After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 637

Chapter 637: Holy Nun

The queen accepted what he said and asked her people to take a train to Westwind Holy city. Then she hung up the phone.

Robb finally had some free time, but it was already late. When he was about to go to the hot spring, another person came into the yard, wearing priest’s clothes of the new Church of Light. It turned out to be Eddie.

This man was originally the from the old Church of Light, who worked together with Elsie to assist the archbishop of the church.

After the video of the Church of Light colluding with the demon appeared, he came to Westwind Holy City from Bright Road and joined the new Church of Light. Then he became the right-hand man of Little Yi and played a very important role in the development and growth of the new Church of Light.

Now the new Church of Light had developed very well, which could even cause fear to the Church of Darkness. They had even sent killers to kill Robb, thanks to Eddie. Without him, only Little Yi and the two little girls could not have scared the Church of Darkness like this.

However, his current position was very low. He was just a priest of the new Church of Light. However, he didn’t show any dissatisfaction with this low position. Instead, he acted diligently and honestly, trying his best to help Little Yi develop the new Church of Light.

Besides Robb, there were all women in the church. Eddie was smart and sensible. He didn’t live in the chapel. Instead, he found a house outside and would go to the chapel every day. Therefore, it was strange that he didn’t come until midnight when Robb was about to take a bath.

As soon as he saw Robb, he put on a serious attitude and said, “good evening, Godfather.”

Robb couldn’t help but ask, “it’s very rare for you to come to chapel in the middle of the night. What’s up?”

Eddie said, “I was reading the book named Forest Covered in Black Pine Trees by the elf elder at home just now. When I read it, I suddenly thought of something that is very conducive to the development and growth of the new Church of Light. So I came to talk with the holy nun.”

“Holy nun?” Robb was stunned for a moment. “Who?”

Eddie chuckled, “of course it’s Yishir.”

Embarrassed, Robb asked, “when did she become a holy nun?”

Eddie said seriously, “it was me.. In order to distinguish her from other nuns and make the believers feel that she is great, we can stick to the guidance of the holy nun and follow the steps of the God of light to lead a happy future.”

Well, Robb definitely couldn’t get such a shameful nickname. Only these middle-ages people could be shameless enough to give people such a nickname, and only silly Little Yi would accept such a nickname. It was absolutely impossible for him to change it.

As soon as he thought of this, he heard Eddie say, “Godfather, I think it’s a little imposing to have that type of nickname. Look, we’ll change your name from now on to call you the Holy Pope. What do you think?”

“Go to hell!” Robb kicked Eddie in the face and said, “don’t talk nonsense here.”

At this time, the girls in the chapel had already heard the sound outside. Little Yi hurried out. It was late. She had just taken a shower and was about to go to bed to read. At this time, she was wearing a tube nightdress, not the nun uniform she had worn in the daytime.

As soon as Eddie saw her, he bowed to her and said in a low voice, “holy nun, I thought of a way that can make our new Church of Light develop faster, win the support of the people, and make the people believe us more devoutly.”

“Oh?” Little Yi was interested in this topic and quickly listened carefully.

Eddie said, “today I saw the forest covered in black pine trees, and I suddenly thought of something. I suddenly thought, why don’t we print thousands of copies of the New Light Bible like this? Books made with this new paper and new printing techniques are much cheaper than those handwritten on parchment. Even the elf elder, the poor pedant, can afford to print 5,000 copies, and many believers in the New Light Church have given us countless money. We can use this money to print books, print thousands of beautifully bound New Light Bibles, and distribute them for free to believers so that they can read and recite it at home at any time. Isn’t that nice? “

Hearing this, Little Yi’s eyes lit up. “Ah, this method is really good.”

However, as soon as she finished her words, she turned to look at Robb, revealing a look of inquiry. It was obvious that she still wanted to hear Robb’s opinion on this kind of matter, because everyone knew that Robb was an extremely far sighted person. He knew what was right and wrong, and the final result, often before he started to do it, Robb could guess. He was as great as a prophet.

Robb gave her a gentle smile and said, “good! I think it’s feasible.”

As soon as he opened his mouth, it was settled.

The two of them were overjoyed at the same time. In fact, they could feel that Robb wasn’t keen on spreading church stuff at all, and he even had a slight rejection to it. They had thought that Robb wouldn’t support them completely, but they didn’t expect that he would agree so quickly.

However, Robb immediately added, “it’s free of charge, so of course it’s excellent. The poor can also have books to read. But have you ever thought that most of the poor can’t read?”

Little Yi and Eddie were rendered speechless

Robb continued, “so, after you give out the bibles, I’m afraid you have to add an extra obligation, that is, to teach these believers to read. I advise you to hold a reading class for the bible, and choose one or two days a week to gather the poor who can’t read. Listen to you teach the bible, and let them each hold a new light bible. You can read it word by word, and at the same time, they can also learn to read it. In this way, everyone can read the bible at home. “

Little Yi and Eddie two agreed. It was indeed a good plan.

Little Yi hurried back to her room and picked up a book made of parchment, the thick new light bible. She went to the printing factory immediately, but Eddie didn’t go with her. He stayed and stood quietly for a while. When she went far, he approached Robb and said in a low voice, “Godfather must have a deep meaning in doing things. Now I finally understand.”

“Oh?” Robb smiled and asked, “what do you mean?”

Eddie said respectfully, “the reason why you support us to spread the bible is that you want us to teach everyone to read and write.”

Robb laughed and said, “Wow, you know now. I have to kill you to keep your mouth shut then.”

Eddie also laughed. He was not afraid of being killed to keep his mouth shut. Godfather was not such a person. He bowed respectfully and said, “I think I already know what kind of role Godfather wants the church to play. I will guide the new Church of Light well and let it become what Godfather wants to see.”

Robb, “not bad. I like smart people very much. Good Luck then.”


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