anywhere until I catch it, but now there are so many skeletons and people in the valley that the spider won’t even come out. I seem to have to sweep the skeletons of this place and kick the Baron out of the valley. I only need the adventurers and Little Yi to help me catch the spiders.”

As soon as he thought of this, a dark and strange laugh suddenly sounded, “Jiejiejiejie.” With the laughter, a man in a black robe suddenly appeared. His robe seemed big but very empty. Everyone could still see that the body under the robe was extremely thin, wondering if it was just skinny or just a skeleton.

He smiled a few times with his head down but couldn’t just laugh. All these stupid villains have to look up and say a few words, pretending to be some bastard, and this guy is no exception.

After laughing, he looked up, letting everyone see his face. It’s a disgusting man as thin as a corpse, with his skin wrapped in bones.

His face was pale, and his eyes were dead as if he could be blown down by the wind. Powerful black magic diffused through his body, which spread its teeth and claws like an octopus’ tentacles behind him.

He waved the skull staff he was holding, pointed at Robb and others who were in the middle of the valley, and said with a strange smile, “Want to leave? No one can leave, jiejiejiejie! How can I let you guys leave and bring a bigger army?”

The Baron and Little Yi turned to look at the man, and their faces changed at the same time, “A High-ranked necromancer! He has such strong magic that you can feel his gloomy aura from far away.”

Gorda, Jike, and Xuelu took a step toward Robb without hesitation. These three guys knew best how strong Robb was, so when they saw a strong enemy, their first reaction was to hug his thighs.

“Wait!” Robb suddenly said, “Can’t you be more creative with your entrance? The way you laughed and came out at the same time is so outdated, you know? If you do a 360-degree naked somersault and turn for another two and a half weeks, it’ll be amazing and even surprise me. But I’m tired of watching you laugh and enter. Go back and try again.”

Necromancer: “……”

Baron: “……”

Soldiers: “……”

Skeletons: “???”

The whole valley became eerily quiet, and after a while, the necromancer roared, “This is outrageous! How dare you be rude to me. You, I know you… You are that damn priest in Westwind Town! At that time, I was too far, so I didn’t get to take care of you, but now you’ve finally come knocking at my door. You’re just a little priest relying on the Holy Light Sanctuary to protect you. How dare you act arrogantly!”

Robb walked to the edge of the Holy Light Sanctuary, stood a little bit on the edge of the outermost ring of the magic array, and made a face at the necromancer: “come on, come in and hit me.”

He then said, “If you don’t come in here and hit me, I’ll come out and hit you.”

However, the necromancer is someone who likes some fighting, and before Robb even finished speaking, the necromancer interrupted him and said, “Think I can’t get in? Ha! I Watch me destroy your Holy Light Sanctuary.”

With that, he chanted a mantra with his staff raised high.

Robb had intended to shoot the fake criminal, but as soon as he heard him chanting, he stopped moving and watched the rest unfold.

There are still many unknown things in this world for Robb. Only by observing more can he better understand the world. If he slaps everything in front of him, he will always be an outsider who knows nothing.

So he raised his hand and got ready to see what the necromancer was planning.

The Baron was not as idle as he was. As soon as he saw the necromancer chanting the mantra, he immediately shouted, “Archer! Interrupt his spell.”

Several soldiers immediately jumped out, drew their bows and arrows, and shot at the necromancer. Still, they were at the bottom of the mountain valley, and the necromancer stood on the mountainside, which was extremely disadvantageous to the archers. The arrow was too weak to hit the necromancer, but no one doubted that the necromancer could hit them.

However, in addition to the ordinary archer soldiers, there is also a powerful Archer adventurer in the team.

Jike stepped out from behind Robb, kicked the floor, and loaded his Quickshot Birch Bow with a silver-plated arrow. Skill: Precise Shot.

A silver-plated arrow came out of the string and shot at the necromancer’s chest.

The arrow was so powerful that even Jike, an experienced archer, was startled. He did not expect the bow sent to him by Robb would have such a powerful effect. Looking at the arrow, he will surely die if it hits the necromancer.


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